Team-Touchdroid Delivers 10-Point Multitouch to the HP TouchPad


Team-Touchdroid has put the “touch” back in TouchPad with the creation of a set of Android drivers delivering 10-point multitouch to the bargain basement tablet. Though efforts have been earnest in getting a fully functional Android port over to the slate, the introduction of functional multitouch marks a significant advancement for those wishing to replace the abandoned webOS software found on the TouchPad with something a bit more green. We’re still waiting for the whole thing to be neatly packaged into an easily installable ROM, but progress takes time.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Port seems to be coming along nicely. =)

  2. Get Honeycomb on it!

  3. Honeycomb is boring, give me what you can with Android on it and I’ll be happy. I’d be happy with web os running Android apps.

  4. you fools! now youre going to get sued by apple after the patent that!

  5. i really didnt think they would make such progress so quickly… i see the hp touchpad sticking around for a long time

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