Google Books Goes International, Launches in the UK


Google is taking its e-reader efforts international with the launch of Google Books in the UK. The once US-only service features thousands of books for purchase as well as a selection of over two million public domain ebooks available at no cost. Along with the ability to purchase and download books, the newly updated  Google Books app is now available for handsets outside the US. The application requires Android 2.1 or higher. Through the app users can access the Android Market’s selection of books. The ability to browse titles online via a desktop browser should go live soon.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. “Google Books app is now available for handsets outside the US”

    This makes it sound like _everyone_ outside the US can use this. In Canada we are still SOL.

    Though my Nexus S came with GBooks, and though I can use it to read books I have purchased online elsewhere, I still cannot use GBooks to purchase books directly.

    Strangely, when I go into the Market, and into “My Apps”, GBooks shows as having an update available. When I press it to get the update, it says “Not available in your country”.

  2. They had to fit all those extra “u”‘s in. :P

  3. have had Google Books on my phone for a quite a few months now. Then again, it was mysteriously pushed to Nexus devices outside of the US
    Still, I can only access the free books here in the Netherlands.

    Nice change, but I won’t be reading books on my android device any time soon

  4. uhh, y’know on your phone where you go ‘accounts and sync’ I dont remember there being the sync options for ‘books’ in it before, and now its there. .. but now so is also ‘music’.. is this an indication googles music service could be coming to the UK too?

  5. books are too expensive compared to amazon

  6. Looks good until I realised they were charging for books that the copyright had long expired. Probably worth it for recent titles,the software is good,but check project Guttenberg forst and download/buy a decent ebook reader, my fave is Ireader. Sync books is there but I’m not seeing sync music, GS2 Orange UK.

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