Well, This Isn’t Helping Samsung’s Case at All [Photo]


When you’re tied into a legal battle with a precedence of likeness infringement, it’s not smart to let this sort of stuff get away. Samsung store in Italy? Yea, this has to change. [ATD]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How do these things happen? Do people not pay attention to the products they’re selling?

  2. I doubt that’s intentional. Most likely explanation is they hired some outside design service to make them a bunch of “icon cards” or whatever you call them and you know designers and Apple products. Or maybe someone didn’t know what they are. I actually had to hit the source link to see what the arrows were pointing at, not everyone knows.

    1. Yeah I had no idea either and had to look. For the rest of you it is apparently the Safari icon in ios, now you don’t have to wonder.

      1. That is hilarious. Also – the other icon is the app store for iphone, et al…

      2. It’s just the Safari icon period. It looks the same on iOS, OSX, and Windows.

    2. “and you know designers and Apple products.”

      haha… so true

  3. Ooh, look. They’re stealing from McDonald’s, too.

    1. and facebook!

      1. and Google!

        … oh wait

  4. Haha a big f u to Apple

  5. Haha idioti.

  6. Hahahahahaahahahahahaahahaha

  7. Come on, am I the only one who sees that’s a standalone Samsung display in a shop that has a wall covered in icons? It’s a Samsung shop, within a shop that does not belong to Samsung.

    1. But the Samsung shop does belong to Samsung. This is theirs, and therefore their responsibility.

      1. Yes, and as you can see there are no Apple icons in the Samsung shop wich is comprised of wooden floor and a Samsung-branded back-wall. The outer wall belongs to the shop in wich they set-up their counter and they have no say to what goes on there.

    2. I was going to get on the “epic fail” train but now I’m inclined to agree with you after reading the linked article — it’s a (Samsung) shop in a smartphone/tablet shop… if they are selling tablets then yeah, I’d expect to see Apple’s icons on the wall.

  8. So nobody can sell their products in a “store” because Apple has exclusive rights. The auuthor needs to grow a set, but then again his parents named him Quentyn so that may be asking too much.


  10. This is not an authorized Samsung store! It could also mean a number of things from a splash backdrop that was supposed to have a bunch of app icons on it.

  11. The Samsung booth was set up in front of a wall, no need to get panties in bunches

    1. It’s a Samsung store, which includes that wall that features Google icons, like the maps icon, obviously intended to promote Android apps on Samsung devices.

      1. Actually, it’s a Samsung store-within-a-store. I believe the Samsung portion of it ends at with the wooden floor and the Samsung-branded wall wall behind it. The outside wall must belong the the store in wich they set up shop and they probably have no control over what goes on there. Altough after this crazyness, I’m sure they’ll ask the manager if those icons could be moved somewhere else.

  12. Slow news day?

  13. You know what would be cool? If we can choose what os we want on a phone kinda like a rom.

    1. You can, go buy an *phone and put Android on it.

  14. Hysterical! Whether this was inadvertent or not is irrelevant, Samsung is multi billion dollar company entrenched in a multi billion dollar lawsuit…. this should have been seen.

  15. Someone needs to hire a techy for their marketing campaign. How often do we see phone ads running the wrong os. Nokia’s running android, androids running bbos etc. This is no different, it is just a stupid company hired to set up the booth that botched it bad. Someone just ruined their rep in the industry.

  16. And you apologists have the nerve to call iPhone users “sheep”……hilarious

    1. haha I think there’s a difference between a easily manipulated psychology of style-over-substance which craves branding and image that goes back way past Levi Jeans AND a giant corporation which is trying to manipulate those people. Let’s be fair, they’re both sheep: the millions of people who buy Apple because it’s Apple, and the giant corporation called Samsung ;)

  17. LOL

  18. why are there nasa logos ?

  19. ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

  20. Roflmao, with that they deserved the suit lol

  21. It’s actually a simple case of the design firm who did the art in the first place. A lot of times companies give the bare minimum requirements to a design firm who develops and delivers the files to the printers. There have been times where some designers slide elements into the design they KNOW they weren’t supposed to. It can almost be guaranteed these materials were developed on a Mac by a Mac fan who probably did a bit of sabotage by adding those elements. If you google, you’ll see this is not the only case where this has happened. Even if Samsung sues the design firm, the damage has been done.

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