ZTE Shows Off Second Quad-Core Tablet


Better known for their feature phones and low-end Android handsets, ZTE is stepping up their game as they dive headfirst into the tablet market. Already showing off the first quad-core Tegra 3 device, the 7-inch T98, ZTE isn’t stopping there. The 10.1-inch ZTE US has been spotted, and while little is known about the new tablet, it is said to also use a quad-core chipset. It gets 32GB of internal storage and 3250mAh battery, and is expected to launch with Android Honeycomb. With the new slate, ZTE is set to launch at least three Android tablets in the coming months.

[via PocketDroid]

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  1. Price price price!!!!?

  2. Why arent U.S companies making these tablets. The chip is designed right here in Santa Clara, CA??? Come on people? Stop asking the price..start asking where it is made and we will be out of this financial mess….

    1. Start asking about the unions!

      They are completely unnecesarry. Around here, workers at the plants I’ve toured get paid more and have repeatedly rejected attempts to unionize because many of the unions are criminal! My uncle received a threat on his life for not using union labor in his shop!

  3. Thats is a tiny battery for a 10 incher, would even be small for a 7 incher. C’mon ZTE batteries are super cheap, why give the device such little running time?

    1. oops.. has two @ 3250 mAh.

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