Sep 15th, 2011

While Bliss seemed like a pretty spot-on name for an Android smartphone tailored to women, a new promotional shot of the device reveals that it will go by the name HTC Rhyme in some if not all regions. When the Rhyme name first surfaced the popular opinion was that the brand would be associated with a Beats Audio handset, but it remains unclear if the artist formerly known as Bliss will sport the audio technology.

The phone pictured alongside the HTC Rhyme tag lacks the familiar green hue of the Bliss, but is the same handset nonetheless. Perhaps the Rhyme becomes the international version with less focus placed on female users. Perhaps we still see an HTC Bliss as a Verizon version of the phone. We may know soon enough, as HTC is set to unveil some new toys next week at a media event in NYC.

[via EuroDroid]

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