Motorola Droid HD Captured on Camera Next to Droid Bionic


Well what do we have here? A new Droid handset from Motorola, perhaps? What is seen in the above image is none other than the rumored Droid HD, pictured here for the first time. From what e gather the device will get a 4.5-inch display, one that very well could feature an HD resolution of 1280×720. At the very least expect qHD. It also gets an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording, sideloading SIM and microSD slots, and microUSB/microHDMI ports. The assumption is the phone will feature a dual-core CPU and possibly 4G LTE.

What is most noticeable, however, is the device’s thinness, which is apparent when seeing the device next to the Motorola Droid Bionic. Now the Bionic is no thin wonder by any means, so the overall girth of the Droid HD could be somewhat of an illusion, but there is no reason to think the handset could be measuring in the Galaxy S II range in terms of thinness. While we could easily hope the Droid HD will launch as an Ice Cream Sandwich device, it appears it be running a standard Gingerbread build. Either way, the new handset is enough to make us second guess our lust for the Droid Bionic. Is the Droid HD really the one worth holding out for? Head over to the source link for the complete gallery.

[via Engadget]

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  1. well, shit. i can’t wait forever to upgrade dammit. i do like the look of the HD better though, i have to admit.

    1. NEXUS 3/PRIME

    2. OMG, christmas will be a great season for smartphones!

      Lots of HD display phones! Thats amazing!

      1. Dec. 29 I become eligible for my next phone… (lol how sad I know the day) — but yeah, I hear you — going to be a great season for smartphones!

  2. all i do is torture myself looking at upcoming phones. fact is. Im sticking with my nexus s for a very long time. just to let the dust settle with all the dual core stuff. i want to skip it and/or wait for tegra 2 to be a thing of the past

  3. will it have moto blur thats all im wondering

  4. Is that a PC in the background? Hell no! It’s a Mac!

    1. and it looks like its running windows 7 if you look at the engadget gallery too

  5. I’m impressed, for being a Motorola device it’s actually quite sexy.

  6. I want a new HTC superphone for Verizon like the Vigor to come out and be awesome.

    Please let this get released before Christmas…

  7. First the SGS2, then the HTC Vigor, and now this! I must resist the urge to get a Bionic.

  8. Looks like a Photon to me.

  9. At this rate one could be waiting and never upgrade their device.

  10. Looks to be an AMOLED screen, take a look at the engadget photos and check out the glare from the camera flash…..that is a very noticeable AMOLED screen glare.

    1. If you look closely at the green letters you can see screen door effect like you do on a pentile matrix screen. The original samsung samoled screens were pentile matrix.

  11. Too big!

  12. Fffft. I liked the Bionic… but now there’s this… It never ends!

  13. Where does it say “Motorola” anywhere on the phone? I went through all the pictures and I don’t see a manufacturer name anywhere. I’m thinking this could be an LG or Samsung phone.

    Edit: Found it. In relief on the gray part at the top. It is Motorola.

    1. look through the pictures again.. a big ‘ol M on the battery confirms it

      Edit: Disqus posts comments too late sometimes! I replied but your edit came through first.

  14. MMy contract ends at December. I still got time.

  15. guys this is just a scrapped bionic prototype. Thats it, nothing to see here. Some dude thinks its funny to get us all excited over a beta device. NEXT!!

  16. this is def an hd amoled screen. Check out the blue-ish tone on the reflection.

    1. yeah, I agree with you, this is must be a oled display

  17. Again, it is too big and what is with the shape around the corners?
    I just looked at a picture of Atrix and I liked the shape and size of it.
    I would love to have one just like that with a thinner body and HD screen.

  18. The shape of the HD looks funny from the top angle – like it extrudes slightly near the bottom. Anyone else notice that?

  19. ahhh skeeet skeet skeeet skeett skeet skeeet

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