Oct 4th, 2011

Google’s platform version distribution chart has been updated to reflect the latest breakdown of Android devices, figures that could look quite a bit different in only a matter of weeks. As older Android 2.2 devices continue to see the rollout of updates to version 2.3, Gingerbread’s share of the pie has grown to 38.7 percent. On the flip-side, Froyo has seen a drop to 45.3 percent, while older Android versions and the tablet-specific Honeycomb have seen the least amount of change.

As mentioned, these numbers look to get quite the shake-up when Google announces and subsequently releases the next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. While OS upgrades are still taking longer to reach handsets despite efforts from Google and manufacturers to simplify and speed up the process, Ice Cream Sandwich should start to carve out its own place among Google’s dessert-themed lineup fairly quickly. The good news is that nearly 98 percent of devices currently run Android 2.1 or higher.

[via Android Developers]