Product Pages Go Live for T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II


T-Mobile has launched product pages for two of their most exciting upcoming handsets, bringing along all the specs, images, and features you will need to guide your buying decision or simply tide you over as you await your chance to take home a brand-spanking new Android smartphone. The photo-happy HTC Amaze 4G and all-powerful Samsung Galaxy S II get the call in anticipation of an October 10th pre-order date. In case you haven’t marked the date on your calendar, there is the option to sign up and be notified when the devices are ready for reservation. Go ahead and stare at the galleries of high-resolution product shots, but please remember to wipe the drool off your chin.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. why is their gs2 have a 1.5 again?

    so unfair -_-

    1. Qualcomm Snapdragon can utilize 42 Mbps for HSPA+ speeds.

    2. i would go for the samsung processor than qualcomm’s because qualcomm’s processor is slower than samsungs (as far as speed of the processor only not the HSPA+ speed) in my opinion

  2. I can’t wait.

  3. Notre Dame… gross

  4. Hmmm … why is it that there’s still no info on AT&T’s or Samsung’s website about the SGS2 for AT&T? Considering it’s supposed to be released this Sunday, it’s still pretty quiet out there. I was hoping to trade in my Samsung Infuse for it on Sunday, but I’m not getting my hopes up for it yet.

  5. H

  6. crap. now which one to pick?

  7. The link you have for the Galaxy S2 is for the European “Vibrant” GT-I9000 NOT the actual Galaxy S2. Just letting you know.

  8. htc amaze 4g looks nice but every htc sense phone lags..i will have to see what this 1.5ghz processor can really do.

    1. i currently have a sensation 4g and i’m having the worst android experience ever with this darn phone (wait 2nd experience – stupid Motorola Cliq was the worst ever…) i can’t wait to get the SGS II i’m never going with HTC (they are so over rated) or Motorola phones… (this is just my opinion!)

      1. Opinions definitely vary. I’ve heard about the sensation issues but I can promise you, as a former owner of a Euro GS and vibrant and current owner of a Nexus S, you do NOT want to get on the Samsung train. Nexus One, an HTC phone, was easily the best phone I’ve ever had. The G1, which I believe was also HTC, same story, really good phone. Sensation was an hiccup. I’ll never buy another Samsung smartphone. Never.

        1. i guess we all have different experiences with phones right? i had Samsung Vibrant b4 getting this Sensation 4G and to me it was so much better and i also owned G1 and Mytouch 3G (the first gen.) i had really horrible experience with the mytouch and G1 was not that great for me either so i went with a blackberry for a bit and went with the Vibrant and it was really good to me so that’s why i said HTC is very over rated… i also played with my friend’s SGS 2 (Sprint Version) and it was so much better than my Sensation 4G… but just like i said i guess i had better experience with Samsung than HTC so can’t argue with ur statement either but thanks for the tip

  9. I am very disappointed with phandroid! I am a loyal fan and always been one. But where the coverage of the t mobile event?? Where is the videos? I had to go on engadget this morning for the videos and feed back. I take up for u guys on the regular. What happen?

  10. tmobile, your dead to me…dead.

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