Is this a 13MP Test Photo from the Motorola Dinara?


Motorola’s next big handset has been slinking around behind the scenes under the codename Dinara, masked only by the shadow of the hyped-up Droid Bionic. Now that Bionic has finally made its way to Verizon, Dinara rumors are sure to flare up. The phone that may or may not eventually be known as the Droid HD was pictured next to the Bionic last month, but today a picture supposedly snapped by the handset’s 13MP camera provides the point of speculation. This isn’t the first purported sample photo from the Dinara to appear online, but it shows off the camera’s full 4128×3096 resolution (blurry as it may be).

Other rumored specs for the phone include a 720p display, VGA front-facing camera, the possibility of a Verizon LTE radios. Yes, it’s a bit hard to get excited over a unfocused crotch shot from a camera that could belong to an upcoming Motorola handset, but if the stars align this could be a phone with some pretty beastly specs.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. beastly specs that will be overshadowed by other beastly specs within weeks lol

  2. “it’s a bit hard to get excited over a unfocused crotch shot”
    Understatement of the day.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA…..crotch shot…at 13mp..lol

    1. HAHAHA, New BLUR…

      1. hahaha..that’s a good one too!!

  4. 13mp would be great if the camera didn’t suck like the rest of the Moto line. 13mp of crap is still 13mp of crap

    1. I don’t care how man mp’s the camera’s got if they’re still using PenTile displays.

  5. The dinara is for at&t not Verizon the Droid hd will be for verizon.

  6. Hopefully this phone is real

  7. Is that a pic of someone’s bulge? Lol ..

  8. I’m glad that Anthony Weiner has found new work as a Motorola phone tester

  9. Yeah, whoever leaks test pictures need to take a photography class and take a decent picture. I could do better than that with a lower spec’d phone. Besides, Moto might be able to identify that crotch back to the owner and crack down on that.

  10. Great, but what about GSM versions of greast motorola phones?

  11. Can someone explain to me why any phone needs a 13 MP camera? Almost all pictures taken with smart phones are either viewed on the phone, posted on Facebook or attached to an SMS. You don’t need 13 MP for that – anything over 5 MP is overkill. Motorola cameras have sucked because their software is crap – poor shutter response time for example – not because they needed more MP.

    1. Not to mention shitty light sensors. Smart phones would be an excellent replacement for point and shoot if manufacturers would actually take their camera’s seriously.

    2. I do agree the cam are good even on the front facing camara. I just moto can make the best cam and software. We all know about how good their hardware is and call and speaker quality :)

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