Motorola Atrix 2 Shows Up Again In New Leaked Pics


Seems like smartphones are advancing so fast these days it’s only about 6 months before we see a sequel. Take these fresh-off-the internet pics of the Motorola Atrix 2 codenamed “Edison.” The device showed up a few weeks back on a Chinese blog but now, the device looks is looking a whole lot more official.

In a stunning turn of events, the device is rumored to NOT be compatible with AT&T’s new LTE network. Yikes. Of course, you can still look forward to a dual-core processor though we’re not sure on the manufacturer (most likely TI’s OMAP). Also on board is the pictured 8MP camera capable of 1080p HD video recording and the Atrix 2 will be running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. The device should be here just in time for Thanksgiving but we’ll see how that pans out.

[Via BGR]

Chris Chavez
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  1. … is there a camera button? hell, yes!

  2. Looks a little like the sensation, and I like it :)

    1. Yeah it does…. just a cheap feeling, plastic version of an HTC….. do yourself a favor and wait for the Nexus.

      1. I never said I want to have the phone :p
        I just said i really like the design. And yes, I’m waiting for the Next Nexus

  3. um, this will not have LTE chris…

    1. Oh shiet. You’re right! Didn’t see the “not” :/

      I can’t believe… why wouldn’t they…. that’s terrible :O

  4. It is a great injustice in the world that we have pics of this and not even a blurry shot of the Nexus. :|

    1. exactly what i was thinking!

  5. Is that a pentile screen? FAIL!

  6. Will it fit in the existing dock? That would be uncommonly sensible.

  7. No LTE….major fail!

  8. So, with no LTE, a dual-core processor (which I assume has the same or more power than the Atrix 1), and still an 8MP camera, what is the point of this?

  9. I have the original Atrix, and this sounds retarded to me. How can this phone not have LTE? They updated the phone with a slightly faster processor and a slightly better camera. Big whoop.

    1. seconded…from another atrix owner. not only have they barely bumped the stats, but they castrated off the fingerprint scanner

      1. ack!! really?? no fingerprint scanner?? I know a lot of people probably think that’s a gimmicky feature but I absolutely adore it.

  10. Just switch to verizon already lol,

  11. look next to the signal strength indicator, it has a 4g symbol, not the H+ symbol, like all HSPA+(HSDPA+) devices. maybe this is there 4g lte symbol for smarthphones, or a new H+ symbol. I have a feeling its LTE. If you look at the leaked pictures of the holiday which is supose to be a LTE device, it has the same 4g logo next to the signal strength indicator, it look blurry, but if you focus they look the same.

    Here is a link to the holiday leaked photos:


  12. Does anyone care about this? Or more importantly, do Android users really care about AT&T phones? Here in western PA the only AT&T subscribers seem to be asshole users.

  13. @Joe, i happen to live in Pittsburgh and am an att user so my question is why does that make me an ahole user? I guess i really don’t understand why everyone hates att? I’ve been a happy customer for close to 12 year’s now. So until someone comes up with factual legitimate reasons as to why att sucks so badly I will just stick with them and ignore the remarks of people like yourself.

  14. Am a current Atrix owner, and unless they get rid of MotoBlur and add LTE, I would not go for it nor recommend it to anyone else.

  15. No LTE NO FINGER Swipe sensor ill pass. Im still enjoying my Atrix but the only thing i like bout the new one it have full HD1080P with 8mpto camera only difference

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