Rumor: Verizon to Introduce DROID Loyalty Rewards Program


Droid-Life said that they caught wind (though we’re not sure how trustworthy their tipster is) of a new loyalty program that Verizon will introduce. It’ll be called the DROID Loyalty program, apparently, and will be designed to keep their Android customers happy.

The name would suggest that the program will only be for their DROID-branded phones but the source suggests all Android users will be eligible. That’s about all we know of this supposed program right now, though. If true, Verizon could attract another class of consumers from that other major CDMA carrier here in America.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I better be getting some major rewards then because I still have the OG Droid.

    1. same here, droid prime is my next

  2. Interesting. I’ll take an early upgrade, please. Love my Droid X but wouldn’t mind getting in on one of those T2 devices.

  3. Watch, I’ll buy the NEXUS day one, then 30 days later they’ll introduce the program, allowing for $100 savings on new android phones. FML in advance.

    1. Too bad nexus probably won’t be branded Droid.

      1. If it’s real it’ll be all Android not just the ones that are considered Droid branded

      2. Knowing VZW, it likely will be branded. They do it purposely since the marketing scheme is so ridiculously catchy for the uninformed.

  4. Early upgrade? Please!

  5. Bring back 1 year contractS!!!¡

  6. Right when Sprint is ending theirs…

  7. I wouldn’t be too over the top hopeful. They just nixed unlimited data (maybe other things too but I haven’t paid much attention since I don’t use their services). Generally you don’t take something away in order to save money and then go and blow that money in another area. This will probably be some sort of “better” trade-in agreement, slightly better/earlier upgrade dates/prices, etc.

  8. This would be great! My upgrade is in October. Unfortunately money is a little tight and my wife’s been itching for a smart phone.

  9. I guess Verizon knows how to react when they see an oppurtunity especially when there are all the bad feelings among Sprint customers…Grab what you can from Sprint while it lasts

    1. sprint has a BAD cowerage!

  10. Verizon, I’ll tell you how to make this DROID user happy.


    2 GB is simply not enough for a month. I’m already at almost 800MB, and I’m only 11 days in to my monthly cycle.

    All the cool stuff you can do with a mobile phone: music downloads, NetFlix or Hulu+ on the go, and listening to streaming music while in the car depends on having enough data to make things happen. I’m running through data way too fast to make my 4G phone truly useful, and $50 a month for the next data tier is just a little bit excessive…

    1. Wow dude – you must have no life. I’ve gone the whole billing cycle on 600mb.

      Rarely do I ever go over 700. Why should I pay for an expensive unlimited plan when I don’t even need it?

      Tiered data plans are really awesome.

      1. Except that the 2gb you’re paying for your tiered plan is the same as the unlimited plan I’m paying for right now. Saving money? Not really.

      2. I fail to see how the amount of data he uses on his mobile phone correlates to him having a life or lack thereof.

        Like Greg has already stated, those of us still on unlimited data plans pay the exact same amount as those Verizon customers on the 2GB tier plan, and while I agree that someone shouldn’t have to pay for something the don’t or won’t need I also believe in playing it safe. Ah la, if I decide to become a data hog…I want to have the ability to do so without significantly lightening my pocket-book.

        1. Why are you a “data hog”? Because your using the data you PAID for to its full potential? Don’t forget all these so called data sippers connect to every wifi connection they can, yup that’s the guy spending the whole day in Starbucks because he doesn’t want to pay overages. For some of us who don’t have free wifi every block we love unlimited data. Those people just wanna justify the fact that they are LIMITED!!!! Enjoy your buffet.

      3. I go over 2GB just as a rhapsody subscriber which is billed through them, so they are already getting a cut. I use my phone as my radio since all the stations they days are pop/dance/rap crap and now that I’m 4G I stream at 192kbps. I blow past 2G at 10 – 15 days I average 3 – 7 GB, and other than that, i’m really not on my phone all the time or anything, If you really use the features that you paid so much for 2GB simply isn’t enough. I’m holding on to my grandfathered unlimited data plan as long as I can.

        Btw even if you use under 2GB on verizon switching to tiered bandwidth doesn’t save you 1 cent, in fact it costs you an additional cent, unlimited is $29.99, 2GB is $30.

        And if you don’t use 2GB now you probably will in the future with faster data speeds and better phones that can do more.

    2. What do you mean data cap im unlimited everything on all of my line’s and.if they do cap new lines it’s to save bandwidth so the towers aren’t struggling.

  11. jsut be careful ppl, do whats best for YOU, not verizon.

  12. I have had all 3 gens of Droids now. I’m a Droider for life or at least until Motorola decides to make a superphone outside the Droid line.

  13. Droid Loyalty potential program “perks”

    Free weekly Droid wall papers, themes, and ringers – 3g or LTE download only
    Earn a free Droid for every 4 Droids you buy in a calendar year

    1. Lol, you also get a Droid Point for every MB you go over on your data cap! 50,000 Droid Points gets you a $30 rebate on your next Droid!

  14. I just received a text from Verizon yesterday that thanked me for being a loyal Droid customer (I’ve had the OG Droid since the week after its initial release) that had a link in it. I clicked the link and it was to the Bionic’s page, where I could save an additional $30 for a “loyalty bonus”. I’ll try to get the same deal through Verizon’s website today, since I can’t get any screen cap apps to work on my phone (they’re all blurry or off-centered).

    1. If you want the Bionic go to Radio Shack, they have all their Verizon smart phones for $100 off right now. I got mine for only $200.

  15. OG Droid >>> Droid X2, I’m loyal Verizon and I like free stuff, just in case you were wondering.

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