AT&T Responds to Sprint’s Anti-Merger Lawsuit


AT&T was quick to respond to Sprint’s lawsuit filed in hopes of quashing a pending merger with T-Mobile. Their stance has changed little, as expected, jabbing at Sprint for their continued opposition of the proposed deal and reiterating that it will result in positive changes for the wireless industry. A spokesperson said, “this simply demonstrates what we’ve said all along — Sprint is more interested in protecting itself than it is in promoting competition that benefits consumers.”

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  1. There is no possible outcome of this deal that promotes competition and benefits consumers. I’d be more likely to be on AT&T’s side if they didn’t lie openly.

    1. Thinking any of these companies would sacrifice their own well being for the benefits of their consumers is a mistake. But then again, why should they?

  2. I just want the deal to go through figuring that there will be changes made to the current T-Mobile plans so that I can push an early upgrade price.

    1. you sir, are delusional.

  3. DOJ: merger is a no-go
    ATT: we are shocked and disappointed at the stance of the DOJ
    ATT://political contributions increased
    DOJ:after carefull review, it is our belive that ATT is not violating any laws and may proceed with their proposed merger with T-Mobile.

    //6 months later
    ATT:all unlimited plans terminated, regulatory fee’s increased 200%, Data speeds continue to fall behind EU and Asia, coverage still sucks and call drops are still norm.

  4. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, at AT&T’s response. Who could have guessed they would respond like this?

  5. I thought for sure that ATT would see the light and stop this proposed merger after hearing what Sprint had to say about it!

  6. I laughed when I read, “promoting competition” in AT&T’s statement, as this merger would REDUCE competition.

    I hope this merger gets denied!

  7. AT&T is smoking something, i hope this falls through and they have to pay the fee. No way in he doublehockeysticks is this a good thing for consumers or prices.

    1. More like, they’re hoping that the FCC is smoking something.

  8. Both Sprint and ATT are in business for the money…and this is the fuel behind their comments…the end.

    1. Who isn’t? Who cares?

      1. I just knew I would get a wise ass comment like yours alol…point is somany people care…that is why there is story after story after story after story…and people taking sides…the people care that is the answer…you may not but “they” do and that is what matters…thats the bottom line the end.

  9. I wish Verizon would buy our their vodafone shares and vodafone take over t-mobile if DT really has to leave.

    1. So instead of tmo going to att, they would go to vzn?

  10. I wish that verizon would buy out the shares vodafone since they wanted to anyway and vodafone buys t-mobile.

  11. How can any of you possibly know what the future holds if this merger goes thru? Just because some of you hate att for some reason or another doesn’t mean they are evil. I hear no one crying about Verizon charging $300 for a phone on contact. Tmobile will go under without this merger, would that be better? I’ve been a happy att customer for many yrs with no complaints, if there is an issue I can call any time to get it resolved. Can you do that with Verizon, no. I made the mistake of switching to Verizon fios from Comcast. Worst mistake ever. And their cable service is the same as their mobile customer service.
    You guys are almost funny.

    1. Agreed.. we are looking at a 2 horse show (as if 80% market share isn’t already) eventually anyway… all this lawsuit will do is waste taxpayer money trying to prevent the inevitable.

      There are reasons Tmobile and Sprint can’t compete and if you can’t compete you simply don’t deserve to remain in business.

  12. It’s Pac-t&t!

  13. The main reason tmobile is so small is because of their coverage. Instead of upping their 4g speeds, spend money improving 4g coverage. They had true potential. Now, since the announcement of the merger their support has gone down the toilet. I am going to sprint when the galaxy s2 launches.

    1. Are you serious!? All I’ve been seeing is “Tmo spreaded 4G coverage here… Tmo just got 4G coverage there.” It’s like the main thing you see on this site. What do you mean by they’re small? If anything, they’ve been showing the most signs of actually growing.

      Though I’m not to sure how it is in rural areas, and maybe that’s what you mean.

  14. I dont understand why everyone expects prices to skyrockets if this goes through. This benefits AT&T and T-mobile customers. Instantly bigger network, more phones to choose from, and hopefully a less bogged down network. Ive been with AT&T for more then 6 years and Ive never had an issues they wouldnt fix. I would say out of 7 or 8 times out of 10 that I call Customer service I get someone helpful. That is atleast as good as any of the other carriers. I am happy with my monthly charges, and I dont expect them to go up if once its AT&T&T.

  15. Deuch telecom is the mother company and they want to break ties with tmobile usa and tmobile usa cant sustain without them.. so i want the merger if it means american jobs stay, which At&T has promised and 5,000 more jobs to come. Now who cares now?

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