With Ice Cream Sandwich Looming, Latest Android Version Breakdown Shows Gingerbread Numbers Growing


Google’s platform version distribution chart has been updated to reflect the latest breakdown of Android devices, figures that could look quite a bit different in only a matter of weeks. As older Android 2.2 devices continue to see the rollout of updates to version 2.3, Gingerbread’s share of the pie has grown to 38.7 percent. On the flip-side, Froyo has seen a drop to 45.3 percent, while older Android versions and the tablet-specific Honeycomb have seen the least amount of change.

As mentioned, these numbers look to get quite the shake-up when Google announces and subsequently releases the next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. While OS upgrades are still taking longer to reach handsets despite efforts from Google and manufacturers to simplify and speed up the process, Ice Cream Sandwich should start to carve out its own place among Google’s dessert-themed lineup fairly quickly. The good news is that nearly 98 percent of devices currently run Android 2.1 or higher.

[via Android Developers]

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  1. Ice Cream here I come.

  2. i got banned for making fun of apple on engadget. BS Android is way better and so is PHANDROID

    1. Android is better in some ways, but mostly it’s just different from iOS. If your goal is fanboi trolling for ANY system — including Android — please rejoin Endgadget under a different name and hang out there.

      1. all i said was how much apples stock went down today and bam.

        1. Well, it’s not a good idea to make fun of apple in a website that is notorious for being an apple fanboy

          1. funny how you substitute “trolling” for “making fun”. All you clowns in this thread thinking it’s harmless fun should be outright banned for your admission. This is the reason so many threads are just contaminated with childish nonsense that you folks seem to have no problem contributing to.

            You want to diss Apple? Do it here. Stop pissing in someone else’s pool.

          2. Engadget is not “someone else’s pool”, there are Engadget employees/journalists who prefer using an Android phone.

      2. True. All that fanboys do is simply make the actual Android/iOS community look rather stupid. I will say that iPhone does in fact have it’s fair share of advantages over Android, but they would be opinionated base. Now don’t call me a troll since I’ve had Android since G1’s day one.

        But what I will say is there can be no competition between the two, it’s personal preference. Many things are easier on an iOS device while many things are better on an Android device.

        Now that I said that I would just like to comment on Apples keynote and how they said that iOS devices took up more market share than Android devices. How the HELL is that possible when 500,000 devices are activated on a daily? There’s no way that’s true. And many report have recently came showing Android the leader in the mobile industry while iPhone is still in second place. Lies, I hear all lies.

    2. Bwahaha…So did I. The other day I replied to an iTroll with a simple “says the sheep” and they banned me for that. Rather funny

    3. I got banned the other day but then they unbanned me but I’m a special case.

    4. I was banned for saying I products were designed for children.

  3. Three months ago it was mentioned that there were 550,000 Android devices activated daily and a total of 130 Million devices.

    July 5th – Honeycomb was on 0.9% of 130 Million devices, making for 1.17 Million Honeycomb tablets sold and in use on the market.

    August 1st – Honeycomb was on 1.3% of 146 Million devices, making for 1.9 Million Honeycomb tablets sold and in use on the market.

    September 2nd – Honeycomb is on 1.4% of 163 Million devices, making for 2.28 Million Honeycomb tablets sold and in use on the market.

    October 4th – Honeycomb is on 1.8% of 179 Million devices, making for 3.23 Million Honeycomb tablets sold and in use on the market.

  4. I recently increased %% for 2.2 by upgrading two HTC G1 from 1.6 to 2.2

  5. STILL no gingerbread for european Atrix & it has been on the American one for almost 2 months, pull your finger out Motorola

  6. if it was fully expecting this to be a joke until I realised that it wasn’t April and Apple are boring

    1. You is boring

      1. you are uneducated

  7. Why put ICS on the. Chart when its not even out?

  8. Well you can add my LG Thrill on the device that’s not part of that growing!

  9. This looks about like the graph before Gingerbread was released, except Froyo was in the position Gingerbread occupies now and Ecclair was in Froyo’s current position. That pretty much means that before the release of the next version of Android after ICS, ICS will occupy about the same share as Gingerbread currently does and Gingerbread will take the current place of Froyo.

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