Dolphin Browser HD Updated to Version 6.2


The already stellar Dolphin Browser HD keeps getting better with an update that brings the Android web browser to version 6.2. Improvements include enhanced gesture recognition, a tweaked webzine view, and the addition of support for the Bookmark Sync add-on. With Bookmark Sync, you can back up and maintain your carefully curated bookmarks across all of your Android devices using Dolphin HD. The update also includes your standard bug fixes and other minor adjustments to make the overall web browsing experience all the better. Check out the latest update in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: Dolphin Browser HD

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  1. I have tried every browser app people tell me to try and none can compare. Other browsers work fine, but their are to many awesome features that I would lose by going to another browser.

    Dolphin has the best full screen experience, true full screen that even cuts out the notification bar. I can use my volume buttons to switch tabs. I can easily swipe left and have all my bookmarks and history ready to go. I have add-ons such as save page to pdf which helps when paying bills and I want a copy of the payment confirmation screen. I can go on and on and on.

    1. Dolphin doesn’t seem to have hardware acceleration though, which is why I like Opera Mobile the best. I’ve tried most browsers and Opera seems to have the smoothest scrolling and pinch to zoom.

      Try a heavy website like the xda developer forums. It’s super choppy and annoying on the stock or dolphin browser. Opera seems to be the only browser that can run it well.

  2. Whats this? This browser has flash?!? OMG, Genius! And from a smaller company (in comparison) to Mozilla. Firefox, Why you no have flash?

  3. Miren is awesome, fast, real full screen etc, flash support, visible tabs, and all the settings under the moon

  4. Stock browser does the job for me…

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