First Images of the HTC Vigor Hit the Web


What do you get when you put the HTC Droid Incredible on a strict diet of protein shakes and bench presses? From the looks of it, the HTC Vigor, a device rumored to be Verizon’s next big 4G LTE contender. The stylings of the handset are definitely reminiscent of the Incredible and Incredible 2, but the screen appears gargantuan in size with some additional texturing on the battery cover. From the pictures we can gather the phone will carry HTC Sense, a front-facing camera, and a dual-flash setup on the rear.

Rumors we have heard elsewhere have pointed towards an HD 720p display, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. It may also be among the first HTC handsets to make use of the companies recent Beats by Dre acquisition. Rumors are already pointing towards an October 6th release, but you know how counting your chickens before they hatch goes.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I have day-1 HTC Droid Incredible — love that thing with a passion that borders on obsession… HTC Vigor might be a worthy successor.

    Last NE2 for me is Dec. 29… Christmas is coming twice this year!

    1. Check to see if you do indeed have a NE2. They didn’t give my wife one or my buddy.

      1. they got rid of NE2 – I believe about a year go. But lots of people were grandfathered in

        1. The tough part, explaining that to the dummies that work at the verizon stores.

          1. It’s tough to explain the alphabet to the idiots at Verizon stores.

          2. Here’s worst: Try explaining that to the dummies that work at Best Buy. lol. I really should check if my NE2 is still there..

  2. It looks like every HTC phone on Verizon.

    1. Looks like every HTC phone. Evo 3D, Inspire, Incredible S…

      1. Yeah, I was going to say that but I didn’t want some technical person pointing out a phone that looks different.

        1. At least they look different from that rotten fruit phone. No lawsuits ;)

      2. then it must be amazing…like my inspire..if u have you know if you dont then you dont…

  3. For some reason I’m feeling the Droid Bionic more, although this looks nice to me it just looks like a souped up version of the Droid Incredible 2.

  4. Why the capacitive buttons if its supposed to be Ice Cream Sandwich?

    1. Because of Sense. This isnt stock and Sense isnt optimized for buttonless

    2. It’s not. October 6th would be way too early for ICS phones anyway.

    3. Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t about no buttons… it is about giving the option of buttonless. I anticipate most custom ROMs will still include some for of buttons

  5. There is nothing appealing about HTC phones at all. From my Droid Eris way back in 2009 to my last HTC Phone(HD7), I’ve owned at least 8 different HTC phones using various OS(Android, WP7 and WIndows mobile) and for the most part they were all the same.

    The device itself looks cool but it just seems as if HTC lacks Any sort of creativity besides this one uniform design.

    1. I know a certain company who’s name starts with A and ends with pple who pretty much does the same thing…

      1. yes i am well aware of that

        1. Then what the hell are you bitching at…?

          1. Who the hell said I was bitching? Am i not supposed to give my opinion on the device and HTC?

          2. Educated opinion. Not evaluation of aesthetics thus summing up an entire company’s phone quality.

    2. so they’re not appealing at all but you bought 8? Uhhhh…

      Fool me once…

      1. exactly what i was thinking

      2. lmfao

      3. Yes i did buy 8. Back when HTC was my favorite Manufacturer.
        Droid Eris, Sprint Hero, Droid Incredible, HD2, Aria, Mytouch 4g, HTC evo and i think the last I owned was an HTC HD7.

        I agree there are many ways to express yourself besides through a phone and I don’t express myself through my phone but at the same time when i buy a new phone I Do want something that does at least look like I have a new phone.

        and to the argument above lots of manufacturers can have variations.
        Look at Samsung…The Vibrant, Captivate, epic, and Fascinate were different variations each with their own signature style. Motorola’s phones come in different variations. Sony’s phone come in different variation. You see one HTC phone, You;ve seen em all.

        1. The goodness of your points cannot be denied lol. One thing HTC has got right-is how they make their 4.3 + screens…I hate the way Moto makes theirs…if HTC continued to make their big screens look the same and added more style to their phones…I think I would have bought many of their phones by now…oh and beef the hellllll up out of their battery life cause it sucks…beyound sucking alol…

        2. They have similarities that make them HTC, but even you as an owner of all of these, cant deny they are different.. although they do seem to like using 10:08 in their pics..

        3. stfu carmen htc is the best

          1. Calm down, travis. It’s not that serious sweetie :)

          2. Sweetly done. And you’re right about HTC, though I think they put out consistently good products.

        4. The 19 year old wannabe model+acress who really just blogs and waitresses is unhappy with her HTC for looks alone. . .

          So in other words, by nothing appeal you mean, “It doesn’t look interesting *TO YOU*.

          I guess HTC is the least creative company ever. . .

          You say you don’t express yourself through your phone, but won’t buy HTC based on looks alone. Methinks thou art a liar.

    3. man i hate that argument. it’s a phone. there’s very little variance one can achieve while maintaining ease of use. unless you’re talking about decals or what-not, not much is going to change.

    4. who “Liked” this?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    5. I dunno, I’m pretty partial to my black rectangles. I have plenty of other ways to express myself than through my phone. Function over form.

    6. HTC’s biggest appeal is Sense. 3.0 is simply just awesome. Still, def not a fan of their equipment. But I’d say the DInc2 def looks diff from any of their other devices.

    7. I agree. HTC is the BMW of the smartphone world. All of their products almost look identical. For the love of me, I cannot tell an M3 from a 3 series, or a 5 series, or a 6 series for that matter; they all have that “Kidney” grille and almost the same form.

      But everyone agrees that once you step inside and go behind the wheel, you’ll know the difference. And I think the same could be said about HTC. Tell me that operating and using your MyTouch is exactly the same as operating your Droid Eris and I will call you a liar. :)

      It’s that unity of the brand that I both love and hate about HTC. It is very effective design and branding. But I do wish they could bring a little bit of variation into their phones.

      PS: Seeing the HTC Merge made my heart jump a lil with joy. It was both “very HTC” but at the same time, unique and refreshing (with its slide-out querty and all)

      1. It’s pretty easy to tell a 3 from a 5 from a 7…

    8. I am so sick of people saying all HTC phones look a like. The incredibles/vigor look totally different than the Evos, which look different than the sensation, etc. It is a freaking cellphone for goodness sake. What do you want, a phone shaped like a tennis ball? A starfish?

    9. That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard and coming from someone who has used numerous phones, ranging from the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and every brand of Android Phone in the US. HTC, just considering phones with a proprietary software installed obviously excluding phones like the Nexus, HTC’s Sense UI is the most intuitive and amazing on the market. Bitch you dumb.

  6. I wanna know what’s blurred out at the top of the front pic.

    1. Prob a seriel number each tester phone has one

  7. SaWeet!

  8. No Kickstand, no deal. That’s my favorite part of the Tbolt.

    1. really?…the kickstand?

    2. seriously…a kickstand,makes or breaks the deal?seriously?

    3. Buy a case with a kick stand.

      1. Lol a case with a kick stand

  9. If this has decent battery life, it’s my next phone.

  10. Anyone see a speaker grill? Is it all internal?

    1. Beats by Dre is not speakers its the way the audio is carried from phone to the speakers

  11. Have actually been really excited for this phone, but after seeing it I have to say that the speaker looks WEAK! That is a HUGE disappointment for me!

  12. I’m with you Lactose on the DInc love and the Vigor ous Holiday , this year

  13. its a pic of a sensation front and a htc incredible 2 back….ok ok that was my first thought…who knows.

  14. No unibody since it’s a full rubber back.


  15. Looks nice. If it has decent battery life with LTE it will be my next phone

  16. I like HTC. that’s a whole lot of processor in this baby. I wonder what battery life would be like under usage.

  17. i wish HTC phones had better battery life

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