Leak: Is This the Nexus Prime?


I know you’ve seen that thread title before. We’ve posed the question for at least two different renders now but later found those to be fake. So here it is again – is this the Nexus Prime? As you can tell, it has a 720p HD display (it’s more like 1180×720, but who’s keeping score?) and has software buttons on the bottom, an optional feature in Ice Cream Sandwich for OEMs who don’t want to include hardware navigation buttons on their devices. DPI also sits at a cool 320 and unfortunately sources are hearing this may be a 4.3 inch device.

The Nexus Prime is rumored to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device and will reportedly have a 4.5 inch – 5 inch display with the resolution mentioned above as well as a dual-core processor (we’re betting on the TI OMAP4 variety but wouldn’t be surprised – or mad – to see Exynos inside). We are awfully close to Samsung and Google’s October 11th event in San Diego so hopefully more of these leaks trickle out leading up to that. [GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks real enough to me! Shame i’ve just bought the SGS2

    1. Shame indeed.

    2. Don´t be ashamed. The SGS2 it´s still a great phone that will have the ICS update for sure (buying unlocked devices FTW?).
      If the nexus prime comes with an exynos you would have even less to worry about :)

  2. 1184×720 + softwarebuttons = 1280*720 = 720p for sure :)

    1. A small calculation can easily debunk this. Gsm Arena has already amended their post.

  3. Maybe this is just me, but I saw software buttons as a way for an OEM to use the entire front of a device as a screen. That way, you can have a 5 inch screen without having an unwieldy device that doesn’t fit in your pocket. I’m waiting for the NexusDroidGalaxyPrime, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a little disheartened to see that bezel down there.

    1. Exactly my thought if it has got that sort of frame, it’ll be huge.

      1. They gotta have a place to put the mic

      2. I agreed with you guys at first, but you guys have no perspecive of the phone. That bottom bezel may only be 1/4 inch thick. Also, it looks just as thick as the bezel below my hardware buttons. I think we should wait for a picture of the entire front before we pass judgement.

    2. Completely agreed, the bottom bezel is huge.

      1. Not as huge as you think if you look at it from an angle its as big a bezel as the htc sensation that has touch sensor buttons this is the same size just without the touch sensor buttons actually being there.

    3. I agree to an extent but doesn’t it need a little bezel in order to hold the device without it registering as a screen touch?

    4. I agree. I find it odd that there’s a big space there unless that’s where they house the antennas or radio or whatever.

    5. Maybe its the contrast of my screen but I don’t think the bezel is that huge. I’m thinking theres as much space below the software buttons as there is above. I can’t tell where they screen ends and the phone begins on this screen.

      1. That bezel looks pretty damn big.

        1. Yeah, you can make it out to the right of the picture. I was thinking the same thing, I hate bezel and I was hoping that software buttons would cure this.

    6. I’m with you there. Though I guess it’d be a bit uncomfortable to hit those menu keys if they were nearly flush with the bottom of the phone. from an ergonomic perspective, zero bezel on a phone might not be the best bet. this bezel does look too big though.

    7. That bezel is bigger than if you pretended the current capacitive buttons were part the screen. That makes it totally pointless.

    8. Completely agree. This phone would actually have a larger active screen if they used harware buttons! It’s almost as if the phone was developed for hardware touch buttons, and then half-way into development Samsung got a call from Google saying they would go for software buttons. Retarded.

    9. I find phones without bezels disgusting.

  4. Looking good, but why couldn’t they just take a full shot of the whole phone.. you know, backside and frontside and all. O__o

    1. Its a strategic leak. Like when you stand over the toilet.

  5. can’t wait!

  6. Could the heightpixel be the full 1280 minus the notification an button bars? (ie the space useable by an application) That’s why I prefer physical buttons as they don’t eat precious screen real-estate.

    1. If the screen get’s bigger than normal you don’t loose screen-estate, youtube/movies on Honeycomb hides the button’s so i think they are hide-able…

  7. Is it just me or does it look like a Nexus S with an HD screen and with software buttons instead?!

    1. The edge doesn’t look like a Nexus S from that photo, could be a hint of an aluminium back case.
      I wouldn’t expect a radical departure from the S design, but hopefully a bit thinner.

  8. Is it wrong for me to think of the half leaked photo of Nexus Prime as a naked chick, only censored?

    1. That’s why Quentyn posted it. It’s like sharing porn on the internet.

  9. I hope that is ICS! I like the button layout there. With that layout the bezel on bottom only has to be big enough to house a mic. Thus room for more screen without increasing the body size.

  10. Yeah right

  11. I hope not. Look at how much bezel is at the bottom. If this screen is 4.65 inches, its going to be a monster

  12. God I hope not. The biggest thing that was attracting me to this phone aesthetically was the prospect of it now having any buttons on the front capacitive or otherwise. If this is it and it has buttons its going to be a HUGE let down for me…

  13. What is the point of software buttons and a 4.5″ screen if you’re still going to have a 1/2″ bezel at the bottom? The whole point was to get all but one millimeter bezel around the entire device. Jesus, do I have to design everything for these people? Why is it we, the consumers, see the right way to do things that these monkey-humps cannot?

    1. There may have been technical reasons why they couldn’t. Designing the aesthetics of the phone is only one part, they’ve got a million other tasks to then do all of which could impact on that initial design e.g. make the components fit, ensure the components work together in that specific layout, ensure weight distribution is even etc.

    2. Maybe it happens to designers the same that happens with programmers. Even if the programmers spend a lot of time fixing bugs and adding features, there´s always something left that only the users wiil notice.

    3. Well taking a good look at the bottom of my Galaxy S, they have reduced the bottom bezel. But not enough to make up for the space the on-screen buttons take up :/
      Seems like we sacrificed the buttons for nothing, they could fit in that space left and free up some screen space.

  14. Please be fake. 4.3″ and so much bezel? No thanks.

  15. Hope to see this in VZW store on Oct 12, will buy one on the spot….

  16. I’m with everyone else here, the bezel on that thing looks a ton like the bezel for the nexus s with the capacitve buttons not illuminated. I have to say with a bottom bezel that huge, what’s the point of software buttons?

  17. too many haters that dont like change. i’m buying one. love my nexus s and i believe in the google/samsung team to make the next nexus even better.

  18. iPhone what?

  19. “DPI also sits at a cool 320”

    Not if it’s a Pentile display. Trust me, I’ve been playing that game with my Nexus One since Jan ’10.

    1. I so hope this phone isn’t pentile.

  20. Unless the Prime is using LCD, that is not the Samsung Nexus Prime.

    That screen is clearly an LCD and if so I will not be buying one.

    1. Maybe this is verizon’s version and ours is the uber great one that lives up to the hype.

  21. Jesus. I sincerely hope that this is fake. Looks like a Nexus S and that is in no way a good thing. The Nexus S looked outdated when it arrived a year ago.

    I was hoping for something more GSII-ish.

    I am now depressed…

    1. Says you. Nexus S was/is a beautiful device and did not have an outdated look, as a matter of fact it had a unique look feel etc.

      1. The Nexus S was a chintzy, chubby and cheap plastic blob of mediocrity when it was released a year ago.

        If this image is legit, it looks like the NP may follow the precedent. Certainly in the looks department.

    2. I hope you hang yourself.

      1. There is just no worthy rebuttal to such ironclad logic and smooth articulation.

        Still, I hope you will accept my sincere condolences for your hurt butt.

        1. whats your fixation with my butt? You said you were depressed i recommended you hang yourself. Next time keep your fantasies to yourself, i know its the internet and all.

          1. *facepalm*

            Seriously? You went with the “herp derp uz fixated wif ma butt” angle? I guess you can add vicarious embarrassment to my aforementioned depression.

            Look, I get it. My disappointment in this alleged leak offends you and you must defend the honor of Android. You just don’t have the time or the mental capacity to do so with things like “reasons” or “thoughts”. Instead, you do it with snarky, childish vitriol. What’s your next zinger–a mom joke? Oh snap!

            Now, if your initial comment was something like, “You are wrong because of this, this and this… and P.S. I hope you hang yourself”, then I might not dismiss you as yet another annoying, anonymous, adolescent on the internet. Like I’m doing right now.


  22. “unfortunately sources are hearing this may be a 4.3 inch device.”

    Not unfortunate in the slightest. I like it when my phone fits in my pocket. If it is indeed 1184×720, then the maths suggests 4.3 inches. If it’s 1280×720, math puts it at about 4.6 inches…

    1. I believe the 1184 only includes the active part of the screen, not the notification bar at the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen where the soft home buttons are located. It’s probably 4.6 inches.

      1. How is that area not active? Don’t you touch that area? And because of custom ROMs, you can actually get rid of the Notification area. And even in the browser you can hide the notification bar, thus making that area “active”?

        What do you mean by “active”?

        1. He means that the area is reserved, and listed as non active, probably to prevent it being used by applications.
          And if it’s coded into the app you can hide it, problem?

          1. Ah! OK. Makes sense now

      2. Agreed. It is VERY likely not to include the soft buttons on bottom depending on the app used to get this data and how those buttons are coded into the OS UI. I know on honeycomb tablets I have yet to see any sort of hack to make that hide or something so you can swipe it away or something so it’s a pretty low level thing that will require source to tweak and could also mean apps are somewhat oblivious to this area of the screen for the most part. Even video player apps not coded for Honeycomb do not hide the buttons and such which is annoying.

    2. Unfortunately for you, the Prime display is really ~4.6″. The phone length/width is about the same as the DroidX due to the lack of dedicated buttons (the picture is accurate). It’s going to put iPhone4s to shame.

  23. That bezel could just look larger than it actually is due to the photo. Not a lot to go on with just the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the handset.

  24. Bah only 4.3?

  25. According to GSM Arena this is a 4.6 inch screen. The 1184 only refers to the active part of the screen and does not include the notification bar at the top or the bottom of the screen where the soft home button is located.

  26. Nexus Prime: the Kaiser Soze of smartphones.

  27. Okay, prior to event of Apple…GSMARENA leaked Exclusive picture of Nexus Prime and its resolution with PPI measure. Many on forums take it as another leak but what my experience says about GSMARENA (ive been following this site from day1) they always get Samsung Device prior to unveiling / Launch. my Guess is that they already have Prototype of Nexus Prime and they did it deliberately

  28. Don’t buy a Nexus device. My Nexus S broke and I had to replace it. Fortunately, I had the Best Buy protection plan. Unfortunately, the device I broke was on 2.3.4 but the device they replaced mine with wouldn’t go bast 2.3.1 until I rooted it. I can’t get HONEYCOMB for my phone, let alone Ice Cream Sandwich before the next Nexus is released. All the Nexus S was ‘first’ about was Gingerbread and other devices do that better. Seriously, what’s the point of having a “first to get updates” device if it isn’t even the first? As for development, its really not all that great a platform. I so wasted my money.

    1. LOL get out of here with that noise, Nexus Devices are the best android devices. How did you break your NS?

    2. I’m sorry, but if you’re disappointed of not getting HONEYCOMB on your PHONE, that’s your problem, not Samsung’s…

  29. OMG the look at that HUGE bezel! …drama queens.

  30. I am crossing my fingers and hoping DESPERATELY that this is not a Samsung device. Before the comments blow up from the overzealous Samsung fans, please allow me to explain. It seems that Google uses these phones to test software but to also see what each manufacturer is able to bring as far as hardware. Since Google is purchasing Motorola, I would expect to see something from them since they’ve been solely catering to Google and not micro$oft. And they don’t seem to have a history of repeating brands… I’m just going to hold my breath and cross my fingers for Motorola!

    1. Samsung is top even in comparison to motorola Samsung has made the best devices even more so best selling android devices lately, htc devices and motorola can’t even come close to the power Samsung devices output. Motorola just outright sucks. Their skins such as motoblur suck.

  31. Whatever the Nexus turns out to be… I really hope Google/Samsung turn up the advertising on this phone. With all the media hype around the iPhone, its easy to see why it sells so well…. Google + Samsung need to do something BIG soon! Online forums are the only place I see the nexus talked about. If the Prime wants to go big, bigger approaches need to be taken… and soon

  32. What?!?! The last manufacturer I want to see a Nexus device from is Motorola I have had and or played with every motorala Android there has been and every last one of this is complete crap!

  33. I was really hoping this thing would have a physical keyboard..

    1. have you been paying attention at all. where was that EVER said about this phone. go get a D3

      1. Maybe if you have been paying attention you would know that maybe one of the carriers is gonna get the nexus that has a physical keybord F!@#$%^ ROOKIE!!!! Didnt you see the 4chan article. WOW!! Some peoples kids!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it buddy!!!

  34. Isn’t this phone supposed to have a Super Amoled screen? Those black levels look more like a traditional lcd. I call BS!

  35. The icons that replaced buttons on Honeycomb are really ugly and unintuitive. I hope these aren’t those. I was also hoping for a more square / modern looking phone, like the SGSII.

  36. Dunno what the fuzz is all about. The bezel is clearly not that big, sure less bezel = nicer looks, but whether that can be achieved technical or if it is handy even is not certain.
    Furthermore I REALLY like the prospect of a <4.5 inch screen. My phones need to fit into my pockets.

    1. 4.6 and 4.7 will still fit nicely in the pocket.

  37. It’s a 4.6″ screen that’s the same size as a phone with a 4.3″ screen, as seen in my mock up here:

  38. thats a big ass bezel

  39. If that’s all bezel down there I’ll probably pass on this and just get the Epic 4G Touch. Disappointed, I was hoping for mostly screen and little to no bezel at all. If I must have bezel then I’ll take some hardware buttons to go along with it.

  40. The Prime WILL have a Transformers bootload. It is going to be released on Oct 31st, Halloween.

    It will also have a 3d screen.

  41. There is absolutely NO wonder that this just leaked today, after the huge disappointment of what the new iPhone is, Google and Samsung have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to worry about Apple’s iPhone (the only people buying this are fanboys and girls and people who have no clue what to get and the sales person just tells them to get whatever pays the most commission).

  42. epic fail today made by apple. Cannot wait for this phone even if this isn’t it.

  43. I don’t think that is bezel… Honeycomb keys are on a black bar — here’s hoping what we think are physical buttons on the bezel are really software buttons on a black bar that is blending into a black bezel.

    It’s not the greatest picture and the ‘home’ icon looks a little ‘video-y’ to me — rather than painted on the bezel.

  44. assuming the bottom buttons don’t count for the dpi, it has to be a 4.3 inch screen to achieve 320DPI

  45. I dont understand this…the guy could have taken a pic showing the entire device..why just show this much.??

  46. Which will be better, OMAP 4 or Exynos?

  47. I think it’s more unfortunate that the screen is larger than 4″. I really don’t like the gigantic screens the new and best phones are getting. I’ll be able to live with a 4.3″ screen I suppose, since I really don’t have a choice anymore if I want a really good phone.

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