Specs, Images Leak for the HTC Amaze 4G


A rumored HTC device known as the Ruby was revealed to be the HTC Amazon 4G a few weeks ago, and now we have specs and images to back up the existence of the new handset soon headed for T-Mobile. The Amaze 4G will feature a 4.3-inch qHD display, dual cameras at 8MP and 2MP, and a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Pretty amazing, huh? Add in 1GB of RAM, Gingerbread with the new Sense 3.5 running on top, and a smattering of connectivity including WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, and HSPA+ and you have a pretty nice looking device.  Only time will tell if it will truly amaze us or not. Did I get in enough Amaze puns?

[via CellPhoneSignal]

Kevin Krause
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  1. kevin you said it was the amazon 4g in your first sentence, i wouldn’t want to spread that rumor since amazon is actually working on a phone lol… just helpin out!

  2. get out a hur b!tch

  3. Is this better than the Galaxy S2?

    1. They’re comparable, but it’s pretty much an overclocked Sensation, so NO.

      1. With more RAM and a much higher resolution front facing camera than a Sensation. So, why not? I wonder if they used the better camera from the new MyTouch with side order of Beats audio upgrade?

        1. This does have the camera features from the slide4g

  4. Looks like the nexus s. So much Bezel at the bottom

  5. This is still not going to be better than the samsung galaxy S2.

    1. It really isn’t quantifiably better than a sensation either. The CPU is just clocked where it is supposed to be rather than factory underclocked.

    2. yES it will be.

  6. And this phone is different from the Sensation how?

    I never understand HTC’s strategies.

  7. wait, it’s running sense? then what’s with the picture with stock? also, gotta be new mytouch, based on speaker grille.

  8. Sense status bar and Gingerbread launcher look nice together.

  9. WOOW, you and your mom suck balls!


  10. Honestly they would be better off marketing this as the HTC Sensation 2.

  11. Looks like the Nexus S, with the exception of the ear piece, which I personally think looks out of place.. The whole front of the phone looks blacked out, and the silver-ish ear piece looks odd.

  12. Is it so hard for htc to put a kickstand on a tmobile android?

  13. IT’S COMING,….




  14. IT’S COMING,….




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