HTC Considers Purchase of its Own Smartphone OS


Despite HTC’s strong ties to Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms, talk of the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer moving on with its own smartphone OS crops up from time to time. Last year we heard the company had considered developing its own platform, but the consideration hasn’t gone very far to this point. Now, HTC chairwoman Cher Wong says the company would be open to purchasing an existing OS. “We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally,” said Wang, “but we will not do it on impulse.”

If HTC is indeed on the market, there is not a whole lot out there to be had. The biggest candidate would be webOS, a platform asking to be purchased from current owner HP after the computer manufacturer effectively shutdown all operations related to the mobile OS. But likely nothing will come of whatever “thought” HTC has given the idea. Their Android business is simply too strong at the current time to drop Google in favor of attempting to grow the market share of an alternative OS from scratch. While HTC is known for its stellar hardware, they can’t deny that Android is a large part of their recent popularity.

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  1. Chairperson’s name is Cher Wang, not Cher Wong.

  2. Bad idea. but good luck with that.

  3. Bad Idea for HTC… Keep pumping out good hardware and let Android take care of the rest. HTC makes a great phone and their sense UI is nice, but they do not need to jump off their money maker in Google.

  4. If HTC buys webOS, and WP7 sales keep disappointing, they will be ditching WP7 in a year. That’s probably their plan anyway. The only reason they took on WP7 was because they thought it would be a good alternative to Android. But it barely has any impact on HTC’s revenues. And I doubt HTC, which is a pretty small company can sustain 3 OS’s. It’s just too much.

  5. I think eventually this is how all oem’s are going to be. They all want to go the similar route as apple that way they can do what they want with their phones and maybe that will actually work better from a hardware and software standpoint.

    1. Though I really like Android, you have a solid point there.

  6. Htc continue with what you’re working with, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  7. Nice try coping King_James_The_Wicked’s comment but bye bye now loser.

  8. Eh, they should have bought Palm instead of HP. They could have made a good WebOS phone, and the patents that would have came with it would have helped as well.

  9. As long as they don’t stop making great Android phones then I’m cool with it.

  10. HTC would be making a mistake by developing their own OS. I can’t see how a new OS could even compete with iOS and Android as each month iOS and Android both gain market share while all others decline.

  11. Sense without android, yea that’ll be a big hit *rollseyes

    Watch devs put ASOP on those handsets.

  12. I really do hate this new trend.

    “We has made millions off of Android. Id like to waste all my monies on making an OS as well!!!!”

    Havent these idiots learned from HP, RIM, Nokia? Its not that simple!

  13. Wow, HTC is really trying to piss me off. I love HTC. My past three phone purchases I haven’t even considered anything else. But Sense is becoming more and more bloated (though I’m still a Sense whore), Beats is a nightmare, and now this crap?

    Do these companies not realize they’re on board Google’s bandwagon, and not the other way around? People OBVIOUSLY love Android. Um, checked marketshare recently?

    To sum it up: No! Bad HTC!

    1. How is beats a nightmare? It’s a much welcome addition. The current sound on HTC phones sucks.

  14. Sometimes I think some of these companies underestimate the power of Android. They seem to forget that their hardware is only half the battle. The other half is the OS. WebOS is a dead horse that’s stinking and needs to be buried. And to come out with a brand new OS in this cut throat market requires very deep pockets and the assumption of a big risk. Samsung and Microsoft could afford it, but not these smaller guys. I doubt anything will come of this.

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