Oct 3rd, 2011

Amazon announced the Kindle Fire to much excitement to see what an actual Amazon would be like. While we’re not sure if that excitement was sustained after the big unveiling, people seem to be responding well to what Amazon is providing as they woke up the the next morning to news that they’d secured 95,000 preorders after the first day it was available for reserves. We’re sure that number has since eclipsed the century mark.

To put it into prospective, Fox reminds us that the iPad sold 300,000 units in its first day on sale. We’re about a month and a half out from an official launch so projections can easily soar as advertising ramps up for the device.

The Amazon Kindle Fire will likely be helped by its attractive $200 pricetag and the unique “All-Amazon” experience the eCommerce giant has built on top of Android. Be sure to take a look at the Amazon Kindle Fire’s specs here and consider a preorder here if all looks good to you.

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