Google’s South Korean Offices Raided…Again


If the headline at all sounds familiar, let’s take a trip back to May. South Korean police raided Google’s local offices in response to suspicions of illegally obtained data (we’ll re-use the illustrative image above for the purposes of this article, well, because it sure is funny to see sub-machine gun wielding Segway riders). The Korean people obviously have a problem with people snooping around in personal data that doesn’t belong to them, as a regulatory group has once again raided Google’s South Korean offices. Little explanation is given in a report issued by Reuters, but it seems Android might be involved this time. Google released a statement promising full cooperation with the Korean Fair Trade Commission, going on to state that it does not require Android manufacturers to include Google applications, including search, on their devices.


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  1. Korea: All your base are belong to us!

  2. lol that picture makes me feel so embarrassed as a Korean American… although there’s so much ridiculous crap to be embarrassed about.

    1. If you seriously think the Korean gvt can afford segways for law enforcement, you’re obviously more American than Korean.

  3. pew pew pew!

  4. Cute little guns! :D

  5. This looks like a perfect photo for Daniel Tosh’s segment of how many funny things can we say about this in 30 seconds, GO……
    Did a group of tourists on the Segway tour get lost?
    Since when did they offer Segway Lazer tag?
    Do you think Google actually took these guys seriously or did they just think that they had booked too many mall cops for the day?

    Ok, I’m done.. gotta work.

    1. -Id love to see the carnage after tossing a few sticks on the ground
      -Is this the set of Mall Cop 2 (sorry, had to take a twist on one of yours)
      -And they call Americans lazy
      -You’d think those goggles block what limited eye sight they already have. Not very helpful!

  6. I thought this was a joke.

  7. I want a ” Sub-machine gun wielding Segway riders” video game

  8. Where is Daniel Craig when we need him?

  9. Perhaps the Korean people aren’t as ignorant as Americans… letting people you don’t know snoop around in data that doesn’t belong to them… I’m an American… but, if we don’t wake up someone is going to know what you do, where you go, what you eat, what you watch… all the time… in fact, they already do…

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