T-Mobile Stocking Up on Galaxy S II Units Ahead of Launch


With AT&T and Sprint already out of the gates, T-Mobile will be the last major carrier to release the Samsung Galaxy S II. Shipments of the handset are already arriving in TMo’s corporate stores in anticipation of its release, with some stores receiving stock in excess of 50 units. The carrier is no doubt banking on the Galaxy S II to be a big success, especially after being overlooked for the iPhone 4S and with the Nexus Prime looking unlikely to land outside of Verizon anytime soon. T-Mobile subscribers itching to get their hands on the smartphone should have no problem, and won’t be waiting much longer for their opportunity.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. This sucks so damn bad. All hyped for the Nexus Prime for no reason.


  2. At least if the Verizon exclusivity turns out to be true for the nexus for longer than a month…. I have a phone to fall back on.

    Speaking of which…any knowledgeable people around? I have a question about T-mo upgrades….

    1. I may have answers. if you want to email me at @ [email protected] let me know i may not come back to visit this page again.

      1. Sent you an email ^^ Thank you !

  3. I just gizz’d my pant

  4. You guys are so easily swayed! All you do is want to get hyped up over a phone you know will be shadowed by the Nexus.

    Simple…Buy the GS2, use it for a few months. Sell it and buy Nexus Prime…now stop whinning!

  5. Well, doesn’t T-Mobile ususally get a Nexus device late December or early January?

    The Nexus One was released during the first week of January and the Nexus S was released mid-December!

    1. Yeah my guess would be mid-to late January for T-Mobile, then April/May for Sprint/AT&T as it were with the Nexus S..

  6. Verizon will be the last Major carrier to release the Samsung Galaxy S II. They are not going to release one…

    1. no SGSII for vzw… only the real deal.. Nexus.

  7. I’m waiting for the Nexus. The only way I’d get this now is if the annoucement Tuesday ends up not being a Nexus at all.

  8. i bet this won’t be as stable as the at&t and sprint versions. the snapdragon cannot compete against the exynos.

    1. Only in games, the GPU obviously isn’t as strong, Qualcomm needs to seriously upgrade their GPU if they want to stay relevant in the future.

    2. um… the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 scored almost 4000 on the quadrant benchmark… what does that tell you?….. yeah. HTC Sense boggs down phone as we’ve seen in a similar quadrant score of HTC’s EVo3D only scoring 2300 with its snapdragon s3 processor …

  9. About time now its only a matter of days before we see a side by side with the sprint version, besides graphics in games I bet its not all that different, hopefully haha

  10. yeah stock that crap up… nexus prime will be VZW only!! W00000t!

  11. Deciding between this and Htc Amaze 4G… Moving from a G2X

  12. I sold my unfortunately very disappointing HTC sensation for this. I cannot wait!!! How come tech sites havent had hands on and unboxing of this phone yet?

  13. I’m going to try and get this bad boy on day one.. I don’t give a fuck about the nexus prime. I never own a nexus phone before. The very first nexus phone that came out I envy because of the power it had over my g1. The second nexus wasn’t any better then my vibrant phone at the time. I know very little about the prime. If it’s just coming to verizon only, I wouldn’t give a flying shit either way. I will still have one the top phones on the market with t mobile galaxy s2. I just hope the phone is as fast as the rest of the galaxy s2 lineup.

  14. I’d still rather have an HTC Sensation.

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