Acer Brings Ferrari-Themed Liquid Mini


So maybe you can’t afford to drive around in a Ferrari, but thanks to Acer you can keep on in your pocket. The Acer Liquid Mini has been given a new look with the introduction of the Ferrari Edition. The handset looks nice in the famous sports car’s signature red, logo featured prominently on the back, but its specs sadly make the Liquid One more of a Chevy Cobalt with a 3.2-inch display, 512MB of RAM and 600MHz processor. It does ship with the latest version of Android, a small consolation. If you buy it at all, buy it for looks. As far as the actual Ferrari goes, we’ll have to keep working on that.

[via Engadget]

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  1. It’s like putting a Ferrari logo on a Corolla!

  2. Why do these designer phones always have such crap specs? This thing, the LG Prada…

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