AT&T Offers to Sell T-Mobile Assets to Sprint, Others


Bloomberg has reported that AT&T’s contracted Sprint, MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, CenturyLink and Dish Network in order to negotiate the sale of T-Mobile assets in order to gain approval for their proposed merger. This is likely in response to early reports that suggested AT&T would most likely need to go this route in order to persuade anti-trust regulators and the FCC that their moves aren’t to stifle competition.

Talks are supposedly preliminary for the time being with no carrier or firm coming to concrete terms with AT&T on this possible sale. Bloomberg reports that the department of justice may not even consider the sale of assets a huge band-aid for AT&T’s case. That ruling could come to if AT&T offers assets of low value to their competitors. We’d think spectrum would be the most valuable but AT&T’s acquisition is all about that, according to them. It will be an interesting few months, for sure. [Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What if AT&T keeps the spectrum but sells the customers?

    1. I’d have to get a new phone. Which, I mean, if it’s free, I’m always okay with a new phone. :P

    2. This is a joke, right?

  2. What at&t really want is to get rid of the other gsm competition, point blank i hope that the DOJ do not get fool with this proposal.

    1. Exactly; I don’t understand the logic behind this move. If anything it just supports the theory that this is strictly an anti-competitive buy for AT&T. “Well, what if we buy the competitor, then break it up and sell it off into small parts… then can we do it?”

    2. But Sprint is trying to start a GSM network? So…? Selling assest to Sprint doesn’t seem like it’s a pretty smart plan, Hmm…

  3. Isnt this showing the DOJ even more that they just wanna get rid of the GSM competitor?

    1. which makes no sense in selling to sprint, who is a CDMA competitor. sheesh. (not aimed at you, just saying)

    2. Not sure how you came to that conclusion from them offering to sell assets.

      1. Because it supports the theory that they’re only doing this to “buy out” the competition.

        1. there is to many people like yourself that think they know what they are talking about and dont..tmobile wanted out of the u.s..oh shucks theyre gsm…welll if it makes sense you go ahead…nevermind..people need to buy a clue.

          1. Is that supposed to make any sense? Typically the format of a debate goes point -> counterpoint -> retort, etc… your counterpoint is that I don’t know what I’m talking about without any quantitative or even qualitative data to support your statement.

            But I guess it’s just me, the department of justice, and all the states that are on-board that need to “buy a clue” as you so eloquently summarized your argument.

            Well played, sir.

          2. Nice bitch slap bro. Well said.

  4. Fail At&t hope you fail

    1. i hope att gets it..because you .wait..most of you guys are dimwits with these opinions…granted im not the brightest either.

  5. Now resort to trying to buy off Sprint, are we?

  6. I hated the merger…….but
    At this point T-Mobile is getting closer to go out of business because of the merger talk. If the merger is allowed to go through, we, as consumer might be able to salvage something. If the merger dies, T-Mobile will likely die with it. At that point, the fire sale will still go to AT&T. AT&T will be a lot less willing to share.

    1. That’s still better since all the customers won’t be forced onto AT&T.

  7. I’ll buy Carli. She’s got amazing assets.

  8. I think this shows even more that AT&T doesn’t get why people don’t want this merger to happen.

  9. If someone started a web site that allows tmobile customers to submit their vote on banning the merger, I’ll be happy to be the first to sign up. I don’t think At&t understands if they sell the assets and a lot of current users leave there won’t be much left

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