Verizon’s Nexus Prime to Come Devoid of Any Bloatware?


Our good friend P3Droid at MyDroidWorld seems to have gained some trustworthy information regarding the applications coming installed on Verizon’s Nexus Prime. He’s go the full list and, as you will be able to tell, the only VZW apps you see here are those that pertain to Verizon’s network (meaning you won’t be seeing anything Verizon-branded on the phone unless you venture into the Manage Applications screen). That’s all good news, though as with anything we can’t fully trust it until the device is in users’ hands. Read on for the full list. [Via, Source]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I can’t believe this is actually happening!!!

    1. All I need to see now is free tethering and I’m switching to Verizon

      1. xD oh you had me going there for a minute xD

        1. What can I say the Nexus One and Nexus S on T-mobile have spoiled me for a long time.

  2. i waited so long for the bionic and i’m glad i’m waiting even longer to get this masterpiece

    1. I’m with you on this one. I know that playing the waiting game with technology is pretty much pointless as whatever you end up with will be bested in a month or two…but I’m to impatient to wait for the Galaxy S III and I might as well have a phone that Google is going to pay more attention to than the rest of the crop.

      Here’s to waiting for the next Google Experience Phone. :D

  3. What we don’t want to admit is that this is just because it’s a test build, and Verizon doesn’t have the bloat ready to be included yet.

    1. What makes you think that?

      1. Probably the cold, hard truth that carriers love to include their own garbage. I’m definitely hoping they won’t this time, though

        1. I have never known bloatware thanks to 3 years of Google phones but I bought a old Vibrant for $80 to play with and within one day I wanted to throw it in the trash because of T-mobile’s bloatware. Then I rooted it and it is all good now.

          1. Rooting is definitely the way to go – it saved me from torching my Droid Eris long ago!

  4. A few to note… Facelock.apk? nfcGoogle.apk? Keychain.apk? These all sound VERY interesting =)

    Edit: Also, wtf is PhaseBeam.apk??

    1. I’m hoping phasebeam blinds anyone that tries to steal your Nexus

    2. from what ive seen of some videos of the galaxy s2,you can unlock your phone using facial recognition,for extra security,that could be what “facelock” is

      1. I’ve heard someone say that it the facelock is for the camera to automatically stay locked on a persons face no matter how you move the camera.

        1. It’s probably something of both jshaffer’s and your ideas. I mean, if a camera has facial recognition tech with it, why not make it so that it can unlock the phone that way?

          It’s also handy for taking pictures, my Casio Card Cam has a setting where it won’t snap unless the subject is smiling.

    3. Transports you to the Enterprise

  5. Hopefully soon we will get more confirmation on the device

  6. No bloatware would absolutely rock. Still early though.

  7. This is why the iphone is so much better, it comes with ZERO bloatware. When will Android provider learn this simple but KEY concept?????

    1. have fun with your 3.5″ screen, get your microscope out so you can watch youtube, or flash. o wait you dont have flash

      1. What a stupid and weak attempt at talking crap.
        If this is indicative of the brainpower of Android users…

        1. I think that by now there are plenty of stupid people that use Android and iOS, you know it and i know it. It is so even that you point is moot. At last count 33% of iPhone users think that they have a 4G phone because they are using the iPhone 4: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/07/12/confusion-abounds-from-iphone-owners-hearing-about-4g-networks/

          You can’t honestly say that every soccer mom who uses an iPhone is tech savvy like some of us.

          1. You can thank At&t PR for making them think they have a 4G phone. Imagine all those people now when At&t tries to sell them real 4G with LTE.

        2. buy the phone that works best for you and STFU.

        3. haha..and this is coming from you..iphone stands for braindead.people.

      2. You must be joking. You are clearly talking about the iPhone

        1. what you think..iphone lover

          1. are you referring to me or him?

    2. So much better?? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But definitely agree to your statement about bloatless phones being crucial to their individual success.

      I recall one of the selling points of ICS was Google working with the networks to develop android phones.. hoping the Prime on Verizon is the first taste of naked ICS.

    3. I know your just trolling but you are right so that is why Google provides the superior Nexus line of phones. I do like that part of Apple though but I still consider them to be douche bags even with my iPod Touch 4G and 2011 MacBook Pro.

    4. Some people consider all of iOS to be bloatware.

    5. get out troll

  8. Is it because they want it bloat free, or because their special ICS bloat-apps aren;t done yet and will be added before release?

  9. I thought all Nexus’s are bloatware free, “pure android”, “pure google”. Pretty sure my bro’s nexus S has no sprint bloatware on it. Unlike my damn Epic 4G which is still on fucking 2.2. They promise 2.3 but I am still waiting. 2.2 took forever. This phone has 1 the 1ghz hummingbird cpu, which im sure is plenty capable of running ICS, but will it get it? most likely not. STUPID. A major reason to get a “pure google” phone is you get updates way faster and the phone stays current longer. The nexus one, how old is it? Just got upgraded to 2.3.6? or something? Was already on GB and now getting more GB updates. Carriers dont put out google software updates so that your phone becomes out dated and you want to buy a new device and resign a contract with the carrier. I will never buy a phone that is not “pure google” again. Big mistake.
    -stuck on 2.2 Froyo

    1. How the f*** can you use an Android phone without rooting it?
      The mistake was letting you buy the phone.

  10. I thought the Nexus line is known for no (or very little) bloatware. =/

    1. It is SUPPOSED to be 100% pure AOSP. We shall see….

      1. I’m not keeping my hopes too high…given Vzn’s history. But still, I am a tad hopeful considering it’s a Nexus device and that Google should hold true to that standard.

  11. Ok the bloatware in some cases is good, it just depends on how it’s implemented. I actually LIKE HTC Sense, but I don’t run it. On the other hand, I can see why some people hate it. I personally stick to Cyanogenmod and MIUI because that’s what’s available for my device. However, it’s great to have options and I’m probably going to get the Prime or whatever it’s called when it comes out. I think once Ice Cream Sandwich is released, CONSEQUENCES. WILL. NEVER. BE. THE. SAME.

  12. I’ll believe it when i see it, seeing as Verizon makes its own bloatware.

  13. Skeptical fox is skeptical. But hopeful.

  14. Please Google press this issue with Verizon don’t let them bloat this one and to Verizon please let this not be an incredible leave it alone and let Google handle the updates. Just double up on the VIGOR if you must. I agree I will believe it when I see it but here is to hoping!!!

  15. There are a handfull of apks in there that I cant wait to see!

    -FaceLock.apk (face recognition or camera auto focus or red eye reduction?)

  16. Only one thing really matters in the end: is it considered a google experience device and does it get it’s updates direct from Google?

    If not Ill pass. I want updates out immediately …. not 6-8months later if the dev decides it’s worth their time.

  17. If this is true, this just took one step closer to being my next device. Hopefully the rumored specs are close to what we see when its released.

  18. Im alittle in shock, usually the phone rumors make it sound all great, then as we get closer we get bad news after bad news, delays, and what-not. But this phone just keeps on getting better!

  19. I just hope the Prime won’t be a Droid exclusive device and that they’ll release a GSM version at the same time. CDMA phones are useless for everyone outside the US.

    1. Judging by the invite to the presser there is no indication that this will be a Verizon only phone. I’m with you on this one cherubdawg so maybe its wishful thinking on my part.

    2. is going to be a world phone

  20. Nexus phones comes with PURE Google apps only…. just the way a Google Android Phone should be………nothing new here…..

  21. Please, please, please, please, please!

  22. Did any of you notice facelock.apk?

  23. better be able to uninstall verizon software… i never want the carrier software ever. idc if it sucks my dick it can gtfo

  24. Chrome book sync ?

  25. Did Verizon finally get a clue? My decision to pass up the Bionic is looking better and better

  26. I wonder what the percentage of tech savvy customers to novice customers is for the iPhone and for Android phones. I would hazard to guess that most customers don’t know what bloatware is or what it means to have a pure Google phone, or what it means to have an unlocked bootloader. I would think the percentage is pretty low.

    1. Not to bag on iPhone users, but most of the ones I know (~5) either had to get help accessing their apps or using their camera. The smartest of the bunch doesn’t know what bloatware is, but can find his way around his phone OK. I have 7-8 friends that have android devices. One had the same issues. One is trying to do IP tunneling on the phone, another is writing apps for it, and the others are constantly trying new stuff/trying to see what they can do with their phones that they aren’t really designed for (which makes life a whole lot more interesting…)

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