Samsung Brings HD to the Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S2 HD


Samsung already produces some pretty stunning smartphone displays but they’ve just upped the ante in Korea by announcing the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD.

The Galaxy S2 HD shares almost identical specs as the Galaxy S2 LTE already announced for the region – including a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 8MP camera, and NFC chip – but sports a 4.65-inch HD screen with 720 x 1260 pixel resolution.

The S2 HD will be available on all of Korea’s major carriers but international availability hasn’t been announced. That may leave some of you with a tingly feeling of emptiness in your belly that even a full pack of Tums can’t patch up but don’t worry… we’re thinking Samsung will bring their Chicken Soup for the HD smartphone display soul across the pond in the near future. And if not, maybe pick up your current smartphone and rub sone ‘Tussen on it.

[Via Samsung Korea]

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  1. Phuck these manufacturers.
    Unreal that they do this.
    Its like how HTC released the Sensation XE

    1. Unreal that they do what? produce different products and release in different parts of the world? New stuff is always coming out, so why don’t you sit back and relax. If not having a GSII with a HD screen is the worst of your problems, then I would let it go man…

    2. This isn’t like anything of what htc did.

      This is Super AMOled technology being applied with HD resolution.

  2. Sounds like the primes screen

  3. Haha! Screw Samsung!!! It’s impossible to get excited about Samsung in the states when we’re 6 months behind the rest of the world.

    1. and still there aint no other android device like the gs2!!!

    2. Sometimes it has to be an advantage to be european like me. SG2 was very early here.

    3. There are advantages to NOT being an early adopter of course. I’d rather be a bit behind the power curve and have a completely quirk free handset than to be on the cutting edge and be the first to deal with the bugs if there are any.

      1. What is this quirk free phone you speak of?

    4. please tell me, why are you complainging about samsung doing this? other manufactureres do the same exact thing. how long was the optimus 2x out before we finally seen a us version? the fcc puts some regulations on cell phone released in the us that are required for other parts of the world, which means the manufacturers have to spend more time to make the changes to the devices to meet fcc standards. and as much as people complain about how long it has taken for the galaxy s2 to come to the states, there still isn’t a phone on the market that can out perform it, even the droid bionic, which was released a couple weeks earlier, doesn’t quite keep up. samsung has been doing just fine, and the sgs2 will sell here in the states, no matter how many people cry about it!

  4. 720×1280, not 1260.

  5. I dont let this stuff bother me anymore. i purchased the epic touch and am super happy with it. This thing may never come to the USA and if it does it’ll probably be next year, by that time the Galaxy s 3 will be out or about to. just buy the best phone out when youre ready to purchase and EXPECT and realize that something better will come out months down the line.

  6. Yeah this is a bit silly, like T-mobile releasing the Vibrant and then dropping the Galaxy S 4g a few months later. I would love to know what the deal is here, is it a rush to get the next phone to market before the “big” features like HD screen are available? smh…..

  7. Getting closer to being my next phone. Now if only it as a Motorola with those specs and an unlocked bootloader…

  8. Where is my Nexus Prime? For T-Mobile???

  9. 1. The U.S. carriers are mainly responsible for delays of hot new phones reaching U.S. shores, not the manufacturers (that said, Samsung does tend to release in their home country most of the time, but the rest of the world still gets their versions well before the U.S.)

    2. Even so, this is probably the phone that is expected to be released later this fall as the Droid/Nexus Prime

  10. Holy crap… I will attempt to be satisfied with my SGS2 for another year… then this delicious monster will be gracing my sweaty paws…

    sgs1 was great but a bit laggy
    sgs2 is fantastic
    sgs2 HD yeouw!

  11. I don’t see how people grilling Samsung is the right thing to do. Cant blame them the US is behind with these kind of releases. Blame your telcos, better yet, blame your government. Samsung didnt create T-mobile, At&T etc, but these guys gotta create a different iteration of the SGS2 for each carrier for their particular services……in Australia you have two variations of most phones, one for the Next G service on Telstra, and then theres just your standard run of the mill mobiles, but all, across every carrier look identical. But back on topic, I been planning on upgrading to the S2, might just wait for the HD model to drop or for the Nexus, im sure HD is a certainty now!

  12. w00T! Got two fo my news feeds posted. yay!

  13. i want to see how it performs with a much higher resolution.. hopefully they benchmark it soon and show it in action

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  16. Prime or Galaxy S3? Hmmm… I hope this has the guts of our much anticipated Prime.

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