Chase Mobile Increasing Mobile Deposit Limits to $2,000 Per Day and $5,000 Per Month


Chase Bank has announced that they’re increasing mobile deposit limits from $1,000 per day and $3 ,000 per month to $2,000 per day and $5,000 per month. That’s still not enough for some of us, but we can’t complain about progress. If your mobile check cashing aspirations have been hampered by these limitations see if the new boundaries work out for you. [via AP]

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  1. I never do more than a couple hundred at most in any given month, but if the time ever comes for me to kick it up a notch, hey… progress!

  2. Huh. USAA’s daily limit is $10,000. I wish I could deposit that much daily.

  3. I’ve never actually used this. THe only account I have with Chase is a credit card one. Can I pay my credit card with a check image?

  4. Hey, I can do two checks a month now. That’s two more than before… Better than a poke in the eye, I guess.

  5. So what do you do with the check after you scan it? Seems like this would leave it open for fraud.

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