Kindle Fire Poised to be an Amazon Hit as Presales Reach Nearly 100,000 on First Day


Amazon announced the Kindle Fire to much excitement to see what an actual Amazon would be like. While we’re not sure if that excitement was sustained after the big unveiling, people seem to be responding well to what Amazon is providing as they woke up the the next morning to news that they’d secured 95,000 preorders after the first day it was available for reserves. We’re sure that number has since eclipsed the century mark.

To put it into prospective, Fox reminds us that the iPad sold 300,000 units in its first day on sale. We’re about a month and a half out from an official launch so projections can easily soar as advertising ramps up for the device.

The Amazon Kindle Fire will likely be helped by its attractive $200 pricetag and the unique “All-Amazon” experience the eCommerce giant has built on top of Android. Be sure to take a look at the Amazon Kindle Fire’s specs here and consider a preorder here if all looks good to you.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i might buy one…

  2. It really is quite the steal.

    1. Because it’s a great looking 7 inch tablet with solid hardware backed by Amazon’s AMAZING content services that offer practically everything you’d want when it comes to books, movies, and music.

      People look at Android tablets all day and obsess over the Tegra 2 processors and how well it runs Honeycomb, but they forget that content is practically more important that any of those. One reason I’ll never use Google Movies on my phone or on an Android Tablet (if I had one) is because if I buy or rent a movie, it’s stuck on my phone/tablet. If I buy or rent a movie/TV show on iTunes, I can watch it on my iPad, my computer, my tv (through Apple TV wirelessly), or an iPhone or iPod Touch if I owned those. Same goes for Amazon. Get a movie/tv show on this, get that content on the Kindle Fire, your computer, or your TV. Same thing goes for their even more impressive music and book offerings. Content is king.

      What’s an Android tablet without apps? A great tablet OS that can’t run anything now. What’s an iPad without apps? An app launcher that can’t launch apps. What’s a media consumption device that doesn’t offer the best way to buy and consume media? Not the Kindle fire.

  3. i would love to buy one, but the wife said no. so i gotta hope for an android app for these movie features

    1. I think I just heard a whip crack in the background….

    2. Wow

  4. Hope OfficeMax and Officedepot will carry them here in Puerto Rico.

  5. I want one i’m just waiting till black friday to see if i can get a even better deal. do you think they will sell theese in best buy, walmart, taget etc…? …i’m camping out infront of walmart.

    1. I preordered mine at Best Buy. You have to do it in store though, its not available online

    2. I think it’ll be releasing too closely to black Friday to be on sale, not to mention it’s already very cheaply priced.

  6. i don’t see why everyone is so excited…the battery life on the thing sucks (8 hours)

    1. I have a feeling that number is incorrect for simple browsing

      1. Maybe but thats what Amazon lists on their page right now – 8 hours with wireless off.

  7. Don’t like it but 200 is really cheap.

  8. Battery life on an iPad 2 playing some intense games or watching movies doesn’t last 8 hours. The price point is good and the device will have a market.

    1. Exactly. Hopefully if it does well, someone will come out with an extended battery attachment. And battery life is dependent upon usage, I don’t know too many people who consistently watch movies for 8 hours.

    2. I use my iPad 2 every morning for about an hour and probably charge it every 3 weeks, same with my 10.1 Tab

      1. It must be because I have so many apps/games the kids installed then all probably chatting over the internet slowly draining bandwidth and popping up their stupid notifications.

  9. I’ll be buying one of these for my dad for his birthday and probably a prime membership for Christmas so he can stream movies and tv shows. If I didn’t own a tablet and just had a laptop, I might even consider just getting this to go with the laptop. Amazon’s got the best content service out there, maybe even better than iTunes. With this device, they’ve got an even better way to deliver that content.

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