Sony Hopes Release of PlayStation Suite SDK Will Bolster Games Catalog


Sony has announced today that it will begin offering a PlayStation Suite SDK to Android content developers in an effort to grow the platform as it become available on more devices. Currently the PlayStation-certified Xperia Play is the only device to offer PS Suite compatibility, but that will change with the release of Sony’s Tablet S and Tablet P. The PS Suite SDK, which becomes available in November, will provide developers with the tools necessary to create new games and experiences on these devices as well as the the Sony portable PlayStation Vita. Sony hopes to expand the lineup of PlayStation-certified devices further over the coming months.

SCE to Provide Strong Support to Content Developers for PlayStation®Suite With the Distribution of the Newly Developed Content Starting Next Spring

Tokyo, September 15, 2011 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that it will offer software development kits (SDK) for PlayStation®Suite (PS Suite), called “PlayStation®Suite SDK,” * for content developers starting this November. PS Suite is an initiative solution to deliver the world of PlayStation® to Android™ based portable devices.

Through PS Suite SDK, content developers can create content for PlayStation™Certified (PS Certified) devices, hardware certified through the PS Suite license program, as well as for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita).

Supporting C# as the programming language, PS Suite SDK can run programs developed in C# on virtual machine equipped on both PS Certified devices and PS Vita. By supporting development for multiple devices and by adopting libraries to create a variety of content not only limited to games, PS Suite SDK will not only help developers save their cost in creating new content but also allow them to efficiently create their content on one SDK and without having to create on several different SDKs.

Through PS Suite SDK, SCE will provide to game developers and publishers the potential to further expand their business opportunities to Android based portable devices. In addition, SCE can approach to a wider range of content developers, non-gaming developers and individual programmers. The detailed information of PS Suite SDK, including how to download, will be announced via a dedicated PS Suite section on SCE’s official website.

As of September 15th, 2011, PS Certified device line-up includes Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB’s Xperia PLAY, Sony Corporation’s “Sony Tablet” S, “Sony Tablet” P, and SCE will continue to further accelerate the expansion of PS Certified devices in addition to the current hardware line-up.

Furthermore, SCE will provide a variety of content towards these PS Certified devices from end October through PlayStation®Store*2 on PlaySation®Network, starting with original PlayStation games (PS one® classics). The service will start in nine countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia and with more countries to follow. In next spring, SCE will enhance the PS Store for PS Certified devices and provide content created by PS Suite SDK, further prevailing the world of PS Suite.

Through PS Suite, SCE will deploy various measures to support content developers in their business for rapidly prevailing Android based portable devices and will expand the PlayStation entertainment experience on an open operating system.

*1 Software Development Kit is a set of development tools and software libraries. Developers are able to obtain this SDK by signing a license agreement with SCE and by purchasing tool products.
*2 Users can download vast digital content including games through PS Store for PS Network for PS3, PSP, PS Vita and PS Certified devices.
*3 Number of content differ by regions.

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  1. Still only for Sony Android devices. This will be fail like all other Sonys efforts recently.
    They need to release this for other more powerful Android handsets

  2. How can ain’t expect this to be taken seriously when there are only 3 ps certified devices, and only one of them is a phone? Of all the android devices on the market, especially the more powerful dual core devices, there is no reason sony can’t expand the certification list. All tegra devices, the galaxy s2, and those running the dual core snapdragon should be certified, even the new omap4 would be note than strong enough. As of right now, the whole playstation certification program is a joke

  3. There is a trend for some companies to have their own markets for their devices. Of course there is already the Playstation Network so this is probably an attempt to bolsters the lineup there. But why C# the when the PSP SDK is C/C++?

  4. Sounds so i interesting, post more…

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