Samsung Releases Updated Unpacked App in Time for CTIA Event


Samsung has updated their Unpacked app just in time for their CTIA showing, an event that promises to be the world debut of the latest Google flagship, the Nexus Prime (along with its Ice Cream Sandwich OS). While on the surface the app has little to offer at this time, we suspect some gems are buried within its source. When the IFA equivalent was released, code sleuths were quick to dig up info on a Samsung Unpacked event that featured the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Note among other devices.

The app will feature product info, press releases, video content, and a live stream of next week’s event for all who won’t be in attendance. Of course, we’ll be there covering the event live. Feel free to see what you can dig up in the latest update to the app and be sure to hit us up with anything interesting you find!

[via Android Market]

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  1. interesting….might download it….although I think a live-blog/streaming website is still preferred

    Is there a time announced for the event btw?

    1. the app says 11am Pacific time

      1. if the app can answer me this, then it;s time for me to get the app :P

  2. downloaded, just in case I’m not near a computer at the time while i wait for my brand new Nexus Prime. there is a countdown clock, which we all need. the teaser video is on the app and old unpacked videos.

  3. Speaking of digging through code – I wonder if that xml file on sammy’s website has been updated? Do you guys check back on things like that occasionally?

  4. 11 am. pst

  5. I am really torn. I have the Epic 4g touch from samsung (Galaxy S II) for sprint and the loss of signal issues are huge. There is almost no doubt i’ll return it, but eventually get what? Another samsung that probably has the same radio problems? Gah, why wasn’t it made by htc…

    1. I’m sure since it is a Nexus device Google will make sure that there are not any signal issues, They don’t want to be like Apple with their iphone 4 issues.

    2. i have the same issues with my photon and evo since the middle of last month. Call sprint and find out what’s going on in your area

    3. No such problems here. In fact this is absolutely the most best phone I’ve ever owned. But even so, I’m returning so I can buy the Nexus Prime instead!!! :D

  6. I live in San Diego, if you guys have an extra ticket, I’d be glad to go with you.

    1. Nothing new in the app so far, probably the app will have new stuff the day of, when it is to be updated again, according to the app itself.
      Just want to use your space at the top to reply where people can see.

  7. invited guests only….

  8. well this is good because I’ll be stuck at work in front of a terminal that hates power users and has everything locked down.

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