Cellebrite System Prepped for Nexus Prime, Droid HD, and HTC Vigor


Cellebrite, a system wireless providers use to transfer data between mobile handsets, has been updated with a host of long-rumored devices for Verizon. The Samsung Nexus Prime (listed under that name), Motorola Droid HD, and HTC Vigor have all found their place among Big Red’s other offerings. Of course, Cellebrite doesn’t do much to provide anything more than model number and device name, but it confirms that all three devices are nearing their launch. With these three Android powerhouses alone, Verizon looks to have a heavy-hitting holiday lineup.

[via DroidLIfe]

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  1. Tmobile ='(

  2. I hope Tmobile gets the Nexus Prime.

    1. T-Mobile always gets the Google Nexus Devices…..(Nexus One, Nexus S)

      1. the rumors mention Verizon because they are the only carrier that doesn’t have a Nexus from Google!

        1. I hope so I own both Nexuses and I will not be giving up Tmobile nor will I buy on Contract so it better be sub 600

          1. curious, if you will be staying with same carrier, why would you not get it at subsidized price?

          2. I haven’t bought a subsidized phone since the G1. Even More Plus for the win!

        2. don’t believe in rumors too much…. after all is all rumors right! believe it when Google makes it official……

        3. Also, the Nexus Prime is supposedly exclusive to Verizon for a short period of time (unless they just release it as the Droid Prime, while everyone else receives the Nexus Prime. That would make it strictly exclusive.)

  3. They all will get the nexus prime just diff names. If not I’m sure they will have there own powerhouse cell. All providers have the same or close to equal cell phone in there arsenal.

  4. Ahhh, just waiting for Sprint to pop in at any time and say “Hey we’re getting the Prime, that cool with you guys?” :D

  5. Wow, Not one comment about the Vigor yet? Sad panda.
    That said, yay for keeping a decent name. Rezound = epic fail, Incredible HD = epic win, Vigor = win. I can deal with that. I can’t wait for this bad boy.

  6. Droid Prime is Verizon’s Samsung Nexus Prime (potentially VZW bloatware, definitely Droid logo/boot)

    Think Nexus One / HTC Desire – Nexus S / Samsung Galaxy I

    Who knows what the minor differences will be between the Droid

  7. I can’t believe your friend’s mom lets her Johns pay by check

  8. Will T mobile get this ??

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