Nexus Prime Launching October 27? [RUMOR]


Now that the iPhone 4S is out of the way and Samsung and Google are set to announce their next flagship device, rumors are beginning to swirl about when the Nexus Prime will actually be available to the general public. We have a pretty good idea that it will be a Verizon exclusive for at least a few months after the carrier decided to forego the Galaxy S II in favor of the first handset to ship with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and a set of release dates supposedly making the rounds at Big Red suggests we will see it on shelves by October’s end. Droid Life was forwarded the details, and while certain elements seem suspect the October 27th date listed alongside the release of the Samsung Stratosphere and other devices is worth mentioning.

The roadmap seems far from complete and the October 6th date listed for the Motorola XOOM 4G LTE is off for a document said to be arriving in Verizon employee inboxes this morning. The update version of Moto’s tablet has already been announced for an October 13th release. Still, the Nexus Prime date is inline with the late-October/early-November timeframe we have been hearing for some time now. Whether the date sticks, we at least know October 11th won’t be the end of our long wait. A few more weeks still separate us from actually taking home the most-anticipated Android handset of the year.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I highly doubt the Nexus phone will be a Verizon only phone.

    1. I bet it will be for a least a few months. Sprint isn’t going to release the Epic 4G Touch, then turn around and slap all those customers in the face by releasing the Nexus Prime (with LTE that Sprint doesn’t have) a little over a month later? Highly doubtful. They would have just waited for the Prime. I went with the Epic Touch under the assumption that this line of thinking was correct. Lots of rumors also paint the Epic Touch getting ICS shortly after the Prime launch. BUT you know what they say about ass.u.me-ing. We will have to wait and see.

      1. Verizon released the Droid Bionic….and are spending a ton of money on those commercials. Wouldn’t the Nexus be a slap in the face of those who jumped on the Bionic wagon?

        Personally, the upgrade from my OG Incredible will be the Prime…if it is actually spec’d as its rumored to be.

        1. No, because it’s different manufactures.

          Now, if the Droid RAZR were to come out Oct 27….then yea that could look like a slap in the face to Bionic owners.

          Remember, the first LTE phones on Verizon all released around the same time but were from different manufactures.

        2. Agreed… this will also be my upgrade from the OG Incredible. If only I didn’t have to wait until February…

        3. Also, the Bionic was supposed to come out a long time ago. It’s not Verizon’s fault Moto wasn’t ready. They’re not going to (shouldn’t) delay/mess with other manufacturer’s releases because of the Bionic.

        4. A slap in the face to the Bionic adopters should be from their father for making such a stupid decision.

          VZW made it very clear they passed on the SGS2 in favor of the next big Samsung phone on its way in a short while. If there is another Samsung phone beyond this, I do not know what it is. It may not be a VZW exclusive, but it is definitely going to VZW.

      2. Droid Bionic release date Sept 8
        Epic 4g Touch release date Sept 16
        At&t & T-Mobile Galaxy S2 even later

        According to your theory ANY carrier who releases the nexus prime is slapping their customers in the face…

        1. Don’t you get it? Verizon ditched the gs2 to get the nexus. He’s saying that the company can’t release 2 high end Samsung devices within a little over a monthg otherwise they would have got the gs2. Which is why it makes sense that it will be exclusive to verizon

          1. The Verizon one will also not be a true nexus device, it will be a droid if rumors pan out.

          2. wrong rumors. don’t listen to wrong rumors.

        2. Two high end Samsungs on the same network would be ridiculous. That’s my point. The Droid Bionic is different manufacturer as I’m sure you are aware.

          Why would Samsung and Sprint under cut themselves by selling a phone that no one would buy anymore? They manufactured hundreds of thousands of these (most likely). Then in a couple days when they announce the Prime and if they say, available for Sprint on October 26th. Every single E4GT would be going back and they wouldn’t sell a single one. Its just common sense.

          1. Because the Nexus prime is not going to be sold at the carriers, just like all the other Nexii (?)
            I imagine Best Buy will do it.

        3. Exactly this whole slap in the face thing is stupid the majority of phone sales are made in store by sales associates catering to customers personal preference. not to people that frequent this and other sites in search of the latest and greatest. last years phones are still high end phones that will still get pushed on ordinary customers that visit whatever carrier store.

      3. Sprint has WIMAX 4G. A different technology and frequency than LTE, but it IS 4G highspeed data nevertheless. I hope Sprint gets it by Christmas at least.

    2. I so want to believe they will launch on multiple carriers, especially sprint. It seems to me that this is the phone that can really charge ahead of the competition. I do have to admit there have been a lot of separate articles talking about this being a timed verizon exclusive and the theory about the galaxy s 2 does make some logical sense. Conversely, just because it’s a pervasive rumor doesn’t mean it will turn out true, as everyone pretty much learned recently.

    3. and you’re knowledgeable about this how? thought so.

  2. Once I finally (hopefully) hear the words “coming to Verizon” I will be happy to wait a little bit longer…

  3. Could of sworn that the most anticipated was the Bionic, just because it kept teasing us so much.

    1. you’re what, 13? Don’t swear.

      1. Inguata, on your way back from the Orange Julius at the mall, stop by Home Depot and pick yourself up a penis. Put it between your legs or in your mouth, either works for your boyfriend.

  4. If this phone goes to Verizon exclusively, even for a few months, I will be very sad =(… It has to come to T-mobile!

    1. Don’t you mean ATT&T?

      1. Actually… he meant Sprint!

      2. Nope i am sure he said tmobile!!, as the merger will never happen.

        1. oh please, oh please be right.

      3. No I think he meant TTT&Mobile.

  5. it’s time for me to put my X10 and Galaxy tab to the side and start playing whit this awsome PHONE OF CRAPLE DOOM!

  6. It better come out for other carriers other than Verizon. I mean come on google if you guys wanna take the iphone out you need to expand to all carriers specially with this highly anticipated phone. Also this is not an S phone of its predecessor so release this thing everywhere

    1. it better.. or what? It’s not google. It’s samsung and the deals they make with carriers. So if it stays with VZW, then what? Are you going to be really really really mad? Maybe look at tfumble or att who didn’t give a crap to step up to the plate to get their name on the list. Don’t blame VZW or Google for letting it happen. blame the failures.. tfumble, att and spirit (funny name for such a slow network)

  7. Impossible. NEXUS line is about AOSP. It will be universally available

    1. You mean like Nexus One and Nexus S were to verizon users?

  8. Perhaps the reason verizon didn’t get the galaxy s2 was that the bionic was delayed to be released at the same time.

    In other words it may have had nothing to do with “passing up the galaxy s2 for the Nexus Prime” and more to do with the bionic, which would make your theory that only verizon is getting the Nexus Prime a bunch of crap. Just sayin

  9. Words can’t express how pissed I am about verizon exclusivity, t mobile has had every nexus till now and then we get passed on the best and most anticipated nexus yet.

    1. Just buy it unlocked

      1. An unlocked CDMA version will be completely worthless to a T-mo customer

        1. It isn’t going to be a CDMA only phone. I’m pretty sure this will be a global/GSM phone as well just like the iPhone 4S. It should be available (unlocked) from other e-tailers soon after its launch.

          1. For $800 lol it will come to other provider’s I can wait

      2. unlocked is for nerds who pay may too much for a phone they’ll only really use for 1-2 years before getting bored with it. hardly worth it. I wish gimps would quit throwing “unlocked” around like it’s something 99% of users actually care about. News flash.. most people don’t.

        1. Unlocked phones only make sense (in the US) on T-Mobile. Otherwise you’re overpaying for a subsidy that you’re not receiving. Luckily that’s what I have, so hopefully they launch a GSM version as well. I expect them to, as I doubt it’s a *worldwide* Verizon exclusive (or a Verizon exclusive at all, for that matter.)

    2. LTE is the way to go, go complain to t-mobile/att/sprint for not rolling it out as quickly as VZW has.
      Why release an LTE phone on 3 carriers that really do not at this time support it (sure there is some support, but nowhere near the coverage that vzw has done within the past year or so). IMO, it just makes sense that VZW gets exclusivity to it before the other carriers.

    3. QQ tmobile sucks anyways, hence the reason for their cheap price att is offering. VZW stepped up to the plate, and is also stepping up w/Samsung against Apple in the CA courts. I don’t see tfumble doing that.

  10. Meanwhile I still keep dreaming of Nexus X from Moto on Big Red.

  11. I don’t care if the nexus prime is a verizon exclusive, because the american mobile branch is fck up any way.
    Just leave that exclusive on the place where it has to only chance to succeed, and bring the nexus prime unlocked to Europa/ the rest of the world at the same time

  12. this better come to t-mobile…the gs2 is an absolute failure in my eyes by not including the exynos processor. i rather hold on to my g2x in the meantime.

    1. I really hope that T-Mobile/Google made Samsung use the S3 chip in the SGS2 so that it could be different than the Prime. Maybe to give people a choice between faster download speeds or pure Google goodness but with lower data speeds..

      I have a Nexus S and honestly I prefer the pure Google with 3G speeds since it’s pretty fast as is.

  13. Who cares about Verizon? I just hope that the HSPA version will be a single handset that support UMTS bands I, II and IV. Here in Canada, all the carriers are now using HSPA, but they’re split between band II and band IV. The old, established carriers are on II and the new carriers operating on the recently auctioned spectrum are on IV. I’m tired of having to choose my carrier before I choose my phone.

    One phone I can use anywhere, please.

    1. who cares about Canada?

      1. People who aren’t douchebags. I’m American, by the way.

      2. I thought it was obvious, but the same thing applies to AT&T vs. T-Mobile. More people care about AT&T + T-Mobile + Canada than Verizon.

        Sorry you chose a carrier that stuck with lousy, unpopular, proprietary technology until the bitter end. Deal with it.

  14. If this is true it’s really stupid. They need to put this phone out on all the carriers. I won’t wait for months after the release to get this on AT&T.

  15. NO WAY Verizon gets exclusivity of the Nexus Prime, dammit!! It damned well better ride the T-Mo waves on release!! Especially with at $30/month Walmart plan coming soon!

    I think it WILL be on T-Mo and WON’T be Verizon exclusive for 1 big reason I haven’t seen anymore mention…Because AT&T and Verizon get the iPhone 4S (Sprint too), while T-Mo backed-off.

    I’d like to think there’s a bit of continuity in Google’s Nexus gameplan as well, so us folks that stayed with T-Mo and Nexus don’t get lemonparty’d.

    1. T-Mo didn’t back off. The CEO has stated that they were very interested but it wasn’t going to happen. Apple is staggering the iPhone to the different carriers for a reason.

      I find it highly likely that the Prime will be exclusive on VZW for a few months because now they need something to set themselves apart. However I don’t really care if it’s exclusive or not, that’s just my gut feeling.

  16. What I don’t understand is why did google buy motorola if Samsung is going to make their phones?

    1. the aquisition has not been approved by the SEC …yet. besides, it takes months to rehaul an entire line of phones. Dont expect Motorola/Google phones to come out until Spring 2012.


  18. While I somewhat understand that it would launch on Verizon since they are the only U.S. carrier that has lte. But it would also make me not want to ever buy a google nexus phone again.
    You would think as a business move it would be smarter to follow apple’s launch procedure and launch on all carriers at the same time and make it a device that can be switched from tmo to sprint just by putting in a new sim card.
    Guess I’ll be sticking with my atrix until the atrix 2 comes out or my att contact is up. Att is great here in Pittsburgh but Verizon is a little better outside of the city.
    If this is true and it does launch exclusively on big red, who will switch carriers to get one?

  19. It’s unfortunate Google didn’t force this down the throats of every major carrier. A Verizon exclusive is gonna wear on me if in fact it lasts for months. It took AT&T a scary long time to sell the Nexus S. My own inconvenience is one thing, but the iPhone 4s is being releases on three major carriers at once. This should be about competing head to head with the 4s—not Verizon exclusivity.

  20. A few months exclusive?!? Sheesh! Like I said before, that would be shooting themselves in the foot. If they did that, by the time the phone came out on other carriers, the rest of us will have something else in mind.

  21. The whole point of Nexus is being open and non-exclusive. Google wants devs to be able to get this phone no matter what carrier they have, and will not release it as an exclusive. That goes against everything they’ve said in the past.

  22. Hooray, it doubles as a halfpipe!

  23. Anyone want to buy a bionic? Damn I want the prime.

  24. I want to sell my bionic. Oh well should have waited.

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