DEAL ALERT: Gameloft’s Back-To-School Sale Offering Asphalt 6, NOVA 2 HD & Backstab HD For 99 Cents


Because going back to school shouldn’t mean all work and no play, Gameloft is throwing their back-to-school sale on some of their hottest Android titles. Games like action/racing Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, or futuristic first person shooter NOVA 2 HD. Don’t forget the action adventure BackStab HD. Okay easy, tiger. Before you get your hopes way up, I should note that not all of these titles are compatible with every Android devices — the HTC Evo 3D being one of them. I’m beginning to reconsider that Epic 4G Touch all of a sudden. Oh- and for our iPad/iOS readers, don’t forget to hit up the source link for a full list of iOS titles.

[Via GameloftBlog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. The games are coming for the evo 3d I have Nova 2 on my evo 3d just use the sensation version same with back stab that on use the hd desire version

  2. I’m with you there. My wife has an upgrade she doesn’t care to use so I’m replacing my EVO 3D with either a GSII or the new nexus if it is indeed coming to sprint this fall.

  3. They need to offer some 3D games for 99 cents.

    1. Er…all three of the above games are 3D.

  4. I’ll pick up NOVA 2 for 99 cents. Why not.

  5. These rates do not apply to either the EVO 3D or the Epic Touch I have both and it says that neither is compatible with any of the sale priced games SOOO disappointed I mean nova 2 is installed on my phone can’t download it from the markeplace tho.

    1. Epic 4G Touch here too. Weak…

  6. Too bad none of the games are compatible with my Motorola Photon. I’d even pay full price for some of them.

  7. Not compatible with Droid X2

    1. I know right? When will they get a clue and allow people to buy or “save for later” apps that won’t run on their CURRENT android device. Burns me up that I can’t take advantage of this sale just because the games won’t run on my Droid. Why can’t they just credit the purchase to our Google accounts and let us download/install the apps at our leisure?

      1. I have several Gameloft games on my DX2 that are not “compatible” with my device. Not because I can buy them, but because I bought them when I still had my DX. I backed them up in TiBu (Titanium Backup) and installed them on my DX2 with no issues what-so-ever. I kinda want Backstab…pity its available for a DX but not the DX2 (where it will work). Dumb Gameloft, all you are doing is forcing people who want your games to torrent them…

  8. Gameloft and these developers are lame the games that are good are not even compatable with most of the newer good games?

    1. I had the same problem on my sensation untill i contacted gameloft directly and they forwarded on links 2 me of versions that run perfectly well, try them before you slate them…

  9. Too bad these games arent even on the market not even compatable with most dual core android phones.. Developer is shty

  10. Just to let you guys know Asphalt 6 HD is free for all Galaxy S II owners right now via Samsung App Store which can be found inside the phone. So it is compatible with Exynos

  11. FYI, Chris. If you go to the Gameloft store on your PC and tell them you have a Sensation, you can purchase Sensation compatible games and those will work on your Evo 3D (since they both have the same Adreno 220). I’ve also read that Desire games mostly work on the Evo 3D also (the Adreno 205 is close enough to the Adreno 220), but it can be kinda buggy.

  12. Got the Ashphalt 6, on the last 99c sale, but it doesn’t work on a xoom, buttons are all mismapped, etc. Only buying from the app stores from here on out :-(

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