Google’s Q3 Earnings Call Taking Place Oct. 13


Google has announced that they’re holding their Q3 earnings call on October 13th. If you are a bit late to the game, Google usually likes to drop a few tidbits regarding Android and other business in these calls.

While we don’t expect them to mention anything huge, we’ll hopefully get insight into their plans heading into the latter portions of this season. It’s worthy to note that Samsung is hosting an Unpacked event at CTIA two days before that. Many expect to hear information about the latest Nexus there.

If that does end up happening, you can bet Google will be as talkative as ever about it on the phone call. Don’t get your hopes up that it actually will be announced on the 11th, though. There’s also the possibility of hearing more about Ice Cream Sandwich. Google’s kept things under wraps for the most part so we’re thirsty for any and all information on that.

We’ll be listening in and will deliver the latest news to you here on, but you can also listen in live using their webcast here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. All I saw was the article picture and I immediately clicked, without reading, hoping it was more nexus news

    1. Can we please stop using that image for anything? I didn’t mind it being posted a few times on Droid-Life but I see this image get tossed and slapped into any blog post/article concerning the alleged new Nexus. As angst-ful as this sounds, I actually cringe when I see the above image. It’s just you get so sick and tired of seeing it being spammed everywhere, and it’s not even an official image, nor does Optimus Prime have ANYTHING to do with the new Nexus aside from it having the word “Prime” in its name. Rant over.

  2. They are simply trolling us

  3. “Don’t get your hopes up that it actually will be announced on the 11th, though. ”
    What does this mean? We shouldn’t expect them to announce the Nexus Prime on the 11th? Samsung will definitely not be announcing ICS on the 11th…what else could it be?

    And how soon after a phone is announced is it available?

    1. Yeah, all the hype about Oct 11th being the *big* outing of the Nexus Prime and all of sudden now “Don’t get your hopes up” ??? WTH??!!

      I know we’re dealing with all rumors here, but come on people pick a side and stick with it huh? Either you *believe* Oct 11th is the day or you say *don’t keep your hopes up* … Going back and forth just frustrates everybody.

      1. You tell em!

        If we can’t get our hopes up when there is a high chance of it coming true, then when are we allowed to do it? Any higher chance and it’s a certainty and then there is no moor room for hope, just knowing for sure.

        Blegh… much as I think Samsung makes great phones, I still don’t like the idea of 2 nexus devices back-to-back from them. And Please don’t use plastic!

    2. I say that as “don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t end up happening.” We do believe there’s a high chance it will be announced, but we “won’t get our hopes up.”

  4. Although… Eleven is a Prime number… (troll)…

  5. I think it will be. It’s a Samsung event co-hosted by Google. It’s obviously Android related, and what else could it be to get Google’s actual presence there?

  6. Nexus prime what?

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