Google+ Signups Open for All, Mobile App Gets Huge Update [Almost Like BBM for Android]


Google’s just released a HUGE update to Google+. For starts, registrations are completely open and available for all to sign up.

This is great news as many people suggested Google+ was crippled by not being able to persuade all of your friends to come over from Facebook without invitations being available. All of that is down now, though, as any old soul can register any time they want.

The rest of the updates all came to mobile and there’s a lot of stuff here. Hangouts, which are group video chats, are now available on mobile. This was as highly requested feature with the advent of the front-facing camera.

You can now +mention a friend directly within your post or comment simply by pressing the “+” symbol and typing their name. SMS support is improved for users in India and iOS users can now +1 comments i the app, but Android support is coming soon..

You’re also being given the option to change your profile pictures on your device, customize your notifications and the ability to move the app to your SD card. Finally, Google’s changed the name of “Huddles” to “Messenger” and added image sharing within the actual chat. Needless to say, we’re stoked. Go and find the new update in the Android market!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. hope people switch to Google+ i wanna ditch facebook but i can’t do that if everyone else is still on facebook

  2. Is the app finally available in other countries as well?

    1. Yes . Not sure if all the countries are supported as of right now, but my country, Jordan, has been recently added :) .

    2. Unfortunately, not in Slovakia.

  3. I am still not seeing the updated version of G+ in the Android Market. I used my phone and checked via desktop, both show a G+ version last updated August 25….

  4. Who is going to be the enterprising person/engineer to create an app that combines facebook and google+ updates/status/notifications into the one, similar to the days when trillian combined multiple IM platforms

    1. Chrome has an extension for that:

      1. Nice, thanks

  5. Still no support for Google Apps users, come on!

  6. No Hangout support for the Xoom, not sure why since it has the front facing camera. Any other Honeycomb tablets getting mobile Hangout support?

    1. nothing on my galaxy tab 10.1 either :(

      1. Are you trying to join hang outs or start one? You can’t start one from any mobile device just join them. I’ve not tried on my Xoom yet but will when I get home, works on my GalaxyS2 great though!

  7. New Google+ app doesn’t support HTC Hero… Old one did, now I seem to no find it in Android Market, I went to desktop market and what I see? This aplication is not compatible with your device… COME ON GOOGLE, I RUN CM7 for cry out loud… it’s newer than Android 2.1…

    +1 for huge update
    -10 for not letting old phones use the official client… even facebook let its app run on Hero, just that I’m not interested in facebook…

  8. g+ won’t be bigger than facebook because it won’t allow minors. well that’s just what i think.

    1. CryptoNoel – i agree completely. They’re missing out on a huge demographic by not allowing minors. Don’t they get that if its not “hip with the kids” it’ll never take off?

      Stupid google

  9. Still no update in the market!

  10. Let me check this out on my ThunderChicken(bolt). Oh snap, it is not supported!

  11. Finally updated g+…india got the update

  12. If they’d launched with these features, people might actually use Google +

    Now it’s old news.

    1. Gmail was in invitation only mode for longer than Google+ so unless the entire internet has become more fickle (possible I suppose) then I think it still has time to gain traction.

  13. My aging N1 has so little space that I can barely install G+. >24MB before moving to SD, and 6.5MB even after moving. With the way the “low on space” condition makes GTalk not work, I’ll probably just have to uninstall G+ again.

    1. are u gonna hold onto your N1 till it crumbles into dust ? nostalgic or cheap ? get a new phone or a larger SD card, im planning on upgrading the massive 8GB SD card in my G2 to a 32GB card in the very near future. but then again i have 180 apps , so naturally im running out of room.

  14. “the ability to move the app to your SD card”

    That’s all I needed to hear. The file size was getting quite ridiculous.

  15. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m 16, and I STILL can’t access Google+. It keeps saying that I need to be of a certain age to use this feature, which sucks. If I’m allowed to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and a million other social networks, then why the heck can’t I use Google+? I’m sorry if I come across as a whiny teenager, but…seriously, come on.

    1. I’m having the same issue; here I was planning on jumping ship from Facebook but now I’m going to have to wait 7 more months. For Google’s sake I hope Facebook doesn’t implement enough features to rival + before I’m 18.

      Terrible decision on someones part.

      1. You know you can lie about your age on the internet, right?

        1. Just what I was thinking!

          1. Seeing as how I already have a Google account I use for everything, that already has my age attached to it mind you, it would be a pain to create a new account just for G+. I would rather just wait.

      2. the youth of america, the next generation, scary that it seems the majority of you are dumb, dumb, dumb….anyhoo, heres what ya do…….you know what you do when you goto your favorite porn site and it asks you if your “over 18”, and with your free hand you click yes, and giggle with excitement everytime , because you know its taboo.??….well with the same reckless abandon, and hopefully with clothes on, you do the same with google+, when they ask, lie about your age. simple, aint it ?…..and dont even tell me you havent gotten drunk yet either, would you really wait till 21 to partake in that ???

        1. There do exist some people on this earth which abstain from many activities others take for granted. some even abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages for their entire lives.

          1. well that sounds like a sucky life. next ur gonna tell me that a life in service to god is better than having a drink….

        2. First off please refrain from calling me dumb, not only are you assuming that based upon one comment, that you apparently didn’t understand, but it’s simply obnoxious. Clearly you aren’t the brightest individual, grammar and syntax give that away, so I’m not sure where you found the idea that you can call someone dumb.

          As I replied above I already have a Google account with my age attached and would rather wait then have to create a second account only for Google+

          Why would I partake in it now? The fact I haven’t has nothing to do with age restrictions but with the fact that I’m content and busy enough in my life that I don’t need that form of escapism.

          Also please don’t stereotype the “Youth of America” you’re he generation that raised us and gave us this mess, eh?

          1. the truth hurts. The primary complaint from someone who has nothing to add is the complaint of bad syntax. Sad that youre referring to “age restrictions” but im not sure if youre referring to drinking or porn. i just find it odd you would call drinking “escapism” so im assuming you mean porn. sounds like you need both honestly, especially if you want me to “refrain” from calling you dumb…..if it makes u feel any better i was referring to the whole generation, not just you……dont try to blame it on us, this generation is defined by following trends, and conforming, and having their face and minds buried in their cell phones..maybe not you personally, but u get my point…….and seriously dude, whats 5 min of your time to make a separate account, no one is that busy…btw i have a 140 iq, but i dont care about grammar and syntax on the net, something your gen should be familiar with, it pioneered it.

  16. how do you start a hangout from your phone?

  17. Just to clarify to folks here. You cant initiate a Hangout on your mobile. You can only join them :)

  18. Big deal. Over half of Google Apps users are consumers (not business) and yet Google+ is unavailable for them. Come on, Google…get it together.

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