[Update]: Motorola XOOM WiFi Update Brings Updated Market


The Motorola XOOM WiFi has received a quick maintenance update. Users are reporting that it brings with it the new Android market update that stylistically resembles the version for phones. Other than that, there are no other obvious changes (we’ll just assume the obligatory round of bug fixes are in here). HTK75D is the version you’re looking for. Go to Settings>About tablet>System updates to pull it down. [Pics Source, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

[Update]: The installable APK file for version 3.1.5 of the Android market (the update began appearing in phones last week) also includes the Honeycomb version, meaning if you have a Honeycomb tablet you can grab that file, install it and say hello to the new market. Most non-XOOM owners will want to do this. Grab this link and install it like you would any application. [Source]

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  1. Got it! I thought it borked my market but i just cleared data from applications and it was fine! Pretty cool!

  2. I have to say, this last batch of market updates have only made things worse. I really don’t like browsing the market anymore. Look at those ugly reflections… the weird empty space. Not to mention the long loading times. Just all around it’s not a good experience.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only person with long loading times. Half the times pages won’t even load.

  3. The market looks a lot nicer, but I’m not a huge fan of the scrolling categories up top (took me five minutes to the free apps page). Kind of weird free apps are ‘hidden’ but free games are front and center

  4. Just another reason why I love the Xoom! :-)

  5. Thanks for the new market apk! :D

  6. I installed it and now i’ve got two different markets on my tab weird :S

  7. Tried it on an EU Galaxy Tab 10.1. Seemed to work fine at first, even if it was a bit odd that I suddenly had two markets.
    Then I started noticing slowdowns and several apps started to FC on startup.
    I noticed this a few hours after installing and I had not installed anything else for a few days before this. First I reinstalled a couple of the programs that where FC’ing, but that did no good. Then I uninstalled the Market update and everything went back to normal. I have not tested this on anything else, but it seems that it could cause problems.

  8. I also hate the new market…

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