Is it Possible the Nexus Prime Will Sport a WVGA Resolution Display?


While little is officially known about what the next Nexus device will bring to the table when it hits shelves this fall, a newly surfaced user agent profile is casting doubt on some of the rumored specs we have been hearing up to this point. The standout is a display listed with a WVGA resolution of 480×800 in contrast to what seemed likely to be 720p. Before you get your undies in a knot, there is a chance that the information provided by the user agent profile will turn out to be not quite true on all counts.

For starters, manufacturers — particularly HTC — have started to leave out many vitals such as screen resolution when compiling their user agent profiles, well aware that it is hard to keep such documents from going public. With that in mind, Samsung could just be using the information provided to throw us off the trail. But we still shouldn’t forget that Samsung chose to go with a WVGA resolution for their Galaxy S II, opting to improve the Super AMOLED Plus display in other areas. This was during a time when other manufacturers chose to go with qHD displays on their top-of-the-line models, and rumors point towards a move to HD resolution displays this holiday season.

Considering that the Nexus S was largely based around the Samsung Galaxy S, it might not be too much of a stretch to believe the Nexus Prime will carry many major features over from the Galaxy S II. A WVGA-resolution Super AMOLED Plus display could be among them. But the user agent profile reveals an interesting twist: the handset’s camera is listed with a max image resolution of 1200×1600, implying a 2MP camera. While the handset might not push the upper limits of optical technology, we highly doubt the Prime will ship with anything less than 5MP. So, is Samsung trying to pull a fast one on us or should we begin to lower our expectations for the Prime, lest we be disappointed?

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  1. Thanks for pissing in my afternoon cheerios. Let’s hope it’s a red herring. I want a Nexus phone to be bleeding edge.

    1. If you knew anything about the Nexus line, you would know it never has been bleeding edge.

      1. NO if you knew anything about the Nexus line then you would know that the Nexus One was the first Android phone to have a 1Ghz chip for 5 months until the Incredible came out.

        Also since the Nexus One no other brand is faster at receiving updates, most get lucky if they are 2 to 3 months late.

        Boom Head Shot

        1. Wow one component. The screen wasn’t bleeding edge. The camera wasn’t bleeding edge.

          Look at the Nexus S. Processor, ram, camera were all not the latest and greatest. No SD card either. No 720p video recording.

          1. Well the Nexus One was the best Android phone for quite some time and it came with a great new OS version, Nexus S came with 2.3, which wasn’t that big of a change. This time we get ICS, which supposedly is a hefty update, bumbing the version number above 3.2 at the least. I would assume it would again be the best overall android phone at release at least. (So maybe not the best camera, or best screen, but taking every element into the equation it would be the best Android device for some time)

            This is what I am expecting, hope I don’t set myself up for failure :(

          2. The screen was the first AMOLED if I’m not mistaken. It also had the most RAM at the time and the aforementioned instant update cycle. The S was a failure in my eyes which is why I’ve stuck with my N1 for so long.

          3. I don’t think the S was a failure, but the first one was a failure.
            No multitouch (Multitouch is 3 or more fingers tracked PROPERLY), shitty processor, shity gpu, shitty camera, shittier ram, bad screen.

            The Nexus S fixed them all.

  2. Here we go again with these outrageous Nexus rumors right before launch, it happened with the Nexus One and Nexus S.

    Don’t get carried away people.

    1. I hope you’re right. I think I might cry :”(

    2. Amen, and let’s be frank here. Is Google going to give us anything but the best on the phone they’re designing to be the standard by which phones with ICS gauge themselves? Come on people, get real.

      1. well, the Nexus S, while a decent phone, lacks micro SD support and if memory serves, a slightly slower processor than other phones released at the same time including the GS2. so… yeah, yeah they would.

        don’t get me wrong, i like my Nexus S, but it could be better. it certainly isn’t the best that Google or Samsung could have done.

    3. And the stakes now are even higher. Before, for Eclair, they had to pull people away from the iFone and into Android, but this time, they NEED to retain customers—the proud Droid OG owners waiting for an upgrade.

      And you know them proud Droid OG owners won’t settle for anything less than stock Android.

  3. Nexus phones were never meant to be bleeding edge so I can’t see this being any different.

    1. bleeding edge is not tech that has been out for nearly a year, the only thing possibly bleeding edge about what might be in the Prime might be the screen used, the thickness of the phone (thinner=better asthetically) and if it has LTE which is still relatively new in US.

      in other words, there is nothing that we are really being unreasonable in hoping the Prime should have, i can even make a case for quad core by this time

      1. Uum rumors had the omap 4470 which isnt out yet so that would be bleeding edge. It will be another good phone like the nexus s just nothing special.

    2. While that is true Samsung didn’t exactly make it low end last time sure it wasn’t as super as people wanted it to be but hey it was among samsungs top of the line.

      1. I never said it was low end.

  4. Useless rumor mill talk is useless!

    1. Redundant wording in a sentence is redundant

      1. Redundant redundancy is redundantly redundant.

        1. What you said.

  5. It would be amazingly foolish for Samsung, Google and Verizon (if that’s the carrier) to lower the standards for a product that has been established as the flagship product for each new Android iteration. They should seek to set the standard, not meet the standard, with such a product.

    Being a VZW customer still packing the OG Droid and I’m waiting on the Prime (since I didn’t get the GSII). If all I get is a repackaged GSII 2 months later with Ice Cream Sandwich shoehorned into it, I’m going to be upset.

    1. True, but would it really be unlike Verizon? (Since were still waiting for them to get a phone out with dual-core and 4G together.)

    2. I think that’s exactly what Verizon will get, although I’m not so sure it will even have Ice Cream sandwich at release, unless it releases after the Nexus Prime. But if it comes prior, it will be Gingerbread.

      As for this article, wouldn’t the 2mp camera you mentioned, be the ffc?

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. It wouldn’t be the first “Droid” to launch as the first phone with the latest update. Case in point: Motorola Droid.

  6. This is false information just to draw attentions, clicks.

  7. I think they’re trying to throw everyone off. If that’s indeed the case, its working. Think about it, there are two different identification numbers for the same phone, one leading us to believe its a Nexus device and another leading us to believe its a Droid and now we’re getting conflicting information on screen resolution. Anybody else think they may just be polluting the leaked information to keep this thing more of a secret?

    1. The gt # is used to gsm and verizon has always used sch for samsung phones. So idk if it is to “throw” anyone off I think it is just what you have to expect with verizon.

  8. Samsung galaxy note here I come.

  9. I think Samsung is concerned people won’t buy the Galaxy S II if consumers know the Prime will out perform them in almost every category, therefore; Samsung is leaking false details to throw people off to encourage them to buy the Galaxy SII.

    Samsung has only themselves to blame as they waited for too long to release the Galaxy SII in the US. I can wait a little longer for a Nexus phone with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). How long will Galaxy SII owners have to wait for an update to ICS? 2013?

    The Galaxy S was released last June (on T-Mo) and Gingerbread in December and still no word for the 2.3 update while other phones came out later and already pushed the update.

    Better specs and no need to wait on Samsung for updates means I’m patiently waiting for the Nexus Prime!! What about you?

    1. as many people will probably say, it was the carriers who probably delayed galaxy II, since europe already had it

    2. Don’t be daft. It was the US carriers that delayed the GS II. Pretty much everyone knows this.
      As for the rest of your post, I agree with you more or less.

    3. Like the other guys here said, do you really think Samsung didn’t want to release the SGS2 in the USA? And what would be your reasoning on this? It was obviously the carriers. Everyone of them wants their “own” version and since you’ve now seen they’re all different, that is a proven fact. The USA is one of the biggest markets in the world. Samsung wants to put phones here badly. Use a bit of common sense bro.

  10. Worst nexus news I’ve ever read……release my phone already!

  11. I had a Galaxy S II for a while, and whilst lovely in many respects (aside from buggy radio software), the screen was not one of them.

    I mean, the vibrant colours, and dark blacks were very nice, but pixles are extremely visible when wvga is stretched to 4.3 inches.

    If this turns out to be true, Samsung have just sold me on the iPhone. I’m not signing up for 2 years on something that was outdated over a year before its release.

    1. right….like the iphone isnt outdated by its OS or design

      1. While I’m not a big fan of iOS, I’d have to disagree with you on that second point. The iPhone still holds it’s own in terms of design. And I think Mike was referring to the display specifically and not the phone in general when he was talking about it being out-dated.

        I probably wouldn’t buy an iPhone (doesn’t have Google Maps Nav or flash amongst other things) but I have to admit that it’s display is quite impressive.

    2. Really? The display on my Droid X1 doesnt have extremely visible pixels. Unless you mean in certain cases, like videos or something.

      Oh….and since the Nexus Prime might not have an HD screen….instead of trying one of the other Android phones that does or will have a higher screen res…you will just up and go iPhone.

      You dont have to make excuses if you want an iPhone, just get one.

      1. He’s not making excuses, just stating his reasoning behind a possible decision. And if he wants one, he will get one. He doesn’t need you to tell him that. See what I did there?

        1. Right….like Samsung is the only Android manufacture….there are other Android phones with a higher screen res. And some on other carriers.

          Ppl left carriers to get the iPhone, and ppl have left for a particular Android phone.

          I gave a valid plan B, try another Android phone.

          So no, I dont see what you did there. I take that back, I do see what you did there. I dont need you to tell me I dont need to tell him that…

          Hey this is fun!!!!

      2. Having been through many other manufacturers and brands, I have decided that next time I sign up for 2 years, I will have to be for Google’s flagship device.

        Moto Milestone: locked Bootloader and didn’t provide updates.

        HTC Desire: Multi-touch didn’t work properly. Updates slower than the
        Nexus One. No 720p in camera for a long time.

        Galaxy S II: Radio doesn’t work properly on many networks, including mine. 5 months in and still no reliable CM or MIUI.

        I want something that is guaranteed updates and attention from the dev community. TBH, the iPhone 4 (when jailbroken) achieved most of the things that it’s predecessors couldn’t in regards to competing with Android. Having ripped off most of the best features from Android, iOS 5 / iPhone 5 have pretty much caught up for what I need, but better looking.

        Whilst I am not envious of the iPhone in many ways, the screen is lovely. It makes my SGS2 look inferior when the two are held side-by-side.

        TBH, Ice Cream Sandwich has a lot to do with the decision too. Now iPhone has Android’s features, Android needs to compete with iPhone’s style. Windows 98 style matte grey buttons and background cannot be in this ROM. We need better animations too. Even cheap handsets do screen rotation. Little things like that add up and make the product feel more complete/expensive. As a designer, I cannot part with a huge amount of cash again if they still haven’t pulled their fingers out compared to the competition!

        Unlike I can only assume many of you do, based on reactions, I do not hold stock in Google. I just want the best experience. WVGA is not going to do this handset any favours and will not appeal to app devs. It will be written off as iPhone’s poor cousin.

        1. Ok…that makes your first post a lil more understandable now. lol

          Kinda confused now….This device is supposed to be on Verizon. You mention the Milestone and Desire.

          Are you getting your phones from overseas?

  12. Rumors this, rumors that.. if you see a phone you think will satisfy you for the next 2 years, or at least 1 year.. then buy it. If you like the SGS2 or Droid Bionic, buy it.. you keep waiting and waiting on the next rumors next thing your stuck with your old phone for 5 years waiting on the next big thing.

  13. its common knowledge that samsung is making the devices and since they created samoled they have been using it in their best devices now so that they had incorporated it into the galaxy tb that alone should tell you they are gonna use it might even be a better version

  14. Google needs to set the standard. qHD Mega SAMOLED Plus plz.

  15. If it is to be a true Prime phone, take the KT Spiders 4.5″ 1280×800 display and use that. 1280×800 no less and 4.5 at the largest or GTFO!!!!

  16. Samsung had to use PenTile pattern to reach the HD quality on the Galaxy Note and this device has a 5.3″ screen.
    If Samsung can do the same on a 4.5″ screen, probably that rumor is fake about HD SuperAMOLED.
    I really think it will include the same 4.5″ SuperAMOLED Plus on Galaxy S II at least its screen be bigger.

  17. 4.5″ is way too big for a phone in my opinion. 4.3″ max with 4″ being most ideal.

  18. My guess is a 5.3 inch screen with no hardware buttons besides power and volume rocker

  19. wow this is a bigger disappointment then when the nexus s rumors came out….it was said to have a dual core processor and many other things and all we got was a plastic phone with a nfc chip in the back that has no god damn use in the united states yet…..i had to buy it because my nexus ones life had sadly ended and i only buy nexus phones……and im actually disappointed the phone doesnt feel faster or smotther than my nexus one….which i could overclock stably….and on my nexus s it starts rebooting and freezing with netarchy kernels at 1.4ghz which is said to be the best kernel…..NOT!…..so if the nexus prime doesnt come out with all the rumored cool specs im going to buy the htc sensation..the revamped version..with 1.5ghz and beats audio..that should be the nexus prime right there

  20. Always looking on U.S. android based hansets market with a portion of jealousy and now when all of you poor souls cant get their hands on sgs2 i just feel angry (just as birds) coz theres way better choice 4 all of you folks out there than that plastic piece from sammy factory. Wish U all the best and hope we ALL could get our new nexus soon.

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