Press Shot Gives Us a Clear Look at the HTC Vigor


No surprise here, folks. The HTC Vigor looks like just about every other high-end smartphone the company has produced in the past year. The above press photo won’t do much to differentiate it from the pack, but perhaps its rumored 720p display and 1.5GHz dual-core processor will. From in-the-wild photos leaked last month we know flipping the vigor over reveals a battery cover reminiscent of the HTC Incredible. Whispers have suggested it may launch as the Thunderbolt 2, but there is a chance the Vigor name will be the final branding of the device.

[via PocektNow]

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  1. Sounds impressive. Sadly, by the time its out it will most likely be the run of the mill phone

    1. In 3 weeks this phone will be run-of-the-mill?

      1. yeah those guys are idiots and never satisfied…keep waiting..htc is a beauty..thing is htc doesnt have to change they are awesome…maybe theyll be happy with a round phone.

        1. RIght. These are also the same people who call the MSM8660 “last year’s tech” or an “old A8.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Lol.

    2. You do know this is the HTC Vigor and not the lowest spec Cryonic?

    3. What are you talking about? It’s rumored to be out in 3 weeks. Are you expecting 2.0 ghz quad-core phones out by then?

    4. 1.5 Dual Core is about the highest I’ve heard coming (except for the TI 1.8 dual-core thats expected some time in the future) and 720p is nothing to scoff at, period. This will probably be the best phone out when it drops.

      1. Ill believe it when I see it. Id really hate to know that this would be the first phone with 720p. Rumored phones always seem to take longer and longer to release. If it truely does come out “soon”, the thats different

  2. Wow! What a unique new looking phone. Not. Boring.

  3. Confirmed. Looks like an HTC.

  4. Should i get this or the sgsii on sprint?

    1. Definitely SGSII

    2. I’d wait to see what this is like before deciding. I tried a GS2 but sent it back because the Touchwiz UI absolutely sucks compared to the Sense UI.

    3. I posted earlier about HTC being the superior manufacterer, but for some reason it’s been deleted. Anyway, HTC is faster with Android updates, has better build quality, better customer service, & Sense is amazing. Just my opinion… I would get the HTC Vigor or the HTC Evo 3D. Also, the HTC Evo Design (AKA HTC Kingdom) is coming out this fall on Sprint also.

  5. It’s Good Mood Food

  6. They should brand it the Incredible 4G

  7. I am so looking forward to getting this phone… HTC is going to knock it out of the pack with this bad boy.

    1. Just waiting to see if it will have the ‘promised’ unlockable bootloader…

  8. So if it’s possibly going to be named the thunderbolt 2 I would guess it’s going to Verizon? I haven’t really read much about this phone so this may have been answered somewhere else.
    When is att going to get a high end htc phone. If i’m correct the htc inspire is the only new htc phone that att has had this year so far. Seems as if att is falling behind again on Android phones. Just as soon as it was starting to look good for us att customers everyone else on other carriers are getting better faster newer devices.
    I’m happy with att as far as service goes and I know many will say they suck but i’m allowed to be happy with them even if your not. I am however getting bored with their boring lineup of phones.
    So htc if your listening maybe you and att can get together and give us something much better than the inspire, how about you throw us an evo 3d with beats audio and the same 1.5 ghz dual core update given to the new sensation. Hell I wouldn’t even mind the updated sensation on att. I know it’s more than just a decision made by htc, att has to be on board also. So come on guys, bring some great sense love for us att customers. We really do want it.

    1. ATT is getting the exynos SGS2. That is far superior to the Cryionic. I would get the SGS2 when it comes out if I was not on VZW.

  9. Looks boring. Bionic will be overclocked before this releases. Glad I didn’t wait! Motorola still the best.

    1. Lmao @MOTO being best. Best at what exactly? The bionic isn’t on par with already released phones, let alone the SGS2 coming out. Why would anyone buy a bionic with the vigor and prime coming? To take it back? How’s that screen look? My buddy is s diehard MOTO fan, and he’s passing on the bionic. Said screen sucks. He likes my HTC and is gonna check out the vigor.

  10. Love HTC phones but they’re all starting to look the same!

    1. I love all these comments about HTC phones looking the same, but they are all starting to sound the same.

    2. Ya! Screw HTC for going with the rectangle yet AGAIN!!! I was hoping for a triangle or maybe a trapazoid this time! ASSHOLES!!!

  11. How long did it take? I don’t have 15 minutes to spare…

  12. I really hope its not that skinny and tall!!!!

  13. How is HTC’s quality? Really. Ive read a few times that they break often. Can someone with experience and not a chip on their shoulder please answer me that? Thanks

    1. I’ve owned three HTC phones, and never had a problem with any of them. EVO 3d now. Runs like a beast. My whole family owns HTC, except for my parents. I got them to get the nexus s for their first smartphones. I thought sense might be too “busy” for them since they’re old.

    2. HTC ftl. I had the MyTouch3g, update was crap. Wife had the MyTouch Slide, phone all around was crap.

  14. @ctopher4 I’ve had the original incredible since launch day and haven’t had a problem yet, I’ve dropped it several times too, so based on my experiences it hasn’t been too bad.

  15. You know.. I am willing to bet, that if someone took all the pics of Android phones in phandroid’s list of available and upcoming.. removed all manufacturer labels and put the whole thing mixed up and on one page.. I am willing to bet that the majority of you here would identify less than half of the HTC phones.

  16. The GS2 Have 4G? Just Curious…

  17. I’m geting this

  18. Golbal or no?

  19. Looks promosing and htc does make some solid built phones, but yes this is comming for verizon and so is the nexus 3 (prime) a month later, with the same specs but running the new android 4.0 ice cream sandwhich. Ill wait for that. Plus i love how the nexus phones dont come with bloatware or skins, its clean android and gets all the updates first before any other phone.

    1. Right now I’m debating between the Prime and Vigor – ideally i’d like to wait for the Prime, but my contract is up in early November and I want to review before that so I can be grandfathered into unlimited data on 4G, so it may be the Vigor by default, which really isn’t that bad. And if you want stock Google and ICS, just root it…

      1. As far as I know if you already have unlimited data you will be grandfathered in to that as long as your service continues with Verizon.

  20. Every time you post about this phone you need to use the Vigo picture like how you do with that prime pic. I laughed every time I see that.

  21. It’s just all about brand loyalty. I love HTC and have had them since my first PPC on Alltel, but my cousin is the same way with Motorola. They are both solid manufacturers, but it’s one of those “to each their own” situations. He just got a Bionic and I have a Thunderbolt and will probably get the Vigor, even though we both think the Droid Prime is going to be better than both of our phones.

  22. @ Big r, I’ve had an international sgs2 and while it is fast I wasn’t all that impressed. Basically a faster bigger captivate in my opinion. I’ve had a captivate, an infuse, a nexus s and the sgs2. I think I just got burned out on touchwiz. I have an atrix now with an aria as my backup and an asus transformer and an hp touchpad. The atrix is running cm7 beta and the aria is on gb with modified sense 2.1 with some of sense 3.0 in it. I like sense the most out of all them. That’s my reason for wanting a new dual core htc phone on att. As long as the bootloader is unlocked it can be made to run as good our better than any other phone I would think.

    1. Do you use them all at the same time? He who dies with the most toys wins? LOL

    2. You must have some big fuckin pockets… =)

  23. wow _ are you 14 years old or 15 years old? You’re just a bunch of whining little kids “wanting the newest samsung’ crap. And you think that is an intelligent ‘made in china’ pos garbage mfg’d phone. Just shows how stupid most of you really are. Duh2

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