Samsung Galaxy Round officially announced: curved 5.7-inch OLED 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, and more


Samsung Galaxy Round hand

Remember that awkward Samsung device that leaked earlier today? The one shaped like a taco and we thought was the Samsung Galaxy Round? Turns out, it was. Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Round this evening, and it’s essentially a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that’s lost its S Pen stylus, and is….. well, bent.

Under the hood, we’re looking at a very capable device. Notable specs from the Samsung Galaxy Round include:

  • 5.7-inch 1080p OLED curved display
  • 2.3GHz Exynos quad-core processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 13MP camera
  • 2,800mAh battery
  • 7.9mm thick, 154g
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Samsung Galaxy Round angles

So what separates the Galaxy Round from one of Samsung’s other “flat” offerings? Aside from giving the Korean manufacturer the pleasure of claiming “firsts”, Samsung has also tweaked their Touch Wiz/Nautre UX software to feature a UI that is better suited for the Round. This is done in a variety of visual changes to make things appear “rounder” on the device, as well as featuring something Samsung is calling “Round Interactions”.

Tilting the phone while on a flat surface will allow users to quickly peak at the time and notifications on the device, something that sounds neat, but not as intuitive as LG’s knock feature found on the LG G2. Samsung has also added the “Round Interactions” into their other apps like music and photo apps, although it’s unclear how it will be implemented.

Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Round is set at $1,013 and is only available for SK Telecom in Korea. Samsung didn’t mention a global release (yet), but for now check out Samsung Tomorrow’s video on how Round Interactions work on the device (above). After that, let us know if this is innovation, or merely experimentation at its finest. We’re having trouble deciding.

[Samsung Tomorrow | Samsung]

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  1. Get bent Samsung

  2. Okay, let’s start keeping score. Samsung fails this year so far: 2

    Even more of a fail, that price. $1,013? HAH!

    1. I mean, the Round isn’t THAT bad. Really, it’s only because Samsung is choosing to focus so much on the fact that it’s the world’s first flexible OLED smartphone.

      Really, they probably should have simply made the Note 3 with a curved display like this and people would have love it. It’s different.

      1. Maybe I’m overreacting. I just remember when the G’nex came out with a slightly bent bottom portion and thinking, “what?”

        1. yup yup, but I think that one didnt really have a curved screen. Just a curved top glass panel.

          1. You know what I mean

      2. I’m sure they would if they could produce the curved display in mass quantities. Maybe next year we’ll see a GS5 with some curves. I guess it all depends on how this curvy boy here does till then. Cheers!

        1. Ha. True. That’s the main reason they made this “limited edition” Note 3 variant. :P

      3. makes sense Chris. they need to hire you now! lol

    2. Fail? Being the very first OEM to invent, produce and announce a device with a totally new and exciting technology is a fail for you? I mean, how could anyone put fail and Samsung in the same sentence lately? Have u seen their profit results?

    3. Enjoy your golden HTC One

    1. “It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature!” – Apple

      1. luv it

    2. Apple innovates again!

    3. Of course, we all know apple is first to EVERYTHING :)

  3. 2.3GHz Exynos Quad-core?
    Well, with that curve and being a plastic display should it be resistant drop.

  4. I wonder if some kind of Internet scrolling has been integrated into the “Round Interactions”

  5. Im confused. I dont understand why this is a …feature(?) that I would want?

  6. I bet it contours nicely against your leg when in a pocket though..

    1. That’s not all it’ll contour nicely to when in your pocket… From a man’s perspective at least…

  7. A watch with a curved display would have been a better implementation. This just seems forced.

    1. ikr? that woulda been so much cooler. I guess we’ll have to wait till the next gear.

    2. Perhaps. but it may be easier to hold such a big phone that is curved and more durable.

  8. It’s kinda cool, I won’t deny. I also wouldn’t trade my note 3 for that phone tho. Congrats Samsung you were the first to announce a device with curved display. Now let’s see who’s gonna be the first to announce a device with curved display that actually has extra functionality to it.

    1. Note 3 is just on another lvl. I think it will be phone of the year 2013. Note 2 was for 2012.

      1. Agreed!

      2. Wasn’t the Galaxy S3 phone of the year 2012? And I’m pretty sure the HTC One will be Phone of the Year 2013 to be honest. It’s already won a bunch of other awards.

        1. Further to that, the One is POTY 2013:

          And the S3 was POTY 2012:

        2. How could it be if selling a few is a hassle? HTC is the next blackberry, mark my words. They just can’t compete with behemoths like Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, Motorola, and all other Chinese OEM’s (ZTE, Huawei, etc …).

          1. Because it’s a fantastic device I guess. Don’t ask me, I’m not the one who named it POTY. And I really wouldn’t call Sony, LG or Motorla “behemoths” at this point, they don’t have the market share or profit to back that up – the Chinese OEMs are the ones to watch.

          2. Behemoth as big conglomerate companies. They can take bigger losses for longer. Remember they don’t only make smartphones. If anything one could argue that the ONE is the best looking phone. But it ends there. No phone can match the Note 3 functionality and specs. It’s a hardware software beast.

          3. Sorry, yeah I should have quantified from a smartphone business sense but you’re right in a conglomerate sense. Definitely not trying to take away from the Note 3, it’s a great device. I was really just pointing out how wrong the statement about the Note 3 being POTY ’13 and Note 2 being POTY ’12 was.

          4. HTC has terrible management but that doesn’t mean their phones deserve to fail.

          5. It’s not like they deserve to fail, I used to love HTC and I still like them. Just not enough to buy their products anymore. Failing is consequence of bad management. Some companies can fail more and still survive because they are so big, unfortunately that’s not the case for HTC.

  9. I need an explenation to the curved display, what is the point of it?

    1. From what i heard, the glass is much much more durable. and the thing contours better to your face and in your pants. But as i’ve been saying on engadget, I still think it’s sorta ugly. Maybe it will look better when I see it. Bottom line is, i like where it’s going. It’s just part of tech progression.

      1. I totally get the flexible/unbreakable display and its a pretty solid advance in display tech, but a curved display? Makes no sense whatsoever, other than trying to make a very obvious statement that its a “flexible” display.

        1. yeah, but at the same time,look at the image, it’s not that bent. just a little.

  10. I guess none of the rumors said “affordable curved screen phone”. And by affordable, I mean under $1K USD. My…goodness…

    1. For a cutting edge new oled technology is actually affordable. The “regular flat” Note 3 in corea has the same $1k price

      1. Ah, interesting! I didn’t know the price tag was so high on a Note 3 there as well.

        I guess just hearing it from the US point of view, it sounds incredibly high even for a new curved screen technology. Thanks for the info!

        1. The note 3 here (US) costs around $750 after taxes.

  11. I would think that it might lend itself to easier one handed use.

    1. That would be technically true.

      1. Except, in this case, it isn’t. We’re looking at a 5.7″ device. Easier one-handed use? You’d have to have Godzilla hands for that..

        1. Not really, I’m 5’9″ male, normal size hands and I can use my note 3 with just one hand. It takes training but it’s totally possible. Oh, and my note 3 is not curved. Yet.

          1. So you set the device on a table and then use one hand? I’m 5’9″ with hands that are pretty big for someone my height (the same size as friends that are about 6’2″), and I have a SGS4. I can’t even reach my thumb from the top of the screen to the bottom without slightly adjusting my hand. Only way you’re using one hand is by constantly moving it around within your grasp.

          2. And what’s the big deal about “slightly adjusting your hand”? Yes, I seat the Note 3 on my four fingers and use these same four fingers to move it up and down and/or slightly incline it towards the thumb, which then can reach ANY part of the screen. As I said it takes some training but it’s totally possible. The gains with the screen and the fact that I don’t need a tablet and an extra data plan make the learning hassle amazingly worthy.

        2. For a 5.7″ device, it would be easier to hold!

  12. This ain’t flexible display. It’s just curved, and fixed display. You can’t bend it, then it’s not flexible. This is crap. LOL

    1. To bend a Oled screen you need a plastic based oled screen. Of course the exterior is still glass, but the internal display is actually bendable and then much more durable. I hope that they didn’t glued the exterior glass to hard so it’s easily replaceable.

    2. What a genius! The display is flexible, not the phone…until they can make a cpu, pcb, battery, etc, that is flexible, then there won’t be a “flexible” phone.

      1. Idiot! I meant “you” the user, not the stupid manufacture curved the display little bit, and call it “flexible”. Doesn’t matter how many curves on the display you have, and if it sits on the fixed shell, it’s still a fixed display. You don’t need to have flexible battery or circuit board to make a flexible display. In fact they demonstrated that during CES 2013.

        1. Go home dude, you’re drunk…

    3. They bent it and that’s why it’s curved.

  13. Easier on your jeans pockets…

    1. Only with the screen facing your leg though…

      1. Most people put the screen facing the leg, right? This may be nice but the absence of the Spen and a smaller battery compared with the note 3 made it a no buy to me.
        Seems that Samsung could not figure out how to make a round battery yet to maintain the same capacity…

        1. If the roundness trend catches up, then round battery coming soon too…until then I’ll stick to the Note line.

      2. Never even once in my life has my phone been in my pocket with the screen facing out, ha.

        1. same

    2. If you live in the north, get 2 of them for each back pocket…run benchmark that turns on all the cores…and just like that you got butt warmer.

  14. The might of rushed this announcement cause LG is about to announce the G flex but Samsung can’t supply enough displays yet so they rushed out this limited quantity galaxy round just so they can say they were first. Intrested to see what LG curved phone looks like?

    1. “They might have…” are you really that illiterate?

  15. The word “curved” is insulted by this barely curved device.

    1. This should be called Galaxy Bend

      1. Or just call it Bender…..

        1. or Galaxy Get Bent

  16. I’ve always been a fan of curves but without the stylus hole it really doesn’t make any sense. O.o

    1. Sooo…basically, something that has curves but has no hole has no appeal :P

      1. Nope. LOL

  17. ( about the video ) you can do that with just a curved back cover, you really dont need the screen to be curved too …

    1. Yes, the curved display IMHO is just to showoff that the display is actually bendable internally. It doesn’t matter when the exterior is still glass, but in theory the plastic oled base is 0.25mm thinner, also much more resistant to accidents and impossible to shatter.
      They should ditched the gear smart watch and released a curved watch with this technology. That seems more useful.

  18. I want to see a phone go from 5″ to a 7″ tablet. This is really a new medium and it will be interesting where it ends up. How about a a full face helmet with a display instead of clear glass. Who knows what this will lead to?

    1. Time to take your medicine amigo. xD

    2. That’s exactly what I think … what? in 2019 screens would be 8″?

      1. I guess 8″ screens already exist.

        1. In a smartphone or a tablet?

          1. Tablet for sure. Your logic is broken tho, just because in the last couple years the screens “grew” considerably, it doesn’t mean they will continue to do so indefinitely.

          2. You answered yourself … I didn’t know you’re a seer , thanks for letting me know that!

          3. Security!!! xD

          4. We’ll have bigger and bigger tablets until they take over the desktop and eventually the world.

          5. Haven’t them already?

          6. Come across Samsung Galaxy Note 8 yet? It’s an 8″ phone.

    3. I voted up because I can detect sarcasm and humor :)

    4. Does the Galaxy Tab 8 (I think) not exist to you? The 8 inch tablet that can make calls? LoL!!

      It’s not a phone the size of a tablet, it’s a tablet that can make calls. That marketing, though.

  19. In terms of contouring to our pants pockets, am I the only person that likes their screen out and not in?

    I’m afraid I’ll crush it with my body and I don’t want to sweat where I’ll stick my face later on.

    1. If the screen was out, that would really distort the image

      1. That’s not what I meant. I mean that the ‘feature’ doesn’t work out for me because I prefer my screens facing out in my pocket, non curved.

        1. I am afraid of getting sweat on my screen too, but when it’s facing outward I grab the screen when I’m taking it out my pocket and it’s like put all the fingerprints. =.[

          1. That’s why I always grab from the bezel or pull at my case. It’s all about finesse.

  20. HTC already did this a couple of years ago, with HTC Sensation. And it sucked! You cannot keep a single screen protector on it as it will get permanent air bubbles around the edges! I tried 5 different brands and none of them stuck to the screen for long time.

    Did Samsung not learn from it? Or am I the only one using screen protectors?

    1. I dunno maybe we’ll see curved screen protectors or something…

      1. I didn’t thought about _curved_ screen protectors… an interesting idea.

        1. This isn’t glass and so unlike a glass screen it won’t scratch, crack or collect finger prints so not necessary… Still, curvjngbthe phone is stupid IMO lol

          1. They said the same thing about CDs when they hit the market:
            “These won’t break and they will play fine forever.”

  21. that stitching on the back doesn’t make it feel premium samsung :/

    1. l love the material they used, it looks and feels great. However, I would totally get rid of the faux stitching.

  22. This is asinine

  23. Ridiculous! I see no value add. Let alone the premium price for it

  24. That’s a lotta benjamins to bend a galaxy note and steal the stylus lol

  25. Less of a curved screen, more of a smoke screen to try to divert attention from upcoming activity from other manufacturers and their launches at the end of October I think.

  26. I don’t see the big deal the galaxy nexus had a curved screen

    1. It had curved glass – but not curved display.

      1. I’m confused. So the actually image on the screen will appear curved? I thought that would just happen because the glass was curved and the refraction of the light would cause the image to appear curved?

  27. hmm they can’t give me a SGS4 with a slideout keyboard. But they’re giving us this?

    1. What?? slideout keybord!

      1. Yes!! A slideout keyboard. Friggin’ software keyboards keep thinking I’m typing “Jere” instead of “here”. Like WTF is a Jere? =.=

        Them keyboard typos that get on my nerves, though.

  28. Lol… O samsung…sometimes you just try to be first and dont really think things through… What a joke

    1. what things do you feel they could have thought different? just out here to bash or what?

      1. I was very impressed with s3 when it came out… Loved the note 2… Had them both… Then got the s4… Made alot of promises with gesture controls only to find they were buggy… Galaxy gear … Laughable… Then this to me it seems like they can make sure it is a quality product before they release it… And not just keep pumping stuff out just to be “first”… The market is getting over-saturated

        1. Did you read most of the comments yesterday when they talked about the pic… They said fake or a test version….they said the same things on here when first pics of galaxy gear was surfacing…

        2. Yup, they’re flooding the market with all kinds of devices. That’s their thing. Some devices will be released in Asia alone, some in Europe and some in USA. They reason they could hit every possible consumer with a suitable product and hey, it’s working. Samsung makes scrilla.

  29. This is actually exactly what I want from a phone, a Galaxy Note without the stupid pen. Come to England please!

    1. What’s the problem with the pen? The Note still works perfectly even if u never pull the pen out of it.

      1. I’d just find it really annoying having the pen there and not wanting to use it, a waste of space.

    2. Couldn’t you just like… not used the pen?

  30. I for one actually like the design it helps in a lot of ways the speaker if placed on the back not being completely flesh with what its laying on and the lean notifications is nice, and I’d imagine it feels really good in the hand with that curvature, but most of all what i want to see is……. DROP TEST TIME!!!!

  31. Wow, samsung just stepped up their game

  32. it looks just like the t mobile s2

  33. Maybe a little more comfortable in the pants pocket?

  34. Looks a lot better in person than the renderings, much more subtle. I still don’t know that the curve adds anything to the party.

  35. Looks like the rumored curved display Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t a rumor after all. Exact same specs, there’s just no s-pen.

  36. I think this makes sense.

  37. I’m a Lil off topic but is the note 2 still a good purchase over the note 3? Coming from an xperia z user here

    1. Way off topic…
      May want to head over to the AndroidForums to ask that.

    2. Yes, but only if u buy mine mint condition note 2 for 400, with case and screen protector.

      1. yes but mine is in perfect condition. 2 official samsung flip covers, a seidio active case. rapid charge cable. 2 extra OEM batteries. extra S Pen. casemate barely there case as well. for 360. Plus i work for Sprint so im completely legit!

        [email protected].
        I Win.

        1. U don’t win because you’re getting less money than I am ;)

    3. You should always go for the best device you can get for your money if we’re speaking better purchase. Granted it’s not much difference but in the long run there’s better hardware and longer software support. On that note, wait to see the bigs from LG and HTC before you buy.

  38. Disappointing, hopefully the LG Flex will be better.

    1. Disappointing in what way?
      Samsung is creating different phones so that people have more choices and having many choices is never bad.. right?

      If you personally don’t like this because it is curved, then there is NOTE3. I you don’t like the size of NOTE3 then there is SGS4, if the SGS4 is still big then you get the SGS4 mini… CHOICES.. we are so lucky we are given so many choices.. if you don’t want choices.. then go to APPLE because they are happy to things for you.

      1. Really? It’s just an opinion. The dude finds this disappointing, so he will get another Samsung product if he wanted something Samsung. You actually prove that in your statement. Saying that we have choices. LoL!!

        If he doesn’t like this, he will get something else. LoL!! I don’t get why you pointed out all that other stuff about Samsung making different products so that everyone can be happy. I think that’s pretty obvious. Especially since they have a device in like every inch. LoL!!

      2. damn bro why are you so mad? dude shared his opinion in a totally non assholy way and u write him a friggin paragraph?! he wrote like one sentence. you must feel some type of wat

      3. Disappointing if you watched the Samsung Youm stuff. Also the battery is weak. Galaxy Note 3 is much more impressive. Down boy!

  39. LoL can’t believe some of the comments. So because of the Curved display fitting better in your pockets it justifies the $1K price tag?? Absolutely no benefit… waste of anyone with half a brains time.

    1. It’s a totally new display technology. It’s flexible and much more resistant (virtually unbreakable). The Note 3 costs around $1k in south korea, the same price range than the Galaxy Round. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the cellphone carrier’s: the Note 3 here in the US costs around $750-$800 after taxes. Not too far away from the $1k Note 3 and Round in S. Korea.

      1. Yes. I remember learning about that. How the phones out the US are actually mainly bought full price and are usually higher than those in the US.

      2. virtually unbreakable? might be stretching it there. people are under the incorrect assumption that bc its curved thats its “bendy”. its not. its still stiff and if u drop it it will still break

        1. How’s that for virtually unbreakable?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k6r2HQY9Ws

          1. A concept screen! MIND BLOWN :D and thats me totally ignoring the fact that the screen shown here is not shown in a phone. Its easy to make these great technological advances but its another to put it in an actual device. But hey maybe you are right. I dont think you are but ive been wrong before. No biggie

          2. In “our” defense, something “virtually unbreakable” is something breakable. It is indeed just a marketing slam. Im pretty sure we could break that screen in no time if we really wanted to. :)

  40. i could see the bent shape making this device more comfortable in your pocket, but i just dont want a note-sized phone. Would be interested to see if this becomes the standard in the next gen of galaxy phones.

    1. Right… so when Samdroids made fun of Apple for putting the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone because most people put their phones in their pocket top-first, now Apple fans can return the favor…

      Wow… a curved display… *head explodes*

      This has “break” written all over it.

      1. What!? Did people really make fun of that!? I just put my phone in however my headphones are connected. So if it’s on the bottom, then my phone will be upside down.

        Wow… I can’t believe these fans. LoL!!

  41. fits in pocket better. I liked the feeling of the galaxy nexus with curved glass in my hand better than my flat glass s4. But battery life on s4 far outweighs that perk of the galaxy nexus. This has it all?

    I have to think LG’s will offer more than just tilting it on desk to see time/notifications. However I do get that they cant reinvent the wheel every 6 months or even 2 years. People saying the S4 and iPhone 5s were a let down. I disagree. They are improved versions of already high end phones, the best on the market. Ferrari doesnt redesign each model every year, just improvements.

    1. People also don’t buy a new Ferrari every year, but we techies DO buy at least one new phone a year. Supply and demand. The top honchos can’t think of much recently.

      1. then maybe you shouldnt buy a phone every year? I mean why create something completely different every year? you know nothing about brand longevity do you? lol

        1. I’m sure the majority of people on here swap out devices more often than we should. But why should we not expect something new every year? If anything it’s the companies fault for setting us in that cycle. As of late the industry has gotten pretty stale.

          You know nothing of marketing then. Look at Apple they basically rehash the same thing but add little features to sell the product. Those new things are selling it, not the original base.

  42. Umm… this isn’t the first curved display… curved OLED display maybe. HTC had the first curved display didn’t they?

    1. They didn’t call it the first curved display. It has been called the first flexible display.

    2. No, all previous ‘curved’ devices had flat panels with a curved top glass layer.

  43. what connector is in the bottom of this “phone”?

    1. Its the same as the Note 3. Its a micro-usb as well as a usb 3.0.

  44. LMAO at the fandroids trying so hard to defend this crap

    1. Who is trying to defend this? WTF!? No. I’ll pass, thank you. I like the analogy of this being a Note without the stylus. That’s exactly what this is. =.=

    2. At least we can, not like you, your cap is the useless xP

  45. I just want to see a drop test for this thing.

  46. I love (hate) how these two giant SK companies are battling it out on an imaginary battlefield. This remind me of the comic showing Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne tossing money at each other in a rich-people battle.

    My point being is this is a battle to yell “First”. Which boils down to nothing more than 12-YO internet trolls. LG & Samsung have dove into the idea that they have to be first, for no other reason.

    They are attempting to come to the market with a product no one asked for or really wants. This will simply be a collectors item or display item to show the transitional stages of technology. What we have is rigid technology. What we want is future “Hollywood” technology. Flexible, transparent,etc.

    I understand the need for a product like this. I appreciate the effort and money spent on R&D. But, none-the-less, this is a pointless battle. I was more interested in the Samsung phone with a Pico-Projector. That seemed atleast fun if not a gimmick. This curved phone crap is pure gimmick with little to no return. Im imagine more problems than solutions.


    1. You really don’t understand anything about marketing and its importance to the companies, do ya?

      1. Why you’re always…. Did you at least read his comment?

        1. Unfortunately I did read the whole thing.

  47. What’s the point of it? I don’t get it?!?

    1. The point is its another choice for you, buy it or dont. Simple.

      1. damn bro. u upset?

        1. Grumpy cat rules

        2. Not really, its just sad when people think their opinion is the only one in the world that’s valid. Not seeing the point of this is a failing of that person, not a failing of the technology.

          1. I don’t know if you noticed but your entire comment contradicts itself. You say “its just sad when people think their opinion is the only one in the world that’s valid” and then immediately follow it with “Not seeing the point of this is a failing of that person…”. Lol it seems you think your opinion is the only one valid because those who don’t agree that this phone is practical are failures. But then you think people that think like that are sad…..hm, explains you avatar…id be grumpy too if i was so self conflicted :D

          2. Failing to see a point isnt about opinion, its just about being wrong.

          3. So according to your logic; I, along with anyone who doesn’t really see the benefit of a curved device are wrong? lol that’s not one sided at all. I have yet to see a valid argument about why this is the next wunderfone either. The notifications thing? Slow. Just like the version currently out. Fits better in the pocket? what about with a case? or am i wrong for wanting to protect my phone too? Just because someone doesnt value what you value doesnt make them wrong.

          4. Small minded is the phrase im thinking. You really dont see how this could possibly be of benefit? OK its hardly revolutionary on this first device, but to dismiss this as of no benefit is just stupid.

          5. Finally some give! Thank you for admitting it. That was my only issue, I was just completely underwhelmed by the device. Not saying this tech will never he great (I said as much in abother comment) but what I was shown in that video was….kinda lame to say the least. Good convo though.

          6. Actually i see the features being useful, and the demos were early versions of the software.

          7. Lol. Ok

  48. I was hoping for the phone that one of the samsung exec’s showed off at one of the shows, Was it Ces?
    I can’t remember.
    That phone had notifications on the side of the phone.
    This phone does not impress me at all.
    Well, there is a hope that this was pushed just to be first and after this we will see something much more interesting.

  49. Samsung galaxy taco …lol I’ll stick to the note 3

    1. next up, Galaxy Clam. You can use it as a fleshlight.

  50. Oh hail no!! That took WAY too long. I’d rather press the home button. I’d assume they’d make it faster, but no. That also means I’d be FORCE to use TouchWiz since the screen is round like that.

    Oh no…

    Round screens are too early. At least Apple knows when to bring things out… sometimes. LoL!!

    1. This phone is SOFA KING meh!

  51. Nothing ground breaking but I think if it came down to this and the Note 3 I’d choose this. It is a Note without the S pen and more ergonomic. Plus the curve makes it easier for one handed use so I don’t get all the hate im seeing. It isn’t like this is their flagship, its just another option.

  52. 5.7″ screen + 5.4 ounces = awesome

  53. I always find it hilarious when I come to a Sammy article and like 80% of the comments are people defending Samsung with their lives. Like come on, they arent paying u a french nickel to get all upset and attack each other on their behalf. And I have to admit, 90% of that 80% are pure fan boys. This article for example, there are not many clear benefits for having this device right now; the notifications thing is pretty slow and underwhelming /: (just like on my Note 2 when u wave your hand in front of your “off” screen). I saw a comment about the speaker no longer being flush against a surface when playing media but the Note 3 introduced the side firing speaker placement so I wouldnt be surprised if they just did that from now on. But people are going crazy like this is the best thing since GTA V. Lol. Ridiculous.

    – Happy Note 2 owner WTB Note 3

    1. You’re missing the point here. This is just the first of many to come flexible display devices. It’s a new technology and that’s the cool thing about it, not the curved phone itself.

      1. No I think you are actually missing the point of my comment. But, its cool, ill let it marinate. lol.

        1. No rush ;)

        2. I agree with you. Samsung sheep are becoming just as bad as Apple sheep. I own a Note 2, but I am not loyal to Samsung.

      2. So what about the Nexus 2? Nexus 3? They were both curved. Maybe not as much as this one, but still. The “cool” factor wore off after the G-Nex

        1. They had curved glass on top, not the display. Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkAKHw10d-Y

          1. You’re full of sh*t. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You must not have owned a Nexus 2 or 3. They BOTH had curved AMOLED panels. If the glass on top was curved over a flat panel, you would see this difference when holding the phone at an angle. You people make me sick with your LIES

          2. Guuuuuurl please. Did u watch the video? After you watch it, go to bed cause its time for little girls to go to bed.

          3. LMFAO! Listen here NOOB, I watched this video when it played LIVE from the keynote. You still have yet to prove the AMOLED panels were flat in the Nexus 2 and 3. Proof or you’re full of sh*t, and you’re a fraud.

          4. I don’t have to prove anything. You already proved you’re little female troll. Now go to bed.

          5. Well you just proved that you are a fraud then. Your words: “They had curved glass on top, not the display”. The fact that you can’t provide any proof of this, show that you are a LIAR! Who’s the troll now….Looks like you don’t like to face facts

          6. Curved screen is different than curved display. In this case, it’s not just curved, but flexible OLED display that Samsung’s invented and put on the Galaxy Round and thats what makes it so especial. And that’s the point you and mister Killa Thraxx above amazingly haven’t gotten yet.

          7. Da Faq? Are you delusional? When you’re done dangling from Samsung’s nut sack, read this: I stated the Nexus 2 and 3 had curved displays. You proceed to say No, they didn’t have curved displays. You even had the balls to say they had curved glass on TOP of the display, but that apparently the display was not curved. After I asked for proof, you had none to present. If you think the display inside the Round is flexible like in the commercials, then you are a sheep. That will happen eventually, but not yet.

          8. Ok, I really don’t know how to deal with children with mental disorders so yes, I guess you’re right.

          9. That was a half-ass attempt for accepting responsibility for lying, but i’ll take it.

          10. lol sweet.

          11. That video was AMAZING. I would be up for any of those devices!

  54. Man his camera’s auto focus is freaking out, even without his hand in the picture. Anyone else hear it?

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