Sprint Details LG Marquee In New Overview Video


The upcoming LG Marquee was shown off in this new overview video from Sprint. Every detail of the device was explored in detail but we noticed one feature that was strangely absent — 4G compatibility. While not too much of a downer given Sprint’s spotty 4G coverage, this means the Marquee could be an even more “entry-level” smartphone than we first anticipated. Still, it’s undeniable the Marquee is definitely a looker. Let’s hope the device features some attractive pricing to match.

If priced right, I think this device could be a hit with Sprint. It’s been awhile since I’ve held this device in my hands at CES earlier this year, but the screen and sleek body style should be more than enough to draw in customers.

[Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Does it include the Marquee screen saver?

    That would totally be a killer feature.

  2. Chris! Am wondering, what do you mean in Sprint spotty 4G! DO you mean VZW or other carriers has not spotty 4GLTE? I came from TBOLT with VZW it has the same Sprint coverage in my area, and the 4G LTE shows the icon only on the device, and you`ll pay $119.99 @ month for the same service. I had T-Mobile and AT&T, VZW and am with Sprint, I never experience what everyone crying about with Sprint network nor the customer service.

    1. Do you live in a major city? I mean, I know of cities around my area that have 4G, but it’s only available at a Chick-fil-a or that one crack head on the corner. It really sucks =/

      I’m hoping things will get better with this LTE thing they’re planning on rolling out..

  3. another garbage phone from sprint that will fail. smh

  4. I have my Blackberry Bold 9930 where I can say its fast and smooth I really don’t know for the LTE. Then what could this LTE add some more features? I am hoping that this one makes me sick all the time and because the problem that exists on my phone is that those web icons sometimes crashing.

  5. A little off topic, but speaking of sprint lte…what is going to happen to current wimax phone purchasers that have been patiently waiting for expanded 4g coverage? Is sprint going to discount new lte devices for us? Or are we stuck with these until eligible for an upgrade with no 4g meanwhile?

  6. I hope that marquee these should not hang or even stop dance, just what my old one does, the marquee and toolbar icons keep unresponsive. Making it 4G makes it smoother and I’m pretty sure numbers of people will get sick of it.

  7. Its just like what iPhones development has, with its good visual effect and high resolution on streaming movies, you’ll get crazy on it. Yeah, Sprint! A fast and reliable phone release.

  8. The marquee should be smoother because of its 4G. Wish that this LG sprint has more features than before; icons for windows can be installed in this too. It’s a very interesting releasing latest and has more features to offer.

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