Leak: HTC Vigor Gets Profile Shots, Software Videos and a Possible Retail Name [Rezound]


More leaks for you today. This time, it pertains to the HTC Vigor that should be seeing a launch on Verizon sometime soon. Droid-Life got their hands on some profile shots of the device all its glory. There’s not much to see here – it’s your typical HTC design, but you can see a bit of “Verizon” strewn about that back cover.

HDBlog was able to scrape up a couple of video tours of the HTC Vigor, likely to be used on the device itself. Users will most probably be directed to a “getting started” guide upon setting their phone up where they can view these. Nothing out of the ordinary, though we are at least reassured this is coming out soon. Take a look at the short video above and be sure to hit the source link for more.

Finally, the HTC Vigor appears to be in Verizon’s system as the “HTC Rezound”. That name sounds very credible for retail considering this is poised to be one of HTC’s “Beats” smartphones. It looks like this one will not be graced with DROID branding (but will still be a fantastic device). [Droid-Life 1|2, HD Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Droid branding now ruins phones, unlike the original which made the phone amazing.

    1. I agree. There was a time when Verizon’s “droid” branding was needed since it was relatively unknown, but that time has passed and its time to let it go and leave it in the past.

  2. Watch Verizon load this phone that out-specs the Bionic with Bing search like some other mid-range phones that they’ve done without the Droid branding, lol.

  3. I hope this things gains HDMI out… and is all that I want and more.

    1. MHL through USB, the port is identical to the DROID Incredible which had TV cables that used that exact cable hookup. HTC is known for using those odd looking jacks if they plan on having video cables. Its so they can have microUSB as a standard cable but a proprietary cable for video on the same jack.

    2. I wouldn’t mind having the optical trackpad back (like my OG Inc) but I know it won’t happed.

  4. HTC should put kickstands on all of their phones.

    1. What and lose hardware space? not worth the thickness unless the design itself has that extra space like the ThunderBolt did.

      Vigor is thinner than the ThunderBolt as a result of this loss, and if its truly a sequel device meant to replace the Tbolt, third party accesories will likely have the kickstand as a case like they did for the EVO 3D (also a sequel device)

      1. 1mm? c’mon.

    2. The kickstand is a waste on the t bolt, you can’t use it while the phone is plugged up to a charger and you won’t have enough juice without being plugged into the charger.

      1. I’ve watched plenty of movies on an airplane without being plugged in.

    3. Completely agree. using my phone right now standing up in portrait mode.

  5. Please, oh please, don’t let this phone have a silly name like Rezound or whatever. That is the lamest name I have ever heard. Way to wreck an otherwise awesome phone.

    1. Wow… does it even matter? How does a crappy name destroy this specs of this loaded phone

      1. Right? It could be named cum guzzling fat boy and I’d still buy it. Why? Because it doesn’t f-ing matter

  6. Waiting for the PRIME

  7. I personally think that “Vigor” is a kickass name.

  8. Hopefully they still keep removable battery unlike one of there new widows phones coming out.

    1. If you watch one of the videos on youtube, it shows how to remove the cover to take the battery out, microSD and SIM.

  9. Dear Verizon,

    Kinda change the name of this device back to the rumored Incredible HD. It clearly takes design cues from this device. It also sits on the cutting edge of Android devices at the moment, as did the original Incredible. This phone is truly a fitting successor. Kindly name it as such.

    William Brock
    OG Incredible Owner

    1. I hope they don’t dont do that. Customers find it too confusing. I sell cases for the Incredible and incredible 2 / S and customers frequently order the wrong case for their phone. Adding a 3rd Incredible will only add to the confusion.

  10. Stop with the freaking kick stands when I had the EVO I never used the kick stand. Now i have the EVO 3d and I don’t miss the kick stand at all. BTW the phones looks alright.

  11. What an ugly phone. Looks like the grip from a golf club rolled out.

    Ugly Sense on top of that. The whole ugly HTC package. It’s legit, alright.

    I’ll wait for my Nexus Prime, thanks.

    1. with ugly stock
      or even worst touch wiz

      uh no thanks ill stick to Sense

    2. You want ugly? Try vanilla.

    3. Agreed. touch wiz > sense IMO, but it’s all about personal preference. This phone is too ugly for me to use every day and good specs won’t make up for an ugly phone.

  12. Oops double post.

  13. So if this doesn’t have the Droid branding, does that mean it will have Bing? Or is Verizon done with that crap?

  14. I know I am the odd one out, but that back looks hideous. Yeah, it doesn’t subtract from the specs of the phone. If the battery life ends up being sufficient, I will overlook that back cover.

    1. I agree with you, except I don’t think I can overlook the back cover. I know I’ll need to see it in person first before deciding but I think I’ll be passing on this and waiting for the prime.

  15. There’s no “With Google” logo on it. The TB has that, do the Incredibles?

    1. Yes they do

    2. That could change. At first the tb said with htc sense and then got changed to with google.

  16. I hope they stick with the rumored 16GB of storage on the phone + 32GB MicroSD card.

  17. aww what no HTC senes 3.5 ??

  18. Doesn’t anyone else notice that the version of Sense depicted, doesn’t match up what with what we’ve seen that 3.5 is supposed to be?

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