New Details Released On Nvidia’s Kal-El Quad-core Processor in Whitepaper


NVIDIA’s released a new whitepaper detailing Kal-El and what they were able to achieve (and what OEMs and you as a user will be able to achieve because of it). Kal El implements a traditional quad-core system that also has a 5th low-power processor called the “Companion Core”.

The fifth core would mainly be used to achieve tasks in the background such as synching email, Facebook and Twitter, browsing the web and carrying out audio and video playback operations. The low-power fifth core leaves it up to the other 4 ARM Cortex A9 chips inside to handle the big stuff.

Not only does this help for multi-tasking, this also helps with battery life. When your device is off and your OS is synching stuff in the background, it’ll be doing it all on that companion core that only sips away at your battery life.

Kal-El will also have a 12 core GPU that is capable of running an operating system at “Extreme HD” which is 2560×1600 resolution. All of this combined is said to make Kal-El 5 times more powerful than Tegra 2 while using less battery than dual-core processors. In short, this thing will be flat-out awesome and we can’t wait to see what it can do inside tablets and (hopefully) phones. Be sure to check out the full whitepaper in detail over at NVIDIA’s site.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Whoa this is damn great!

  2. Ha! Take THAT Intel! That’s some helluva bar they’re setting. What’s the ETA on this badboy??!! Depending on the ETA, if this thing is truly 5x the Tegra2 AND has comparable (or even better) battery life, I might have to forego the Nexus Prime!

  3. Sounds great but isn’t necessary. Like buying a car that can do 300 mph but the speed limit is 75. I’m sure we can find many possibilities though. I think they should focus on battery life and call quality with this or any future devices

    1. Exactly. I want more battery life out of a single charge… If I ever wanted to do crazy computations or play games, I have a PC for that. I’m guessing that with this new chip, people will always be trying to use the companion core to preserve battery.

      Still this is a good direction for technology.

      1. For this reason I think I’ll stick to my original plan of picking up one of the current/upcoming dual core tablets and be happy with that for a while.

        Even if the quad-cores that come out eventually are sooooo much better than the dual core systems we have now, I can be happy with the speed of a dual core unit (which is pretty snappy to begin with) so long as I don’t get a taste of quad core systems.

        Kinda like if you were happy with dial-up don’t try broad band.

        Right now all I have is an og droid, so I think if I get something like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 I’d be content for a good year or two, probably longer depending on how updates and modding capabilities go.

    2. what you don’t understand is that more cores DOES equal more power but it ALSO means great efficiency resulting in better batttery life. so what your saying is you want kal-el

  4. Guess ima pass on the Samsung prime and HTC bass 4 this quad core…Droid incredible still does wat I need it 2 do

  5. Companion Core? THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!

    1. Kudos to Cave Johnson for licensing out that tech.

  6. Sad…even laptops cant compete

  7. Looks good and all but I wasn’t impressed with Tegra 2. Plus ICS isn’t optimize for quad cores. It would be good for Windows 8 tablet PCs most likely.

    1. how do you know it will not be optomized?

      1. Better question is how do we know its not already optimized? I remember everyone saying Froyo wasn’t optimized for dual core when it in fact was already. Don’t you love when people just assume it isn’t?

        1. And didn’t they have a running version of Kal-el on display, obviously they would have it utilizing all cores and if they are able to do that then they can certainly help OEMs to customize ICS or honeycomb to take advantage of the 4 cores and companion core.

  8. I had to change my pants and shower after reading this article… Front and back….

  9. It’s all about the Exynos..PFFFFT please! Nvidia debuted the Tegra 2 and made a name for itself in the mobile market. Now it’s ready to takeover and become “the” force to be reckoned with. Competition always equals innovation..I love it!

  10. Glade I got my a500 when I did. Now I can sit back and enjoy its dual core awesomeness Till this beat hits the market. My wallet hates you lol.

  11. Hell yeah i love it know wanna see it everyday use thats the only true benchmark.

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