Orange Pixel’s “Stardash” Will Take You Back to the Days of the Original 8-Bit Gameboy


Orange Pixel, the folks who brought us the Megaman-inspired game MegaNoid, have released their next game for Android. It’s called Stardash and I would most definitely liken it to Super Mario Bros. The interesting thing with this game is that it goes back even further in terms of style and look.

We’ve got sort of an 8-bit look and feel here alongside a lack of color and a tinted background. The game offers a considerable amount more of detail than the original Gameboy, of course, but it still does take us back. There are free and paid versions in the Android market so give it a shot.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. fuck phandroid

    1. What is your problem. Angry much?

  2. It’s a bit too madly dashing through the grey landscapes. I did love my little brother’s original Gameboy, but after solving the first level of Stardash just now, I’ll not play much more of it. The monocolour design doesn’t really add anything for me. I’m glad Nintendo made such progress over the last decades, so why would anyone want to go back. I guess I’ll even uninstall the game.

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