HTC Sense 3.5 Previewed in 5 Minute Video


If the paltry set of screenshots of HTC Sense 3.5 that leaked last week weren’t enough, we’ve got another helping of leak stew for you. And this one is even more chunky. Someone at XDA.cn has gotten their hands on an HTC Bliss running HTC Sense 3.5 and decided to give us a five minute look on video.

Everything we learned before is still there, but we now know that you can add and remove homescreens – something people have been screaming for since the HTC Hero first launched. We’re also given a look at a few new animations on their widgets, the new movies application and the new (and VERY smooth) screen rotation animation. There’s a lot to see here and it all looks very, very nice. Grab a bowl and hit that play button up above. [XDA.cn via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. not working for me … can someone post to youtube?

  2. A shame HTC don’t care for customers with older models. Not a personal problem for me. But if you buy a Smartphone for let say 300$ Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the next 2-3 build of Sense actually are going to work on your phone to. Instead you have to buy a newer HTC.

    1. This sense should work with many of the non-dual core phone because this is running on a 600 mhz phone so let see if they upgrade the rest of us.

    2. On contract for $300 it would be nice but if you bought off contract for $300 you are crazy to think they’ll put extra R&D into devices that go for free on contract or 300$ off contract. they would lose money.

  3. Do not want, HTC. We want stock! (ics please)

    1. Speak for yourself, if you want stock then rooted it. The rest of us want something more refreshing then boring stock.

      1. Amen. Love Android but its ridiculously boring to look at.

        1. Sense looks like someone googled “free icons”, and used the first ones that came up. Atrocious design.

          And the sliding tabs are ugly and not necessary.

          And all the HTC apps that duplicate Google features just confuse users and clutter the phone.

          1. Like what? It sound like you never use a sense device before. Google map, search and all the core is still there. Sense cover all of android is like a OS on it own.

      2. I couldnt agree more. That is why im still upset verizon isnt getting the Galaxy s2. Maybe ICS will look a little better and wont be as boring?

    2. I love stock android as much as the next guy and the enthusiasts but Stock android isn’t worth it till the next version is released ICS then it may be worth it. Android stock as it is lacks great camera firmware and a whole bunch of other things. The Sensation performs better than ANY stock android device and looks better overall. Its so fluid in its interaction.

  4. Video is not working

  5. Pretty cool stuff, but a HORRIBLY made video.

  6. loving the new animations. hope at least that makes it to the 3d

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Low-key humor, for the win?

  7. I am getting bothered by the long fingernails and clumsy touches because of those nails.

  8. Why is the simple practice of getting into one’s phone becoming more and more complex? This is becoming silly.
    Extreme example, i’m being chased by a mugger and trying to “unlock” my HTC “whatever” (with Sense 3.5). Imagine the beatdown i’m going to get before i can perform that apparently tedious task and get to dial 911. The AOSP simple lockscreen beats this anyday.

    1. Well it’s actually easier. Drag the phone icon to unlock straight to the dialer and you are there.

  9. I like the rotation animation, I have long wondered why Android has not had this since 1.5 Cupcake. iOS & WP7 both incorporate it and it adds to the aesthetics

  10. I like sense but this is too much. HTC is over doing it now.

  11. I might refuse this update on my evo 3d…

  12. Sense ACTUALLY looks good. It always looked so dated to me up until the release of the Sensation and evo 3d.

    Like others say, Stock Android is boring. I could care less about getting updates faster(unless I am like 3 versions behind). So I do like Skins.

    Timescape and Touchwiz are the best, in my opinion but this version of Sense really does look fun and interesting.

    1. Only thing is i wish that HTC would fix that horrid music player. Samsung’s music player on it’s Galaxy Devices is great.

  13. why do her long finger nails make me want to puke

  14. stripper hands…

  15. I think HTC sense is the best of all the manufacturer modded interfaces but my main gripe with it is that it slows down the time to receive updates and was touted as a reason why certain updates couldn’t be issued to older devices. If it was optional install then I’d be a fan. As it is I eventually rooted my desire and install MIUI and it’s like I have a new phone again. I have gingerbread and as many customizations as I like. Rooting and custom ROM’s isn’t for everyone but you’ll be happy you did it if you give it a try.

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