Sep 22nd, 2011

Well isn’t this quite the shocker? AT&T’s biggest rival – Verizon – actually seems to show support for AT&T in their proposed acquisition of T-Mobile. The quote was made by chief executive Lowell McAdam.

He stated that T-Mobile’s wasting spectrum by not having sufficient capital to reach as many customers that they can. He said that with T-Mobile’s spectrum, AT&T could put it to good use and help improve their network for consumers and help solve this so-called “spectrum crisis”.

With AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile – assuming Ma Bell can even keep half of Magenta’s customers – Verizon might soon lose their narrow lead and title of “largest network in America” ( in terms of subscriber count). It does strike us as odd that Verizon seems to be in verbal support of AT&T, but perhaps they know something we don’t. In any case, their stance (if AT&T  does end up winning this bid) does set a precedent for possible moves of their own in the future. [BGR]

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