Samsung to Use 1.5GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm CPU in T-Mobile Galaxy S II


According to the folks running the @GalaxySsupport Twitter handle, the dual-core processor replacing the Exynos chipset for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II is the 1.5GHz Qualcomm APQ8060. Understanding that you can’t always trust the person on the other end of a big company’s social media account to be in possession of all the facts, the revelation makes sense. Samsung has kept a lid on information regarding the processor to be found in the Galaxy S II variant, perhaps in favor of promoting their own Exynos platform for the time being, but compatibility with a Qualcomm modem tuned for T-Mobile’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network may have been the deciding factor.

You will note that the APQ8060 was the processor to be rumored to be powering the Samsung Hercules, the device that evolved into the 4.5-inch Galaxy S II.

[Twitter via TechCrunch]

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  1. So sad.

    1. Is this proc running in any other devices? I’ve been very happy with Qualcomm processors. This dual core might be good enough. Does anyone have links to any benchmarks done on this proc?

      Edit: I just figured out that it is the same one in the HP Touchpad.

      1. I could care less about the cpu but the gpu (Adreno 220) barely matches or loses to the gpu in the original Galaxy S (PowerVR SGX540)

        1. I thought the 205 lost but the 220 was supposed to be a lot better. I’m probably wrong on that one though.

  2. I really want to know if this is a bot or an actual user who makes money with these worthless posts. If you’re a real user then you need to get a real job.

    Edit: spam disappeared, (it was the standard run of the mill, “I got a bj for only $20.21 thing”)

  3. Well, better than it could have been at least. It will hopefully not be -that- big of a performance hit, and if it really does allow for 42mbps, it might be worth it.

    1. There usually isn’t enough backhaul to get 21mbps or even hspa (not plus) 7.2mbps.

      1. I got 8-12 on my G2 regularly in the Phoenix area. I’d be happy just with that.

        1. Even so, Samsung’s Exynos supports 21mbps HSPA+. I would rather have that and the much faster SOC than the vapory 42mbps HSPA+ capability paired with the subpar dual core snapdragon.

          1. Agreed. Until we can actually see these download speeds, there’s no reason to change the SOC.
            Hell, I’d be happy to get a solid 3G signal at home at all!

          2. I agree. That was kind of what I was getting at. Even if I could get 42Mbps on my phone I wouldn’t need it. I wouldn’t trade the Exynos for it.

          3. omap 430 its better than the exynos :) the prime will have the omap 460, which it will blow everything out of the water

          4. Exactly.

        2. My G2x always dropped from “4G”/3G to 2G in Phoenix and surrounding areas… My friend was having the same problem. Not a fan of T-mobile coverage. I had to say sayonara to T-Mo.

  4. I want this phone. Release it NOW! Hurry, before I wet my pants.

  5. Get this or wait for Nexus Prime!?

    1. Personally waiting for the Prime. Or the Samsung Note, though I have a feeling that won’t be making it over here for a very long time and will probably be on the wrong carrier…

    2. Definitely wait. :)

      1. What if it takes as long for the Prime to come to Tmo as it did for the Nexus S to come to Sprint? I really don’t want to wait another 6 months or so for the Prime.

  6. Get a real job!

  7. Sounds like a good and new combo. Let the useless benchamark wars begin! Ill be sue to make my GS2 OC to 2.0 in no time. Get on it XDA!

  8. Damn. That kinda suck actually. The original GS2 web browser is super fast because of hardware acceleration. What is going to happen to the tmobile gs2? Is it also going to have hardware acceleration or is the Qualcomm chip your.g to F**k up everything? On top of that the Qualcomm chip is asynchronous.

    1. Good point about the hardware acceleration in the browser for the GS2. How well will it do compared to the Exynos…

      Hey…at least T Mo users get 42Mbps speeds..lol. lol cuz even if users hit that….that wouldnt be an average speed on a regular basis…I assume anyway

      1. True, but T-Mo speeds are smokin’. I get 4.5-5Mbps with my Vibrant, a normal 3G device in this area, which features a 21Mbps HSPDA+. Normal 3G devices get a speed enhancement on the + networks, but don’t utilize it to it’s full capabilities. All-in-all, 5Mbps for a 3G phone rocks.

  9. my problem is not the speed of the processor but since this is a different hardware platform, it won’t get the same updates as the mainline sgs2

  10. This phone would be perfect if it had icecream sandwitch
    Phandroid would be a perfect site if it filtered the spam comments oh well!

  11. How will this compare to the Exynos/Mali 400 MP combo?

    1. unfortunately, I think it will kill it. this will probably get jacked of the Mali, too.. and get stuck with the Adreno 220. Although the A220 is not bad, it sure as hell is not the Mali.

  12. Just what and see what it can do.. and stop bitching until then. DAMN

  13. No one seems to be “bitching” here…

  14. I have been waiting for the SGSII since It was in the rumor mill now T-Mobile is going to get a watered down version of the original. I have the Sensation and hate the qualcomm processor because it’s assynchronous. Give me the Exynos over any of the rest. SAMSUNG WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! You weren’t, oh I can tell!

    1. What do you expect from Tmobile lol

  15. From what I read on Cellphonesignal, it is supposed to be limited to 14.4. However everywhere else I read that it will be at least 21. Anyone know for sure?

  16. Thank you for talking me out of an upgrade TMobile :) I was leary about upgrading for a phone that has been out for like 5 months, but now it’s a GIMPED 5 month old phone.

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