Google Voice Dials Up Honeycomb Support


We won’t dwell on why it took so long for it to happen, but through an update last week the Google team quietly pushed out a Honeycomb-ready update to Google Voice. We didn’t notice tablet support when we initially reported on the update, which included a few bug fixes but no noticeably major additions. But this little surprise makes the update even tastier. No longer must tablet owners jump through hoops just to check their voicemails and send SMS messages via their Android 3.0+ device. The update brings voice to version It is now available in the Android Market.

Android Market Link: Google Voice

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  1. “We won’t dwell on why it took so long for it to happen…”

    That’s THE problem. Google seems to prioritize a lot of things over tablet support for their OWN apps, and yet it seem the fanboys who bought Honeycomb tablets seem to care even less than Google. You will never catch up to iPad app development if you don’t make Google realize they aren’t doing enough for the platform to grow.

    1. I so agree with you… It’s all because Google knows that the fanboys are more into the newest version of the OS and the next greatest spec, fanboybos are blinded by that and not realizing the issues within the current OS…

    2. It’s because honeycomb is the redheaded step child of the os world. They won’t even release the source for it.

      Ice cream will hopefully bring dime focus back, as honeycomb is clearly band aid…

  2. Works great! !

  3. Tablet support is all for the good, even if I don’t have a tablet yet, but what I am waiting for is Google Voice supporting MMS, that way I could just use my Google Voice account for everything.

  4. I wish the notifications would actually work though :/

  5. Killed notifications on my N1 and it is laggy now. It can take several seconds for GV to open.

  6. Can i call out with this yet?

  7. Finally got a chance to play with it today. Quite happy that I can use my tablet for yet another form of communication. :D

  8. Two updates ago, Google solved the notification delay bug in voice, but I think that this update for Honeycomb has brought the notification delay back. Has anyone else noticed this?

  9. How to get the dialpad after login in?

  10. IT’S COMING,….



    1. Only problem is it’s now called the Droid Prime and won’t be a nexus phone….

  11. Im glad this is now being supported in honeycomb. I screen my calls quite a bit and rely on my Google Voicemail to tell me whats goin on. Also My phone battery dies quite a bit so its nice to have another form to let me know some one has called.

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