Sprint’s “Season of Change” To Cancel Bill-To-Account Option For Customers


Sprint keeps trucking on with their “Season of Change” and soon, yet another perk will be facing the chopping block. This time it’s Sprint’s Bill-To-Account feature that allows for a customer to purchase any device and stick it onto their next month’s phone bill. But alas, starting October 5th, this will be no more.

All of the changes Sprint continues to introduce with their “Season of Suck” are like a stab to the heart (and wallet). This is doing nothing but pushing me onto other carriers of which there may be too few if this AT&T-Mobile merger goes through. A lot of speculation floating around that Sprint’s recent policy changes could have something to do with a certain Apple smartphone being released on the carrier in a few short weeks. I hope it was worth it, Sprint.

[Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ha maybe if sprint customers weren’t such cheap bastards and paid their bill they wouldn’t be doing this. The other carriers aren’t doing this.

    1. It’s a perk for accounts in good standing , wtf are you talking about?
      There was no reason to touch this. Sprint is screwing up here. The balance of good & bad news has bad on a effing roll.

    2. Oh yes they are – Verizon does this.

      1. You can bill to your account on Verizon.

    3. Oh shut up other carriers do this and I pay less and get more on T-mobile, your logic is flawed and you sound like a rich pompous ass who’s money probably comes from his parents.

      1. No they don’t and you pay for what you get with Tmo. I work for a living if Tmo was half decent in my area I would be with them but they aren’t.

        1. They are pretty much the best in Houston. I get better service for $60/month then Verizon for $115/month or Sprint for $105/month. Now if I was using a 4G phone then Verizon is better but the price might just be a little to much for get faster internet. I guess I was little harsh since I am assuming that you went for the best deal in your area and not just which is more expense.

          I am willing to switch since I’m not on contract with T-mobile with their Even More Plus plan but at this moment the other guys just don’t come close. If Verizon gets the Nexus Prime and not Droid Prime and also allowing free tethering then I might switch, maybe.

          1. Plus I get a nice discount through my work which brings Verizon down so its pretry close to Tmo prices.

  2. You are a retard if you are upset at this. In the end you end up paying for it anyways. I’d rather pay up front than get an inflated bill.

    1. Well….this was the only way I could get my Droid X1 without breaking my pockets all at once. I didnt have an upgrade and wanted the phone. Verizon even let me take a few extra months to pay it off.

      In my case….I would be very upset by this since I also plan on doing this again soon. See, I heard Sprint doesnt work with you on past due bills. They cut your service off quick. Verizon works with you….with me anyway. As of right now they should’ve been cut mine off….but its still on. Is this from being a long time customer…or them working with folks with past due bills? Either way I dont plan on leaving Verizon anytime soon…this and being grandfathered in to unlimited data has me hooked.

      1. I left verizon due their billing errors. Funny thing you were fast to point out Sprints unwillingness to work with past due accounts. I was 2 weeks late paying em last month, never was hounded, turned off or anything.

        verizon, oddly I paid their bill 3 days late, 45 minutes after paying the jacka$$es turned my phone off. Cost me 75 bucks a line to reinstate. Guess all I can be is glad my contract had already ended, so I could switch carriers. I told em shove the bill where it don’t shine.

        So tired of hearing how great Verizon is after being a customer of theirs, and paying 50 bucks a month more for basic flip phones, and 500 texts then I spend with Sprint running 3 droids. As for Sprint customer service anytime I had a problem, a quick call, a short description of the problem, and pow fixed.

        Which brings me to this last part verizon lovers always toss out there…. No signal, well I get the same service I always had with verizon. You can call me a liar, or whatever, but I for one, will never look at verizon again. Keep in mind I was with them 6 years

    2. True but this is one of the many things that they have been taking away recently.

      Where does it stop?

      1. When you move to another carrier…

        Welcome to 2011 and our Awesome Global (Suck) Economy.


        1. That just makes me even more sure that the AT&T-mobile merger shouldn’t go through because T-mo has had good prices even before the economy got bad and we need them to set an example.

  3. these changes are so far, not anything that affect the average consumer too much… nothing they have changed affects me, the premier thing sucks but now they are just like everyone else, so its not like switching to another carrier GAINS you anything.

    if these moves help keep sprint afloat and keep a truly unlimited carrier around then im for them because it means you still have one more choice out there, whether you like it or not choice is always good.

  4. Hmmm…unlimited plans or the ability to charge a $30 accessory to my account. Yeah, you’re right, Phandroid…this was a terrible decision. Gimme a break.

  5. more of a reason to say goodbye sprint

  6. The Sprint Reps Kept Telling Me The 2nd?

  7. I’ll choose unlimited mobile data for this anyway!

  8. Over this… :P

  9. When my contract is up im sayin fuck you im out

  10. I have 8 lines on sprint and never late with my bill but i luv to have opp to bill my account not because i need it but because its good to have

    1. Exactly, I finally used this option last year on Verizon. I actually didnt know it was available until last year.

  11. Sprint’s giving me more and more reasons to consider Verizon or T-Mobile. Their network is not the reason I joined them, and unlimited data is useless if I don’t get 4G and if I get 3G speeds so consistently bad that I won’t even think about using any data-required apps unless I’m on WiFi. I’ve never billed accessories or devices to my account but they better not get rid of the ability to bill apps or insurance deductibles.

  12. This is hardly a reason to jump ship.

    1. Their “Season of Change” as a whole is and they show no sign of stopping yet.

      1. All thats left now is for them to get rid of unlimited data for phones. They already did with the hotspot. Its a matter of time..

        Maybe not to jump ship…but eventually only thing any of us will have to switch for is actual phone service with all the perks and benefits being taken away.

  13. One wouldn’t understand how important this perk is unless you had Sprint. Example, you want the latest greatest device and call Sprint to order with your credit card. Weeks later you hate the phone and return it to Sprint. Sprint would then credit your account rather than your credit card. You could bypass this by charging it to your account, thus if you return the device your account is credited correctly.

  14. As a business customer, this is the worst news ever. I guess this is what we get by trying to save money by switching to Sprint 9 months ago.

    1. this confirms i phone in October. they are trying to stop potential fraud it looks like.

  15. The economics lesson learned here today? Save your money first and THEN make the purchase.

  16. Sprint’s customer service has to be some of the worst in the world. I was on the phone with them for more than an hour today being bounced around, then finally the last person I spoke with (she claimed she was a manager) stated that there was no one else I could speak with and hung up on me. WTF??? No one could tell me when or why this was implemented… I had to get on the Internet to find out.

    I frequently took advantage of their “Bill to Account” option due to my job. I’ve been a loyal customer for many years, and this is how they treat me/us? I understand their need to protect themselves from fraud, but come on… at least show some customer appreciation and give some leeway to those that have had longstanding accounts.

    Just when I was considering opening an additional line on my account for my daughter, too. Let’s see… Additional line fee: $20… smart phone fee… $10… 4G service that is useless to me in this area, yet I get charged due to having a 4G-capable phone…$10. Again… WTF??? IMO, they’re attacking the wrong group. Yes, I LOVE their unlimited data plan, but I think that that alone would ensure them MORE business than not. There’s no need to adjust/revamp/f*** up wonderful, life-saving policies in order to sustain corporate greed.

    Forget cell phone service. I’m going back to the basics: home phone only.

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