No Exynos Processor for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II


While Sprint and AT&T’s variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II will retain the Exynos processor found in the international version of the phone, T-Mobile’s will not. Samsung’s marketing manager Philip Berne confirmed that the 1.2GHz dual-core CPU made in-house by the manufacturer of the Android smartphone would not carry over to the handset, but didn’t do much to shed light on which processor could replace it. While NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset seems an obvious choice, speculation is now centered on Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon APQ8060. The chip was most recently seen powering the now discontinued HP TouchPad. While Samsung has placed orders for NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 CPUs, don’t expect to see the processor in T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Ouch! Looks like T-mobile users just got screwed. :/

    1. as usual

    2. Sorry get screwed?
      Do you mean with higher network speeds?
      Have you seen the real world performance of the phone to make this ignorant comment?

      1. This comment had nothing to do with network speeds. Sure T-Mobile users will get some great network speeds, and I love T-Mobile. But it’s the fact that if this isn’t going to have the Exynos, it will most likely have the Tegra 2 like some of the other GS2 have had.

        The Tegra 2 is a huge disappointment when your expecting the Exynos. Even though it’s not confirmed that it will be getting the T2, it’s likely to happen.

  2. @ B2L: I’m a T-mobile customer, and for some reason my A** starting hurting after I read this. :(

    1. I am as well, but it’s alright with me. I’m holding out for the Nexus Prime anyways.

    2. Ridiculous.

      You should at least wait to see how it performs compared to the ones with the Exynos before forming your opinion.

      A 42mbps device will be comparable to LTE ones. Plus you’ll benefit more in the future since (if T-Mobile is still around) they’ve committed to scaling HSPA+ all the way up to 672mpbs. Google LTHE.

  3. They really need to shred light on what is powering the phone then. Let people know they are not getting a lesser phone, though if it’s not the exynos it’s probably not going to be as good.

  4. Just skip it and aim for nexus prime.

    1. I’m waiting for prime as well, but I think people are jumping the gun on saying the change in processor will be slower. The race is between 4 factors now: Display, GPU/CPU, Internet Speeds, and Battery Life. If Samsung could deliver a phone that is the best in those 4 categories the game is over. I just wish Motorola could be the ones to do it.

      Phandroid please do a survey on the most important factors in choosing a device so that we can see what’s important to everyone here. Maybe do it again if you have in the past. After certain thresholds have been met our criteria changes so it would be useful to run that periodically.

  5. Still a fantastic processor.

  6. Somethings wrong with yall.
    The different processor gives us access to 42mbps download speeds.

    1. So its a trade off, pro vs con thing.

      The tech geeks will tell you based on benchmarks the Exynos is an absolute beast….and me being a tech geek from time to time…I agree..lol

      But looking at what WP7 and the iPhone did, does with so called inferior chips…its about the software too, or making them work together nice.

      All I know is its a great time in the smartphone world….

    2. Actually something is wrong with.you dude, u will never hit 42Mbps its just a theorical speed. On the other hand you will see the speed of an exynos powered handset everyday.

  7. The newer snapdragon processor is not actually slower than the exynos. the CPU is probably actually faster, buy the GPU might be a bit slower.

  8. Who cares. It still will be super fast and rival everything else.

  9. Evidently the Qualcomm can handle a higher 42 Mbps HSPA+ .. the Exynos maxes out at 21 … As you know T Mobile has been upgrading their network, this gives them a phone that can use it.. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the software performs in comparison.

  10. The Tegra 2 is a very good chip, if they go that route Tmobile customers should not be disappointed, your still getting a top quality duel core!

    If they go with a 1.5ghz duel core Snapdragon, then it actually may be faster than Exynos.

    But I must say that I am on Sprint, and there is something comforting in knowing our version will have the Exynos, I think its the GPU that comes with it.

  11. Well that sucks. I was really looking forward to this, but if they go with a crappy chip… I have a Sensation, so if it’s a Tegra or something along those lines, that just turned this phone into a downgrade = Hopefully it’s still enough to justify the switch, cause I really want that AMOLED screen and NFC.

    Oh well. I was kinda planning on holding out till we get real specs on the Nexus Prime anyway.

  12. My last comment just went to shit when the new article about the Mali GPU came out. Sorry Tmobile folks, all GS2’s should come with the Exynos/Mali combo. If not than its inferior!

  13. I was looking forward to The galaxy s2 but not anymore. Y can’t they just leve things the way they r they always change shit up all the time that’s y there losing customers. Ill just stick to the sensation for now.

  14. if this thing comes with tegra 2 then i’ll be really disappointed…the nexus prime better come to tmobile

  15. I think the author of this article was going out of his way to portray T-Mobile negatively.

    Any ounce of research would indicate that T-Mobile requested their version of the Galaxy S II to support HSPA+ 4G all the way up to 42mbps. The Exynos processor does not support this so Samsung had to use a processor that does.

    1. I’d trade download speeds for a better processor any day of the week.

      1. A very uninformed and IGNORANT comment. For all you know, the T-Mobile version may be MORE responsive, better performing and better on battery life with the qualcomm processor than the Exynos version. No one has let the two perform side by side. No one has publicly used the T-Mobile version yet for that matter. T-Mobile did NOT do this to cut down costs, they did it because they requested a better technical specification (42mbps) it’s not their fault Samsung’s in house processors can’t support that. The final product will more than likely perform just as well as the Exynos since it’s not just a Tegra 2 like some markets are getting.

  16. Tmobile just lost my business. I don’t want different chips because that’s just one more reason for Tmobile and Samsung to take forever supporting this phone. Tmobile stopped supporting their year old flagship Galaxy phone already so I’m going to Sprint. Tmobile can go fuck themselves for all I’m concerned.

  17. Just another excellent example of the effect of Android fragmentation.

  18. Potentially disappointing news, but I’ll reserve judgment until the actual reviews/scores are in.

  19. Instead of bitching about how you’d take a slightly faster chip over one that is capable of higher network speeds you guys should work on your spelling.

    Duel Core? As in last core standing? It’s DUAL Core.
    “Your” instead of “You’re”
    “Shred some light”
    “than” instead of “then”
    It takes your comments to a whole new level of credibility.

    T-Mobile has spent millions of dollars implementing a network capable of 42MBps. Why on earth would they want their next high-end (maybe even flagship) device running a chip capable of no more than 21?
    They’re advertising the fastest NETWORK not the fastest CPUs. You don’t like it don’t buy it, but telling them to go F themselves just because you can’t be bothered to think about their reasons is just idiotic.

  20. Well now at least we have an idea why Tmobile wasn’t willing to show off the phone at all during the event. It was hidden behind a case and at the bgr meet up that phone was absent and wasn’t available to check out.

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