Gigbeat Finds Nearby Concerts and Events Based on Your Music Library


Unless you follow a band closely, chances are you have missed out on a concert or two simply for not knowing when an artist you enjoy has a scheduled performance in your area. Newly available app Gigbeat hopes to make that a thing of the past while making it easy for you to discover where you can catch the music you love live. The app scans the music library stored on your Android device, Songkick, and to find out what music you enjoy, then it scours concert listings for the events you should care about. The app will even notify you of upcoming and newly announced events, insuring you don’t miss out on an opportuity to grab tickets in the event of a sold out show. Gigbeat makes it easy to find tickets to buy.

Though it is in its initial release, Gigbeat shows a lot of promise. We’d like to see features such as the ability to check into an event and share events with friends, but for now Gigbeat is a great tool for any fan of live music.

Android Market Link: Gigbeat

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