Best Buy Made a Boo Boo: $99 HTC Flyer Pricing Was a Mistake


According to a memo circulating around to Best Buy employees, the $99 fire-sale pricing of the HTC Flyer we first reported on earlier this morning was a mistake. It seems the price had been erroneously updated in Best Buy’s system, and that the actual price will remain at $300. The memo mentions Best Buy as not honoring the error in pricing, though it is unclear if the retailer will fill any online orders that may have been placed. If you were planning on heading to your nearest Best Buy to pick up the Flyer at a bargain price, you might want to hurry up and get there before they receive the memo.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Boo. :( They would have some of my money right now if this wasn’t a mistake.

    1. Actually, they would have lost money. Normally, a company would take the hit and honor the price, so as to show a good face to their customers. But they could be hurting for income, or the loss of $200 a unit might have been to big of a hit too. I wish they would honor it, but make no mistake, they would not have made any money by honoring it.

      1. D’oh, didn’t read well enough, you said “your money” not money in general. Sorry.

    2. My mother went there to pick one up for me, and literally had handed the clerk her money to pay when the clerk got a call. 10 minutes later, a manager showed up and told mom that she wouldn’t be allowed to buy it. This is after the guy right in front of her got out with his…. I wouldn’t bitch if

      A> They hadn’t had the price set at $99 on the floor
      B> The cash register hadn’t rung up at $99

      I’ve lodged a complaint with the BBB, for whatever good that will do me.

      1. Now that really sucks, I would definitely be pissed off too. :/

  2. fuck u best buy

    1. Did Best Buy hurt you?

  3. All of the stores are aware, no such deal anymore! sad sad sad “(

  4. Already bought mine when the store opened! Guy behind me was buying two! I noticed that right at open they took the price marker down…..oh well, still got mine ;)

  5. They called me back and told me that I could not pick up my online order at the $99.00 price point.

  6. DOH…

  7. BB failure. I was all excited like a school boy.

  8. I was turned away. Watched them pull the sticker and put up the correction notice. Bait & Switch.

    1. It’s not bait and switch It’s a pricing error… HUGE difference

  9. I just sent my mother-in-law to purchase me a few and she said that already had a sign up saying there was a price error. Too bad on Best Buy. Still too expensive for a 7″ tablet….

    1. Considering the Fire is $200, but only has a few gigs of media storage, no microsd slot, camera, half the ram, half the storage, no Android market, slower device and trying to force people to use their $ cloud $, $300 for the Flyer is a good price ;)

    2. So what android 7 inch tablet is lower cost with same specs?

      1. There isn’t one. But the choice to not purchase something is an indication that the consumer believes that the price is still too high for a given product. If you’d ever taken a basic economics course, they would have explained that to you.

        1. The Flyer is selling very well now $300. At least that is what a person that would know for Best Buy told me (must be vague, since I already said the town I am in… oh well there are two stores).

  10. This is so ironic. Best Buy management was talking yesterday about how big of a seller the Flyer had become at $300 and THEN they screw up the pricing and perception of its shelf life.

    What happened was a “piggy-back” change. The direction was a $200 price drop, but the change was done a second time. Their system is very automated, so store cards and everything get adjusted along with the SKU. Even the Best Buy stores listed the price.

    What Best Buy may have done is devalue in consumer minds the already great price of $300. Best Buy plans on selling the Flyer at $300 and was NOT a liquidation plan.

    I got mine on Monday for $300 and the device blows my Droid 3 and Thrive away for speed with Flash, emulators and video.

    Silly Best Buy price changing system. No checks & balances until AFTER the fact. Even though I think the Flyer ROCKS, the price change error sticks in my mind and devalues the device. Funny how that works, even when a price is an error.

  11. the price is stil $99 but it is showing as sold out…

    1. Though it is easy for them to screw the price up FOR THEIR ENTIRE SYSTEM and not apply checks and balances until after the fact, it takes them longer to fix the price.

      Somebody needs their office moved to the basement and no paychecks- with NO red stapler!

      1. You have never made a mistake?
        Are companies infallible?

        1. Are you the person at corporate that made the error?! ;) :)

          1. I just think it’s funny how people
            are reacting.
            At. $300 its still the lowest cost decent tablet out there.
            I have gotten NUMEROUS products price matched by Best Buy that I would have normally bought at

          2. Maybe some of you need to get a better job or work a little harder to afford things instead of crying about a simple pricing errors. Just because you can’t afford something doesn’t mean it’s a rip off or too expensive.

          3. I agree :)

            I already bought one for $300 and was going to get that one adjusted and buy another. Oh well, the Flyer still rocks real hard.

      2. It wasn’t a mistake (at least, not the kind they’re pretending it was) — they didn’t expect the level of demand, and so are backpedaling now that they know they can make more $$ on it.

        1. Youre funny

  12. They REALLY should not have turned us away. Personally, there advertisement and then recinding of that price makes me not want to shop at their store. Even if it was an error, they should stand behind their system and stand behind their ad.

    1. They should have asked you why you aren’t at work

      1. STFU dumbass… some people have flexible jobs, unlike you…

        1. Maybe it’s your poor attitude that has led to you being out of work have you considered this?
          I mean mcdonald’s has flexible schedules you could work the evening shift

          1. Lighten up Francis…..Who the hell pissed in your corn flakes?

          2. You just made the list, buddy. And I don’t like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I’ll kill you. Also, I don’t like nobody touching me. Now, any of you homos touch me, and I’ll kill you.

          3. Actually, my hours at mcdonalds are very unflexible.

      2. Yeah, I’m a big boy that can leave my desk without asking for permission or handing in a note from my mom. Imagine that.

      3. Not everyone has to punch a clock and ask “Would you like fries with that?” You should try an adult job sometime. It has it’s perks.

  13. Surprised they haven’t updated the website yet.

  14. there were 5 people in line waiting for the store to open at 10AM….we were all turned away.

    1. Ditto. There were 3 in line.

    2. Hopefully they directed you to the nearest unemployment office

      1. Yep they did. Can I provide you a referral as well? Looks like you’re hard at work this morning heckling comments here.

      2. Jeesh, considering there were about 40 in line in Lexington, that is REAL bad by your standards ;)

    3. There were close to forty in Lexington.

  15. Slap Best Buy!

  16. This one lol

    India’s $35 Android Tablet Actually $50, Still A Crummy Tablet

  17. Danny c calm down man people don’t have some kind of humor

  18. Went by the closest store and it was a no go.. :( was waiting on the transformer 2 but for $100 i would have got it to play around with then give it to my g/f later when i got the T2

    o well

  19. Why all the insults best buy made a pricing error. They should honor it till its off their website plain and simple.

  20. I was there as well.. They should have honored that price.. If they screwed up on price that’s their fault.. Don’t make customers pay for it.

  21. I won’t divulge my location, but the manager at our local BB told my wife that he couldn’t, in good conscience, deny her the web site price when it was ringing up at $99. It is good to know that some store managers are human and can do the right thing. Maybe corporate could learn something from this guy.

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