Google Voice Receives Update, Includes Notification and Voicemail Playback Bug Fixes


A bug fixer update has been made available for Google Voice, bringing along improved notifications, warnings for attempts to send text messages without a data connection, and cleaned up voicemail playback controls. Gone is the annoying bug that required the ‘play’ button to be pressed twice just to hear a voicemail. All-in-all a rather solid update, though it doesn’t seem to bring along any new features or functionality. Here are the highlights:

  • Does not require data connectivity for making calls to all numbers you previously called
  • Warns you when no data connectivity before you compose/send text messages
  • Fix for bug that required to click the voicemail play button twice
  • Fix for notifications delays for SMS and voicemails

Android Market Link: Google Voice

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  1. Update not available for ALL devices, including some tablets and some HTC devices.

    1. It’s never been available on tablets since it isn’t Honeycomb compatible. Apparently they are working on this in this release but still haven’t marked it as compatible yet so it’s not in the market for those devices. It is available for any phone running 2.2 or greater.

      1. google voice works fine on a honeycomb tablet, and i even receive push notifications of new text messages

  2. Also includes initial Honeycomb support if you sideload it on a tablet.

    1. do you have a link to the updated .apk? I have it sideloaded and want to update.

      1. Just install the new version on your phone and then back it up with titanium and transfer over the apk file that titanium makes to your tablet when it backs it up. or email me at dan at espich

        1. Thanks, buddy, I got it :)

    2. It works on Honeycomb if you sideload it. BUT it does not give you the Push notification option, that is so badly missing from the Voice on honeycomb.

  3. Oh, and it includes a new widget for viewing your inbox.

    1. Very nice widget…nice upgrade from the other widgets.

  4. does anyone else have the problem with Voice where when you play a voicemail you have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it in the earpiece? It seems sooo quiet compared to call volume.

    1. I do. Even after turning volume up all the way it is difficult to hear. iPhone user…

  5. I wish Google would bring Voice to Canada!

  6. Anyone else having an issue with contact images not showing up?

  7. Google voice and sprint are a terrible combo…made my phone work like poop

  8. How do we find out if the update is available for our phone (HTC Aria)?

    1. Look it up in Market. :)

      1. I was reading this article on my computer, so I looked up the Android Market from my computer and it showed GVoice with a release date of June, not today. However, when I looked on the Market from my phone later in the day, the phone showed the appropriate version.

  9. Does this update fix the stupid notifications that when you turn them off they don’t turn off? I always get a text message, an email, and a google voice notification whenever I receive a voicemail, even though I have email and text turned off… WTF

  10. People seem to love Google Voice, but I don’t know what the point is in using it as your only number when the lag in a phone conversation is horrible.

    1. I’ve never experienced this, or heard anyone I’ve spoken to complain about this. Is the lag bi-directional? I use Google Voice for pretty much all my calls; only one person actually has or uses my true number. I’ve been completely satisfied with it in terms of call quality, particularly in the sense that it’s free.

  11. Well my SMS notifications no longer work at all. Nice “fix”, Google…

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