Judge Requests iPad Sales Figures in Australian Galaxy Tab Suit


As a preliminary injunction holds the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Australian shelves, the judge presiding over the suit filed by Apple has requested to see iPad sales figures for the US and UK in order to better understand the impact of Samsung’s tablet. As Apple’s case largely rests on the Android tablet creating confusion due to its similar “functionality and appearance” to the iPad, leading to lower sales than should be expected, the company will surely be resilient to reveal that sales are up 183 percent from last year. As Samsung continues to strongly defend its Galaxy Tab, we find it hard to believe that a figure such as that could have any judge believing that the Galaxy Tab has caused a significant reduction in the movement of iPads.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I’m sorry but apple consumers know the difference and that is exactly why they buy apple. i have friends who only want apple no matter what is sitting right next to it and most of it is based on software they know and want to stick with. I hope the judge will lift the ban and Samung can sell this tab since after all samung is the only one making tabs or phone/tablets in all sorts of sizes. Which any apple fanboy consumer would see the difference and would never buy one anyways. I for one am for whatever you like……but face it ppl who love apple know the difference and do not want anything else. A shame in my own opinion since I believe there are better products……..of course this is just my opinion.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have a problem with apple products, I just wish more people would really compare before they blindly buy iStuff and tell me how much better it is.

  2. yeah those huge letters that say “iPad” are so easily confused with a galaxy tab

  3. Judge request iPad sales figures to determine the impact of the Samsung tablet….

    Uh oh Apple….all those record earnings from last and this year wont help you.

    That rumor about the Galaxy S tablet only selling 20,000 couldn’t have come at a better time….LOL!!

    Apple….seriously needs to give it a rest.

    1. Somehow they Apple will spin it that they lost money last year in the US and UK market.

  4. Oh yah, The I-Pad is so confused with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Android Tab. They sound so much alike. All Tablets are rectangular, the public is demanding thin and light weight tabs so does that mean that Samsung must make a fat and heavy tab so the public won’t purchase their product? Apple has gone after the best made and looking Android Tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is IMO much better then the I-Pad, this is my opinion. Apple is just pissed off at Android success, they are just attacking where they think they can. Fuck Apple.

  5. At last, a judge with common sense. Apple will be hard pressed to explain this one.

    1. i wouldn’t go that far. a judge with common sens would throw this case out of his court then run to the bathroom before he shat himself from laughing. this is why;

      let’s say for a moment Apple’s sales really are down, which they don’t need to be for this case; all they claim is “lower than expected” which means they could say “we expected to be up eleventy billion percent not 180%” and there they have their asses covered on the sales portion of the claim. the only relevant portion of this suit is the “confusion” portion. but i’m digressing. let’s say for a moment their sales are actually DOWN 15%. who is to say that it isn’t because Android is a superior product and people are recognizing that fact and going with it?

      what the judge needs to focus on is not whether sales are up down or static, that is entirely irrelevant (if it were relevant then wendy’s would be justified in suing mcdonald’s every time zagat rated mcd’s fries better). what he needs to focus on is the “confusion” portion of the case. this should take no more than 30 minutes to do. bring the man a working I-PAD and working Galaxy tab and let him operate them. do they look alike? same shape and color but other than that no, apple has different corners, has the apple logo emblazoned huge on the back, doesn’t say samsung or galaxy anywhere on it..etc. etc. ok so that part isn’t confusing. now to operation. the I-PAD has a bunch of icons you can either press or slide around. and the galaxy tab has (here’s where 20 of the 30 minutes comes into play) widgets, icons, notifications, what? you can change the homescreen and launcher and make it operate and look differently?

      then if you can tear him away from the galaxy tab long enough to render a verdict as i said he should throw the case out and make a b-line for the nearest toilet for a gufaw.

  6. This doesn’t surprise me, apple couldn’t sue based on patents in Australia because the courts would have struck them down in a heart beat. So they chose this weak misleading a deceptive conduct argument, which the court will also strike them down on. Apples anti-competitive conduct is so blatantly obvious here that they are likely to get exemplary damages awarded against them in addition to those they may have to pay Samsung for the delays. That crap doesn’t fly to well here in Australia under our common law system.

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